How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Apr 18 2019

A major type of cancer carcinoma
Assign a name to call
Assimilate or soak up absorb
Decorations, embellishments ornaments
Deprive of food starve
Emblem, to symbolise membership perhaps badge
Exams, trials tests
Expressed gratitude thanked
Ferryman who brought the souls of the dead across the Styx charon
Forgive for sins absolve
Free of extraneous elements of any kind pure
Frightful, ugly horrible
Greek dish with aubergines moussaka
He's commemorated on December 26th stephen
Isle of Man House of Parliament keys
It breaks a fall from the sky parachute
It's now Sri Lanka ceylon
Lady luck fate
Mended, recovered healed
Musical dramas operas
No longer existing or functioning defunct
North American nation canada
Of the mind mental
One of the family relation
Perpetual, unremitting incessant
Railway halting places stations
Re-use old material with little or no change rehash
Relating to tiny particles atomic
Roman goddess of love venus
Selection, option choice
Slugs with shells snails
Sounds, rackets noises
Thin layer of a fine material on the surface veneer
Took care of tended
Travel by pedal power cycle
Vehement, furious fierce
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