How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Apr 02 2005

'A cat may . . . . . . a king' LOOKAT
A fight or contest, sometimes mortal COMBAT
A reviewer of plays or books CRITIC
A sentry or guard, must be watchful LOOKOUT
A spanner, or a muscular twist WRENCH
A team of two DUO
American game like snooker POOL
Bag-like part in animal or plant SAC
Be listless over poem MOPE
Blamed for intolerable noise BEDLAM
Booty, plunder LOOT
Clinical loss of memory AMNESIA
Custom or established practice HABIT
Escape from aircraft in emergency BALEOUT
Exclude as irrelevant or inadmissible RULEOUT
Fall down with liquid globule DROP
Great river in north of S America ORINOCO
Grey alloy of tin and lead PEWTER
Heavy rope or cable for mooring ship HAWSER
Informal fight for waste material SCRAP
Injury or harm DAMAGE
Lame or disable CRIPPLE
Lazy sort of industrial action? GOSLOW
Leopard-like cat of S America OCELOT
Made sound like cartoon pig OINKED
Make an impact, or have bearing on IMPINGE
Narrow strips of pasta, or slang heads NOODLES
Of or like wolves LUPINE
Pals or spouses MATES
Paved area beside house, often in back garden PATIO
Person appointed to substitute for another DEPUTY
Piece of land, or a scheme PLOT
Pub entertainment in which customers sing to backing tapes KARAOKE
Result or consequence OUTCOME
Run with a pole LOPE
Sibilant sound made to attract attention PSST
Small building or shelter HUT
Spongy tissue lining rinds of oranges, or the essential part PITH
The centre of a wheel HUB
The doubting apostle THOMAS
The pot may call it black KETTLE
White coating on things exposed to damp MILDEW
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