How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Crosaire) Sep 10 2010

'A short? Don't mention it (3,2,3)' NOTATALL
'Saw them, in a manner of speaking (7)' SAYINGS
'They do the carving, but not of the joint (9)' SCULPTORS
'What Clementine did when she went on parade (4,2)' FELLIN
'Yes, it's about 'er for the eagle (4)' AERY
'You're O, so well-off with this (4)' EURO
A degree like this may do for starters BASIC
Ascertain more? SURER
Blooming female insects ANTHERS
Counsel is finishing up ASCENDING
Does this hold one who does not drink in the tree trunk? BOTTLE
Gets one's sound teeth into something so select CHOOSE
I am my own to start with soon IMMINENT
It's 35 across upstairs RISER
Might the seer allow one to let the lace get through the whole of the sound of this EYELET
One gets one's teeth to do this TEETHE
One hundred on a kind of mate CONSORT
Perhaps the Times gets to one's ears ERAS
Rather get free inside PREFER
Reckoning that's what the mokes do when they come to Bray ASSESSING
Rush around the street while you're fresh RESTED
Sounds as if this keeps the glass in around one's leg PUTTEE
Sounds corny by instalments SERIES
Sounds like what one ate on the sides for one's figure OCTAGON
Spells of the shade in the ship STINTS
That's enough to swell our belly TUMOUR
The second half may cause the whole of the ill-feeling NAUSEA
There isn't a five that's glowing for a month NOVEMBER
There's little in one's pouch MARSUPIAL
They're cut off back there around the East REEVES
Wakens up four in a see-through setting LIVENS
What the sun does on one's leg at first SHINES
Whatever spare G you like? ANYTHING
With such protection be ready to fight to our end ARMOUR
You may 6 down such a native for a change ALTER
Your around 'im for them THEY
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