How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Crosaire) Nov 11 2015

All the rage for criminal - the last one captured by Bond - the unpleasant type who comes in with the cold INCLEMENT
Beastly type rings party to reduce sound MUFFLE
Catch most of the domestic symbol HEARTH
Comes down without Ned to foreign capital MOSCOW
Coward gets flat rate protecting care treatment RECREANT
Every last one starts exercise run - it's a way of getting to the United States ELOPE
Experience again as lass leaves Versailles RELIVE
Fine old principal to swindle 1,000 on fourth race OKEYDOKE
Foreign solider with no papers? Sounds suspicious! PARANOID
Good storyteller returns - a lot of legendary types have been looking for it! GRAIL
Horse race covers one protracted central sequence? In France, they lie about it! CHAISELONGUE
Inability to feel pain in extravagant Alien saga ANALGESIA
March solider up to ancient relative of Daisy MARIGOLD
NHS ad agitated workers HANDS
One of the calls, for instance, that goes to the back of the lineout to reserve LONGDISTANCE
One of the suits from mob in central Sweden provided description of bullet, for one ACTIONPACKED
One prisoner at the centre serves drink - it presumably creates its own pressure ISOBAR
Out of the question for theologian connecting the French to old local head NODDLE
Put down characters without looking at them? Sounds like job with no view of The Quays! TOUCHTYPE
Rider is one for the books ADDENDUM
Sounds like great chance at school is all that's needed to turn heads in fashion business GOODLOOKS
Sweetheart meets up for appreciation ESTEEM
Turns up, most of racket comes from famous accountant in middle of big event OCCASION
Unreliable fool admits all in the end is not lost, as this can happen at Lords FOLLOWON
View in Government report is a pain, and you'd need to go through it before joining any mad party! LOOKINGGLASS
Waiting to talk to switch for support ONHOLD
Whatever way you look at it, it's flat for those in the building trade LEVEL
With zero refurbishment, it's capable of setting parts of the world on fire HOWITZER
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