How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Crosaire) Nov 11 1999

Anything so soothing as this is welcome SALVE
At length it used to be 'ot ELL
Be just too smart OVERDRESS
Below par, of course BIRDIE
Claim that the whole of it, for instance, is over the East ALLEGE
Desire to be about the edge? RESIDE
For these 7 downs it's hard for the unaspirated to get where it can be so small MALLARDS
Goes on foot TRAMPS
Her boyfriend may just play around with 'er PHILANDER
Hurried like this to the C.I.D. when it was all so bad RAN
In conjunction with a rake in the mixed gin COMBINING
It might be its turn to give a hand to Ulster INDIA
It's not really hurtful to have Father away more often PAINLESS
It's not so hot to have a burial be the end of it WINTER
It's really to ease there, by the sound of it INDEED
It's the turn of Father to get to grips with counsel ADVICE
Just a bit of a swine in the Ark HAM
Might he win there if it comes to blows? INTHEWIND
One could be back on the bed - or gone out? EBBED
One goes on a bicycle to get to this pub that's all the rage CROSSBAR
One might term it E WHITEANT
One way to get round, as being in a joint like this ROAST
Permission has been given for one to be in the water, just a little ISLET
Reach A by way of the North in the way of 7 down AVIAN
She's six foot of seven down, it seems LADYBIRD
Sounds as if royalty does this for the Press PRINTS
Star with a pound for a star ASTRAL
That would make a gent so touchingly sunburnt TAN
That's what's so silly, that is to say, about the girl INANE
There's ten in the Press that are sly SERPENTS
This gives one the feeling that it could be Verne, but not Jules NERVE
This would never nonplus you ADDITION
What a thumping great mural painting! WALLOP
What is on foot makes them seedy ACORNS
What one 35 across is enough to give one ale with one's bread READABLE
Will it spoil me to have a split personality? IMPAIR
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