How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Crosaire) May 17 2014

Aiva's story around the edges is light and elegant AIRY
Ancient order distracted lads on The Hill in front of Dubs at last OLDASTHEHILLS
Arresting type drops cocaine for opening of The Eating Organ CARDIA
Atmosphere at registered charity? One isn't supposed to see this foray in shelter! AIRRAID
Award for early bird and for breakfast? EGGCUP
Central Dubliner contacts Bertie reportedly for free hand LIBERTY
Chip the second keeper on line after first class turn? Alternatively, plant it! LOBELIA
Corsican drops corns? It's something to do with intelligence! CIA
Craft drops last character and detective to clubs GUILDS
Do alert model in garment for dancing LEOTARD
Doctor cared for small group of fighters CADRE
Does this mean Big Brother is around for longer as well as being better informed? OLDERANDWISER
Dreamy month in Israel with King Elvis twisting KISLEV
Drink to those characters centrally corrupted? RIP! TEARUP
Dublin transport embraces mid-January for Hawaiian parties LUAUS
Elderly man carrying a scythe for years presumably OLDFATHERTIME
England to win World Cup for Irish in America? That's intent! TIPI
Enlarge building for keeping an eye on army headquarters GENERAL
Exploit teachers' union broken up by new lies UTILISE
Father admits institute has great expectations PIP
Fingered the leaders from English league table FELT
For keeping one's powder dry and holding one's drink KEG
Got over old city Afro-American - at heart a lover of rich food GOURMET
It's standard operating procedure for first three characters in Sopranos SOP
Kind of vows to march to one half of the hospital MARITAL
Left to charge with great honour LIONISE
Looking back, for example, ringing Ulster Unionist for key to hysterical symptom FUGUE
Looking back, Russian leader loses nerve initially with Ukrainians on border - it's part of the exercise! SITUP
Must change over fashion centre yard as you'll get this in the neck THYMUS
Physicians drop China's children's game ISPY
Point where one goes in and out of time zone TINE
Roughly sounds like a tray of beer AROUND
Senior partners initially tipsy on the beers? They're urban legends! (3,5',5) OLDWIVES'TALES
Slip coach missing chips and drink COLA
Stash unearthed in gangster's tower STOW
Tape us running amok with relishes EATSUP
The outskirts of Saint-Etienne can't be described as crazy SANE
To spoil doctor with the makings of a good pitch TOPSOIL
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