How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Crosaire) May 05 2015

Accommodations? Why not! LETS
American criminal in the Roman chamber INCAMERA
Ben leaves barn dance? It's an unfounded rumour! CANARD
Broadcast episode every now and then ONOCCASION
Cold new rental for one living in 18 across with Panamanian CENTRALAMERICAN
Dominant individual to risk letters of administration perhaps ALPHABET
Father ringing to say yes in the past looks like a bit of a melon PAPAYA
Finishes with Sue Cook having a small one from the bar USESUP
Goes around mountain on ring road built by New Mexico neighbour COLORADO
Going back, it's a local pickle Hara has got himself into with that old Prince MAHARAJA
I'm not interested in permit! PASS
It comes at the end of the rugby match for poor Ulster RESULT
Leader's a laugh a minute at old famous mission ALAMO
Leading actor on location in The Road AVENUE
Leo imports soup from the Big City METROPOLIS
Let off for first murder? It's an eye-opener, begging your pardon! EXCUSEME
Lump found in fancy street CYST
Manual designed by female graduate ALUMNA
March out of charmless takeaway LESS
Options in referendum that could go either way! YESANDNO
Serves drink to about fifty from cask BARREL
Sounds like Freud's holiday plans are self-important EGOTRIPS
Sounds like gold in Fortitude METTLE
Stalin roughly admits love for spies? It's the type of behaviour one expects from ruffians! ANTISOCIAL
They're devoted to Ash and Holly and Pierce in one of the classes? In a manner of speaking, they're a hesitant lot ARBORETUMS
To a degree, it's for foundations, mascara, eyeliner, ointment bases? ARTS
Update it recklessly with natural ability APTITUDE
What someone familiar with Charlie does at start of 5 down USES
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