How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Crosaire) Mar 16 2002

Although about the South, it's gone broke BUST
Are you a little depressed as a teetotaller, Edward? RUTTED
Be profitable, perhaps, by the sound of it FORESEE
Begin to bury in a provisional manner? I'm going to finish it INTERIM
Catch up with 3 down TRAP
Come to that, it would have come open UNSTUCK
Could one bear to do this, by the sound of it? UNDRESS
Could this be the wine-dark ocean? REDSEA
Dotty enough to have become sympathatic TOUCHED
Edward is such a bore with his promises to pay TEDIOUS
For Father to turn up pains the Indians APACHES
Half the North makes A1 so seedy SEMINAL
How one hurried into the tent in no outgoing way ENTRANT
In time this might make a saint start from scratch STITCH
Inclined to be nael? LEANBACKWARDS
Is five ever going to make a change, of course? VEER
It shows he's going to follow the end of 8 down PETER
It takes about hundreds to give 21 across a start parts RED
It's smashing to have them two abreast BUSTS
It's the place of kings to show some gratitude to the artist TARA
Just a bit of 12 across PART
Look to the thing that is on the boil SEE
Make a flaming stream of it BURN
Not right into the pillar box? One just can't win LEFTATTHEPOST
One of Caesar's murderers had to get an R.A. to get one in motion CASCA
Sound one's horn around the East down there BELOW
Sounds as if it's after being so seedy as this BEAN
Support the clergy to make them fast KEEPTHEREVSUP
That carrier will not help you at all HAMPER
That could be part of the defence - just butter RAM
The former confused star is not for star parts EXTRAS
The predatory Indian doctor? MOHAWK
There could be enough in it to make one sound pale BUCKET
This might blow up what's so grand in the beast PUMP
To make it work you've got to put your foot down TREADLE
What Hornblower did as a child, by the sound of it LITTLEBOYBLUE
What you have to pay up to get on it BUS
You'd have work there to get it out of the fridge OFFICE
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