How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Crosaire) Mar 06 2003

Channels might pass the time like this AGES
Do they go off for the press? REPORTERS
Go and make an offer for the trees that have been chopped up where there's no water GOBIDESERT
Held to the ruddy end TETHERED
How one changes one's position and lies REPOSES
How very trying this is ATTEMPT
Is and is as they can be expansive AREAS
Is that Ma in stream? No, it's just R.E. Taw, it seems BACKWATER
It's live and healthy at last DWELL
It's myself that goes around the river with the cockney girls MEANDERS
Lions would be enough to make the criminals nervous GANG
O, that's what one stands in the pub ROUND
Proud to be under the piano RIDE
Spare? Gee, that's it! THING
Taken as a matter of course, being perhaps ex (5) EATEN
That does not sound like a speed for the daytime - too salty NITRATE
That once had strings attached HARP
That's felonious and feline CATBURGLAR
That's kind of not at home - you'll have to get it in order SORTOUT
That's one that you'll always miss like this UNWED
The way the pigs fly round the wall (8) SWALLOWS
There's little of 21 down in that box LOWERCASE
They get stamped on LETTERS
They need a driver to be able to 29 across PASSENGERS
They tell you of the filthy state of the greens MESSENGERS
This can turn about for mother-of-pearl NACRE
What this puts into the cargo may make it not so heavy LIGHTER
What you get out of the pub is cheap at the price BARGAIN
Where he and the tree are to be found - along with the ingrates, perhaps INTHEFIRE
With the help of gin the leg in like the sun SHINING
Work in the kitchen makes one as bold as brass, by the sound of it (8) BRAISING
Would come out thin after tea ISSUE
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