How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Crosaire) Jul 17 2006

A five in the whole (by the sound of it) of the town CAVITY
A half a hundred is like this too ALSO
Do they play as strippers? BANDSMEN
Herd may be heard in a low sort of way CATTLE
Hot it turns up in David. Is that the case? DATIVE
How the knight comes up in the mat in church MARIST
If there's gout around in this it may make one trip OUTING
In meaning you get the sound by the nose INCENSE
It's not so hot, of course COLDMEAL
Just a shade of no present to start this PASTEL
Knock up the terns to work as one PARTNERS
Little boil might rise about two thousand SIMMER
Not a feeling for the morning, by the sound of it SADNESS
Not at length but 8 across SHORTLY
Not make one cross enough INBREED
One might get a post like this BYLETTER
One will hesitate to change things at last FALTERER
Only skin deep. Can you beat that? TATTOO
Pat would do this for his country RIOT
Putting up with it ERECTING
Sounds as if there's a berth here for a newcomer NATIVITY
Sounds like one to purchase 12 across and put them in it BYRE
Teetotaller got sore and got stuck with it ATTACHED
That's mythical by the foot LEGEND
The sound of a taller fellow starts from a fellow that is long HIAWATHA
They get paid to put salt on the ram for a sign SALARIES
They need fifty more to be kind of commanding GENERA
This gets light and so on for 17 across VERYSOON
This will give you some idea of how it is in Latin that I get married ESTIMATE
Though sounding competent, he got murdered ABEL
Turn this layer over to make it come alive ANIMAL
Uses a plane to possess all that's inside the ship SHAVES
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