How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Crosaire) Feb 28 2000

'E is the one to speak of this attempt of writing ESSAY
A little bird tells me that it's very light and very short CHAFFINCH
Beginning to get through everything, in this one is enslaved THRALL
Drive to a meeting-place AVENUE
Either way, one may allude to this REFER
For this one is indebted to what gets round on the bird OWING
He came down with a cry of pain FELLOW
How everyone there became wholly circular? ALLAROUND
How the accountant got around to having celebrated Christmas CAROLLED
How the writer may have got around to sounding such a swine OINK
How touching that it should be a charge of only one pound to 'er FEELER
If it's made up it may be eaten CHEESE
Is Benjamin about to make the street a wide one? BROADEN
Is it on the bow? No, Sir! ROSIN
Is it what sounds heavy what is hanging around here? AWAITS
Is this just about a speck? Far from it REMOTE
Is this what it costs you when eggs are not produced in the nest? OUTLAY
It comes out that this is the property of Susan, that's what they are ISSUES
It is about five hundred and ten, stupid! IDIOTS
It's mostly unimportant to make me take a break MEREST
Just a few cottages in Denmark? HAMLET
Likewise, Edward Lear? LEARNED
May it be grown in a tin like this? ACANTHUS
Not scarcely the sort of an insect you'd find in an embankment in India ABUNDANT
On the surface, this may seem a bit thick to be so tight PLASTERED
See and behold and be vocal, and shup up shortly CLOSING
Seems I am a skinny little dear before I leave IMPETIGO
Shortly, and so forth SOON
That must be a private, previous vintage ELDERWINE
That old bag may be aged a half-century in there HOLDALL
That's the bird that gets under the train RAIL
The last of it may cause one to feel the whole of it NAUSEA
This wil serve to get four and five into the heavens SKIVVY
To get around for this, the young lady gets involved with Ed GIRDLE
When they were on the march, that was it for Caesar IDES
Will this show signs of having been in harness? TRACES
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