How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Crosaire) Dec 19 2017

Awkward open chat for those fighting types who are late CENOTAPH
Bill and Max deducted from income tax NOTICE
Failed to see what happened to Humpty Dumpty, in the sense it was a let down CAMEACROPPER
Gets into rows regularly for pulling a few strokes OARSWOMAN
Gives out to Earl leaving rehearsals SHARES
Grim wake distressed one of those designing the new locks WIGMAKER
Hook comes to grips with a beer belly PAUNCH
Is there no wine in West Indies? Give up! DESIST
It's good similarly for 22 across and for agricultural worker GROWER
It's the job of 14 across to do this maintaining composure PEACEKEEPING
Made preparations for one of the marriages ARRANGED
Mates of the menfolk? BLOKES
New pastor conceals relative has a number of connections ADAPTORS
One of the Roses is a cider producer APPLETREE
One of those in the Divine Comedy is a worker in firm CANTO
Plenty of room in the boat around March SPACES
Punchline, in a manner of speaking, suggested by a boxer? TAKETHAT
Rue leaving Revenue - what's the odds of that! EVENS
State section is responsible for the silence PEACE
Stealing a fair amount of the equipment from the bar in The Palace TAKING
Stolen drugs from a fair amount of the town leads to a locally controversial issue HOTPOTATO
The neighbour's research fellow is missing from coral reef WELSH
The professor's students? SCHOLARS
There's no chance this will explain the pessimism NOTAHOPE
Those calming things down in 21 across working in the zoo PEACEKEEPERS
Trace gangster - how basic can that be? ELEMENTAL
Very popular game at school and in the garden REDHOTPOKERS
Worries as play is on ages AGONISES
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