How many letters in the Answer?

The Chronicle of Higher Education Oct 21 2011

'A Rose for ___' (Faulkner short story) EMILY
'An American in Paris' studio MGM
'What a load of bunk!' MYEYE
Advent-season decoration WREATH
Alternative to Capris SKIRT
Aptly named college team from Florida STETSONHATTERS
Aptly named college team from Massachusetts BRANDEISJUDGES
Aptly named college team from Michigan AQUINASSAINTS
Aptly named college team from Southern California WHITTIERPOETS
Article of Cologne EIN
Bagel-shop fixture OVEN
Benefits SAKES
Binary digits ONES
Bones connected to the sternum TRUERIBS
Bracket shape ELL
Brest brothers FRERES
Brittle things? PEANUTS
Broadway bio of 1989 TRU
Celebratory cheer YAY
Chip coating DIP
Christmas-lights site EAVE
Colonel at the Alamo BOWIE
Common URL ender NET
Directed SENT
Do the wrong thing SIN
Easy marks NAIFS
Eight-time NBA All-Star Ming YAO
Environs AREA
Fertile Crescent land IRAQ
Field Museum attraction, briefly TREX
Game with 'tells' POKER
Go here and there GAD
Gospel containing the 'Nunc Dimittis' LUKE
Grounded avians EMUS
Hi-___ graphics RES
Holiday that marks the arrival of spring TET
Investment option, briefly IRA
Irlanda, por ejemplo ISLA
Isabel Allende title SENORA
Lacking SANS
Leave out OMIT
Liability's opposite ASSET
Like some artists' models BARE
Most avant-garde EDGIEST
Musical adapted from a Shakespeare comedy KISSMEKATE
Nave divider AISLE
Notebook projection TAB
Oversell HYPE
Panamanian leader ___ Torrijos Herrera OMAR
Piedmont wine region ASTI
Polyphonic choral piece MOTET
Pulitzer-winning novel by A.B. Guthrie Jr THEWAYWEST
Pursed pair LIPS
Put away EAT
Remote FAR
Rule opposed by Gandhi RAJ
School attended by Bertie Wooster ETON
Sea, to Seneca MARE
Setting for many Vargas Llosa novels PERU
Shout at a busy deli NEXT
Sitcom alien's birthplace ORK
Small chuckle HEH
Squishy lump GLOB
Struggles to breathe GASPS
Sundial's shadow-caster GNOMON
Swift's 'A Modest Proposal,' e.g SATIRE
Symbols of stoutness OAKS
Tibetan holy man LAMA
Timeline segment ERA
Tom's greeting MEOW
Trade center MART
Valise attachments IDTAGS
Weekend time filler HOBBY
Whiskey-mash ingredient RYE
Yale School of Drama deg MFA
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