How many letters in the Answer?

The Chronicle of Higher Education May 26 2017

'A String of ___' (Glenn Miller hit) PEARLS
'Cut to the chase' BEBRIEF
'The Trumpet of the Swan' monogram EBW
'West Side Story' avenger CHINO
'___ vorm Fliegen' (German title of a feminist blockbuster by Erica Jong) ANGST
Accept, as a coupon HONOR
Adjusting TWEAKING
Alpha or Proxima follower CENTAURI
Alpine course SKIRUN
Authoritative word SAYSO
Baby Einstein city? ULM
Big name in foam arms NERF
Bikini tops BRAS
Bob's limit, often CHIN
Botanical indigo source ANIL
Came down to earth ALIT
Camera type, for short SLR
Certain body type SEDAN
Chewy apple coating TOFFEE
Choice piece of Joyce? ULYSSES
Cologne holder VIAL
Cry of support RAH
Diminish EBB
Director Jean-___ Godard LUC
Does a paint-store job, often BLENDS
Don't simply baste SEW
Dos preceder UNO
Enthusiasm ZEAL
Eponymous skateboard leap over an obstacle OLLIE
Fam. members RELS
Gadgets with earbuds IPODS
Getting 100 on ACING
Gospel music's Jordan, e.g RIVER
Great American Ball Park team REDS
Handle the wheel STEER
Hawthorne's pariah PRYNNE
Home builder's projection EAVE
In the neighborhood NEAR
In ___ parentis LOCO
Jung femme, in some? ANIMA
King Tut's mask, e.g RELIC
Knoll RISE
Landed, maybe AFFLUENT
Last major 'naked-eye' astronomer BRAHE
Last word of 27 Across YES
Latte option MOCHA
Like cranes, but not derricks AVIAN
Long, strange trips ODYSSEYS
Lysol target GERMS
Manning taking a hike ELI
Mother-wolf voicer in 2016's 'The Jungle Book' NYONGO
Noah Webster's alma mater YALE
Numbered comic books, e.g ISSUES
One who believes in karma HINDU
Pizazz DASH
Playing bebop music seems to guarantee a flying start to rodeo events? JAZZROCKETSBULLS
Poetic atmosphere? CLIME
Prepped for mashing, in a way RICED
Quinn in the thick of Gamergate ZOE
Seaweed's sister in 'Hairspray' INEZ
Self-satisfied SMUG
Shoppe-worn? OLDE
Some campus occupations SITINS
Spell summons other spell developers? MAGICNETSWIZARDS
Squeal on RATOUT
Squelch MUZZLE
Stravinsky's first? IGOR
Touch after a chase TAG
Tracy's mom in 'Hairspray' EDNA
Turing or Cumming ALAN
Two birds in the hand? BRACE
Units in physics class ERGS
Virgil contemporary OVID
Warmer weather stirs up a hazardous nest? HEATSPURSHORNETS
What Barbara Billingsley spoke in 'Airplane!' JIVE
Xanadu owner of film KANE
Yon femme, in Somme? ELLE
___ nod (phrase which usually means someone didn't get it) OSCAR
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