How many letters in the Answer?

The Chronicle of Higher Education Mar 06 2015

'Hmm, how about ...' SAY
'There are more pleasant things to do than beat up people' speaker ALI
'Trouble in ___' (Bernstein opera) TAHITI
'You overshared,' briefly TMI
'Yours truly' alternative ASEVER
1960s-'70s Boston Garden nickname ESPO
2010 Angelina Jolie thriller SALT
29-day summer month ELUL
32 Across, for one PRES
Alt. spelling VAR
Ancient chariot-racing venue CIRCUSMAXIMUS
Arc on a musical score SLUR
Arthur Ashe's alma mater UCLA
Biological partitions SEPTA
Cataclysmic DIRE
Celeb known for his Mandinka-warrior hairstyle MRT
Chain calling itself 'America's Drive-In' SONIC
Dashed SPED
Dosage amt TBSP
Drop off DOZE
Effrontery GALL
Elie Wiesel's 'Dawn,' but not 'Night' NOVEL
Emulate a pachyderm, in a way PLOD
Estate in an Arthur Conan Doyle classic BASKERVILLEHALL
Fish with 'sawtooth' and 'cutthroat' families EELS
Furry subject of a famous Albrecht Dürer painting HARE
Glaucus's beloved in 'The Last Days of Pompeii' IONE
Greek letter in an early Christogram RHO
He got Miss Gulch's goat TOTO
Heat-and-serve, perhaps PREBAKED
Homer Simpson's 'contribution' to the 'OED' DOH
Indolent race in 'The Time Machine' ELOI
It's a long story SAGA
Julia in the Broadway premiere of 'Nine' RAUL
Key inspiration FLAG
Latch (onto) GLOM
Like the symmetry of baseball bats AXIAL
Malay word for 'king' RAJA
Many a Comic-Con costume SUPERHERO
Miss Bacon of 'East of Eden' ABRA
Nebraska senator succeeded by Hagel EXON
Northern California site of the National Yo-Yo Museum CHICO
One of a group of Disney miners DOC
One of Fallon's forerunners PAAR
Performs entrechats, e.g LEAPS
Pet adoption agcy SPCA
Play Mary Mack, e.g CLAP
Portuguese archipelago AZORES
Proposal opposed by Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum: Abbr ERA
Reach the denouement END
Rebellious Turner NAT
Rugged truck, slangily UTE
Satirical quality, often EDGE
School where Tony Dorsett won the Heisman Trophy, familiarly PITT
Sheen portrayal in 'The Queen' BLAIR
Sing like 'Der Bingle' CROON
Slots at a loading dock BAYS
Sole clue for a detective? TREAD
Sparkly bauble BIJOU
Spice in a pumpkin cheesecake MACE
SSA champion FDR
Start to trust? ANTI
Sumptuous DELUXE
Tax ___ EVADER
Teaching by example MODELING
They divided Vietnam into two zones in 1954 GENEVAACCORDS
Tidal action EBB
TV self-help guru DRPHIL
Utah city in which WordPerfect was originally developed OREM
Venezuelan wedding dance, traditionally PASODOBLE
Wherewithal MEANS
Yarn-project beginning, maybe LOOP
York Minster or Notre-Dame de Paris, e.g GOTHICCATHEDRAL
___ Falls Convention (first-wave feminism event) SENECA
___ Palmas (Canary Islands port) LAS
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