How many letters in the Answer?

The Chronicle of Higher Education Jun 23 2017

'Check out the slow parts of this score, chums' ADAGIOSAMIGOS
'Go jump in the loch!' NAE
'Holy mackerel!' MAN
'So what ___ is new?' ELSE
After careful deliberation ADVISEDLY
Aid for returning runaways? IDTAG
Arctic outerwear ANORAK
Argentine grassland PAMPAS
Australian floral emblems ACACIAS
Babysitter's dream ANGEL
Bear or group follower HUG
Bit of small change attacked by wild animals? APENNYSAVAGED
Boxer's utterances? ARFS
Bubbly from Italy ASTI
Cambridge teachers DONS
Company selling its Souls KIA
Dark material in many flappers' beads JET
Den. neighbor GER
Father's Day gift, often TIE
Federer or Nadal, in most tourneys SEED
Folklore's Baba Yaga and her sisters, e.g HAGS
Freckle DOT
Gauge displaying rpm's TACH
Guileless stage persona INGENUE
Hedin who mapped parts of central Asia SVEN
Holden Caulfield, for one TEEN
Hummus and baba ganoush, generally PUREES
In any way, shape or form ATALL
Inkling IDEA
It can be blue in Juárez AGUA
Joshua-tree milieu MOJAVE
Lightweight curtain fabric VOILE
Like radioactive sugar? SWEETNAGLOW
Looked down on SCORNED
Looks inferior by comparison PALES
Machu Picchu rediscoverer Bingham HIRAM
Makeshift hoedown seat BALE
Maverick way for Catherine the Great to ride ASTRIDE
Maxwell credited with popularizing the scavenger hunt ELSA
Medicine delivery options, briefly IVS
Newborn in some rookeries PUP
Nicholas widely considered the first editor of Shakespeare ROWE
Nickname with no trace of a religious reference? PAGANHANDLE
Not standing, committee-wise ADHOC
One without a contract, perhaps FREEAGENT
One-fifth of 'If music be the food of love, play on' IAMB
Oppressively humid MUGGY
Oral danglers UVULAE
Part of the Palace of Westminster's statue of Richard the Lionheart STEED
Pesto ingredient PINENUTS
Plain conical figure? TEEPEE
Profess CLAIM
Put on the payroll HIRE
Put out DOUSE
Realty-listing count BATHS
Seamless shift SEGUE
Shopworn words of wisdom SAW
Some Cavaliers play in it, for short NCAA
Spot to check your balance, briefly ATM
Spreadsheet function SORT
Start of a subordinate title: Abbr ASST
Suffix with malt OSE
Suit toppers ACES
Target of a 1972 EPA ban DDT
Tatars' turf STEPPES
Terrarium occupant with a dewlap IGUANA
Turkish dignitary AGA
Twosome DYAD
Under, to Byron NEATH
What framed Roger Rabbit? CEL
Where ibex graze: Abbr MTNS
Whom Jezebel worshiped BAAL
Wicked habit VICE
___ de coeur (pained outburst) CRI
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