How many letters in the Answer?

The Chronicle of Higher Education Feb 02 2018

'Dr.' of sleepwear denton
'Frozen' princess elsa
'No bid this time' ipass
'On a scale of one ___ ...' toten
'___ said!' (mic-drop words) nuff
35mm camera inits slr
Air balls miss them rims
Amy of 'Arrival' adams
Apple variety? imac
Appointed by the court, as a guardian adlitem
Bakeshop decorator icer
Bellini opera that opened the Met's 2017-18 season norma
Big battery type dcell
Blarney Castle's county cork
Booze, slangily sauce
Circular flier
Compadre, in Champagne ami
Copycat aper
Creedence Clearwater Revival B-side, or its California setting lodi
Cruciform Greek character tau
Dating from asof
Disaster-relief org fema
Dr. Mario console nes
Dubbed named
Either of two stars of 'On Golden Pond' fonda
Figure behind cuckoo-clock doors, e.g automaton
Formal agreement pact
Fugitive racketeer in 'The Third Man' harrylime
Future-tense helping verb will
Game with Professor Plum clue
George Orwell's alma mater eton
Godwin who wrote 'Father Melancholy's Daughter' gail
Hebrew for 'one who wrestles with God' israel
High-spirited merry
Ingredient in many recipes for Swedish meatballs sourcream
Installed, as brick or carpet laid
Instant, in Madison Avenue prefixes redi
Jazz trombonist Kid ___ ory
Landing strip tarmac
Long-armed jungle simian, for short orang
Major source of Malbec wine argentina
Mononymous R&B singer with the triple-platinum album 'Goodies' ciara
Newton or Asimov isaac
Nueve menos cinco cuatro
One of the three R's of eco-friendliness recycle
One-word defs syns
Part of many prewireless networks cabling
Pen fillers inks
Prenatal test, briefly amnio
Pronoun in the South youall
Purchase in the Potterverse's Diagon Alley wand
Ran full tilt tore
Reject deny
Rink feint deke
School session term
See 15 Down abbrs
Semaphore series signals
Silent performer mime
Smooch, in Seville beso
Spoken oral
Steep, high cliff scar
Stumbles in a recitation ums
Suffix for shapes gon
Survivor of two 1918 assassination attempts lenin
Tenerife, por ejemplo isla
Tiny fraction of a min nsec
Toadied to, in a way yesed
Trattoria desserts gelati
TV's Rockford and Magnum, e.g pis
Unchecked amok
University of Miami athlete, colloquially cane
Util. measured in kilowatt-hours elec
Vientiane native lao
Wayward errant
When doubled, a luau protein source mahi
With 47 Down, the entirety of this puzzle's perimeter state
___ box (where commands might go) dialog
___ d'Alene, Idaho coeur
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