How many letters in the Answer?

The Chronicle of Higher Education Dec 02 2011

'All the Things You ___' ARE
'Do the Right Thing' pizzeria SALS
'The good is ___ interred with their bones': 'Julius Caesar' OFT
'Une ___ Mariée' (Godard film) FEMME
'___ Flux' (1990s animated series) AEON
'___ That a Time' (Weavers song) WATT
Actress who famously said, 'Acting is the perfect idiot's profession' HELURN
Alfred Jarry's 'Ubu ___' ROI
AT&T competitor of yore GTE
Backboard attachment RIM
Bus. card info TEL
Calhoun of old westerns RORY
California's ___ Valley SIMI
City founded by Catherine the Great ODESSA
Common Lower East Side sight, once TENEMENT
Cruising, say ASEA
Drink humorously advertised as causing 'brain freeze' SLURPEE
ESPN sportscaster Bob LEY
Faithful TRUE
First king of modern Greece OTTO
First-grade subject SIMPLDITION
Fix illegally RIG
Footslog TREK
Get-up-and-go VIM
Glittery dress fabric LAME
Historical period founded by Kublai Khan MONGYNASTY
Hit on the head BEAN
Honors for roles OSCARS
Iconic Nascar sponsor STP
ID with two hyphens SSN
In perpetuity FORLII
It can fill a niche URN
Kindergarten break NAP
Knock out, possibly DRUG
Lady-killer ROUE
Lamar Hunt Trophy org AFC
Language that 'flummery' comes from WELSH
Last word in a Stevenson title HYDE
Like Mr. America contenders MUSCULAR
Manual readers USERS
Milquetoast WUSS
Mishandle MUFF
Move swiftly RACE
Name shared by two brothers in the Hockey Hall of Fame ESPOSITO
Naval clerk YEOMAN
On ___ (without a contract) SPEC
One born looking 'like a hairy garment': Genesis ESG
One of NATO's founding members USA
One passed by a runner BATON
Org. established by Nixon EPA
Palme ___ (Cannes honor) DOR
Part of the HOMES mnemonic ERIE
Payment for a ticket FINE
Piped up SPOKE
Pop-fly path ARC
Popular Bach piece AIAGSTRING
Progressive ___ ERA
Psychological injury TRAUMA
Put on a scale RATED
Rankled ATEAT
Recycling-bin items TINCANS
Risk money BET
Romeo or Juliet, e.g TEENAGER
Seek greener pastures, say EMIGRATE
Shell game, maybe CON
Somewhat parenthetical comment? EMOTICON
Stable supply HAY
Steaming IRATE
Sugar source BEET
Thin tuft WISP
Troops also called skirmishers LIGHTFANTRY
Valuable 17th-century Dutch commodities TULIPS
What's been deposited in four squares of this puzzle, expressed both by name and by symbol METALLICELEMENT
Whence the phrase 'I will wear my heart upon my sleeve' comes from OTHELLO
Works out SOLVES
Zodiacal beast RAM
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