How many letters in the Answer?

The Chronicle of Higher Education Apr 29 2016

'London After Midnight' director Browning TOD
'Master Melvin' of baseball OTT
'Young Girls at the Piano' painter RENOIR
400-pound calf, perhaps ORCA
Answer to a bailiff IDO
Backspace over, perhaps DELETE
Bank-acct. entry DEP
Bard's nightfall EEN
Big Sur wellness institute since 1962 ESALEN
Bob Marley do DREADS
Body that meets in Paris's Luxembourg Palace SENAT
Bowler's headaches SPLITS
Capital near the Gulf of Tonkin HANOI
Collections including pamphlets and posters EPHEMERA
Conspiratorial group CABAL
Despite which YET
Drench DOUSE
Eighth son of Jacob ASHER
Electrical unit now known as a siemens MHO
Event with hand-holding SEANCE
Feature given a full page in The Economist each week OBITUARY
Field AREA
Fig. on a college transcript GPA
Folklore heavy OGRE
Former Ecuadorean currency SUCRE
Gobbled ATE
Grade just above average CPLUS
Gridiron standout ALLPRO
Gunpowder, e.g GREENTEA
How some complaints should be left UNSAID
Impediment SNAG
Invent, as a neologism COIN
Japanese site of the Kasugayama Primeval Forest NARA
Kachina doll makers HOPI
Longest river entirely within Spanish borders EBRO
Lose it SNAP
Loses it ERUPTS
Lowly worker PEON
Made like the Argonauts, in a way OARED
NPR talk show FRESHAIR
Org. whose website has an Emergency Preparedness menu option CDC
Parson's residence MANSE
Person making a graph, say PLOTTER
Pipsqueak RUNT
Plays to the balcony EMOTES
Potemkin mutiny city ODESSA
Printer's primary color CYAN
Produce milk LACTATE
Quatrain rhyme scheme ABAA
Rankin who created Inspector Rebus IAN
Reduce by whittling PARE
Reform Club wagerer of fiction FOGG
Ride roughshod over ABUSE
Rosaceous shrub SPIREA
S'more center, ideally GOO
Salty Mediterranean sprinkle FETA
Sam's twin in 'Lord of the Flies' ERIC
Shape-shifting Aegean Sea god NEREUS
Slick DEFT
Source of gas, at times DAIS
Spiked LACED
Start of a common summation about unheeded advice INONHEEAR
Sting mastermind, informally GMAN
Stock purchase of fewer than 100 shares ODDLOT
Supply party food for CATER
Tater Tots maker OREIDA
Transportation hub of old STABLE
Trim, as topiary PRUNE
Voiced enthusiasm, in a way OOHED
What a tax lawyer may search for LOOPH
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