How many letters in the Answer?

The Chronicle of Higher Education Apr 10 2015

'A Yank in the ___' (1941 war film) RAF
'As sure as shootin' ...' BYGUM
'Eternally nameless' Chinese principle TAO
'Fighting' Big Ten team ILLINI
'I didn't need that level of detail' initialism TMI
'The fierce urgency of now' speaker, familiarly MLK
'The Oracle of ___' (Warren Buffett nickname) OMAHA
'Thou owest the ___ no silk': King Lear WORM
'___ for Noose' (Sue Grafton book) NIS
A-list ELITE
Aesop's grasshopper, notably IDLER
Being dragged behind INTOW
Bolts in a shop, often FABRIC
Carter or Fury of Marvel Comics, e.g.: Abbr AGT
Common food preservative, for short BHA
Cosmetic procedures FACELIFTS
Devious TRICKY
Emeril Lagasse catchword BAM
Emphatic admission YESIDO
Enticed DREW
Extinct winged 'lizard' PTEROSAUR
Future mullets, maybe ROE
Game with yellow and red cards UNO
Greek composer/keyboardist YANNI
Half up front? HEMI
Hammer into shape FORGE
Historic Baltimore site where visitors can see a draft of a Francis Scott Key poem FORTMCHENRY
Historic Capitol Hill site where part of Jonson's verse on Shakespeare is inscribed FOLGERLIBRARY
Historic monument on which Emma Lazarus's 'The New Colossus' is inscribed STATUEOFLIBERTY
Historic San Francisco Bay site where immigrants carved poetry into the walls and floors ANGELISLAND
Historic Twin Cities site where a line from Longfellow's 'Song of Hiawatha' is inscribed MINNEHAHAPARK
Homecoming visitor, often GRAD
IBM competitor NEC
Indian state with a city named after Vasco da Gama GOA
Kerfuffle FLAP
Like Bram Stoker IRISH
Like some hungry people UNDERFED
Mann you? SIE
Meaning of the Latin root for 'plagiarize' KIDNAP
Memorial mounds CAIRNS
Mideast bigwig EMIR
Model who hosted the dating show 'More to Love' EMME
Monogram of the president who created the EPA RMN
Music-notation style for fretted instruments TABLATURE
Name of many Jesuit schools LOYOLA
New York village where Edward Hopper and Helen Hayes are buried NYACK
Nin with an erotic diary ANAIS
Nine-digit ID SSN
Novelist of Victorian England READE
One having a look EYER
Org. whose 2015 championship gave rise to 'Deflategate' AFC
Pontypridd populace WELSH
Print-quality fig DPI
Private meal? MESS
Proofer's catch TYPO
Ratings for some summer coats?: Abbr SPFS
Remove everything from, as a house GUT
Research space where an app is developed, perhaps MEDIALAB
Rink luminary Bobby ORR
Shtetl complaints OYS
Smithson founded one: Abbr INST
Soda order LARGE
St. Andrews club, once MASHIE
They may find work in corrections, briefly EDS
Third caste in 'Brave New World' GAMMA
Timber trimmer ADZ
Tiny bit, to Thierry PEU
Top-tier AONE
Willow for weaving OSIER
Wine improver, say AGE
You may leave them in stitches, briefly ERS
___ pudding (dessert favored by Harry Truman) OZARK
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