How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Sep 04 2018

'50s Red Scare gp huac
'We're live!' studio sign onair
'Yeah' uhhuh
Abu Dhabi's federation: Abbr uae
Acapulco aunt tia
Altar vow ido
Antipollution org epa
Ariz. neighbor nev
Bad to the bone evil
Balls and strikes caller ump
Bargain bin abbr irr
Be of use to avail
Beaver's output dam
Bit of gel dab
Break down grammatically parse
Car nut lug
Cosmetician Lauder estee
Courses for coll. credit aps
Cultural funding org nea
Daisy variety oxeye
Defensive trenches moats
Discharge emit
Enjoys a novel reads
Entrepreneur-helping org sba
Experiencing some 'sweet' consequences eatinghumblepie
Flock female ewe
Forearm bone ulna
Forest floor growth moss
Found really groovy dug
Funnyman Jay leno
GPS suggestion rte
Gym shirt tee
Half up front? hemi
Idiosyncrasy tic
Jack of 'Dragnet' webb
Jack of 'Rio Lobo' elam
Kind of butter used in moisturizers shea
Liam's 'Schindler's List' role oskar
Like a chimney sweep sooty
Loch with a legend ness
Luau dances hulas
Marshy grasses reeds
Nintendo game console since 2006 wii
Off-the-cuff adlib
Partly melted snow slush
Pasture lea
Photographer Adams ansel
Poet Angelou maya
Prefix with dextrous ambi
Prom rental tux
Pure joy glee
River delta area mouth
Sail supports masts
See 16-Across cakeandeatittoo
See 22-Across cookiecrumbles
Sit for a picture pose
Slithery squeezer boa
Slithery swimmer eel
Soak (up), as sauce sop
Songs for two duets
Souvlaki meat lamb
Spiny desert bloomers cacti
Sports figures stats
Supercharged engine, for short turbo
Take home from an animal shelter adopt
Thanksgiving side dish yams
Theoretical primate apeman
Two-time Oscar winner Swank hilary
Up-and-down toy yoyo
Vietnamese New Year tet
Warner Bros. creation toon
What insomniacs count sheep
With 48-Across, 'sweet' expression about consequences thatsthewaythe
With 58-Across, 'sweet' expression about consequences youcanthaveyour
WWII sea attacker uboat
Yale student eli
__ de cologne eau
__-Ball: midway game skee
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