How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Oct 15 2017

'Casablanca' setting MOROCCO
'Dies __' IRAE
'Dilbert' creator Adams SCOTT
'Easy there!' WHOA
'Funny joke!' HAHA
'Hey, you!' PSST
'Just kidding' NOTREALLY
'Lucky Guy' was her last play NORAEPHRON
'Mmm, delish!' SOGOOD
'Symphony in Black' artist ERTE
'The Piano' actor KEITEL
'This looks bad for us!' WERETOAST
-ish, after a number ORSO
35mm camera type SLR
44-Down shape OVAL
Adam's garden EDEN
Adam's love EVE
Article in Der Spiegel EINE
As a result THUS
Augusta National shrub AZALEA
Backstage staff CREW
Backyard raft POOLFLOAT
Begin successor SHAMIR
Bench for a flock PEW
Biceps, for one FLEXOR
Big Sky Brewing Company home MONTANA
Bonkers LOCO
Boston Marathon Expo display RUNNINGGEAR
Brand for cold sores ABREVA
Captain of the Adventure Galley KIDD
Carry __: sing on pitch ATUNE
CDs and LPs RECS
Charged bits IONS
Chum, in Cherbourg AMI
Classic game consoles ATARIS
Comparable to a beet ASRED
Cry out loud SOB
Doctoral hurdles ORALS
Drawer openers KNOBS
Drew (in) ROPED
Driver's reservation? TEETIME
Drops at dawn DEW
Engraved jewelry item CAMEO
Finish line WIRE
Fire starters SPARKS
Firing offense? ARSON
Fix, as a pet SPAY
Flat across the pond? APARTMENT
Former FAO Schwarz parent TOYSRUS
Fort in New Jersey DIX
Garage capacity ONECAR
Gave the once-over EYED
Genesis creator SEGA
Harry's love GINNY
Heat-resistant glass PYREX
Hit the mall SHOP
Holiday in the month of Adar PURIM
In the know AWARE
Iridescent shell lining NACRE
Japan is in it FAREAST
Jazz home UTAH
Juice bar freebie STRAW
K2 and Hood: Abbr MTS
Kaplan Test Prep focus: Abbr GRE
Lady of pop GAGA
Lasting marks SCARS
LAX abbr ARR
Like a locked bathroom INUSE
Like miso, typically SALTY
Like two peas in __ APOD
Limit CAP
Looks over quickly SCANS
Loud insect CICADA
Luxury handbag FENDI
Many a University of Zagreb student CROAT
Max of Dadaism ERNST
Minnesota's annual one is held in Falcon Heights STATEFAIR
Mobile home TRAILER
More, to Miguel MAS
Mound stats ERAS
Negative link NOR
Night light NEON
Octopus octet ARMS
Old theaters RKOS
On deck ABOARD
Org. for the Sky, the Stars and the Sun WNBA
Outstanding STELLAR
Pandora genre EMO
Pasta sauce brand RAGU
PBS 'Science Kid' SID
PC key used in combinations CTRL
Perfect game, e.g RAREFEAT
Perfect __ TENSE
Permit to leave EXITVISA
Pet shelter's concern ANIMALCARE
Pink Floyd label EMI
Pitch indicator NOTE
President between Harrison and Polk TYLER
Princess with a twin brother LEIA
Pro-__: fundraisers AMS
Pueblo pronoun ESA
Reasons for missing school FEVERS
Run over REPEAT
Run the country REIGN
Russian wolfhound BORZOI
Safari runners? MACS
Shangri-La offerings ROOMS
Shelter adoptees PETS
Sicilian hot spot ETNA
Sicilian seven SETTE
Sign of approval SEAL
Soho stroller PRAM
Sotomayor replaced him SOUTER
Spoiled BAD
Supplied in a comedy skit, as straight lines FED
Supply with fluid HYDRATE
Sushi fish EELS
Team covered at amazinavenue.com METS
Team up UNITE
Tell the teacher TATTLE
Temporary lack of inspiration? APNEA
The Heart of Dixie: Abbr ALA
The Pac-12's Golden Bears CAL
The puck stops here GOAL
They have strings attached KITES
Time-out at work COFFEEBREAK
Toon bartender Szyslak MOE
Topper made from the jipijapa palm PANAMAHAT
Toxin fighters SERA
Track activity, to Brits MOTORRACING
View as DEEM
Was visibly moved WEPT
Wax Ready-Strips maker NAIR
Way into the mountain CAVE
Went wild RANRIOT
Where the Indus flows ASIA
Wings, in zoology ALAE
Zoo keepers CAGES
__ Majesty HIS
'13th' director DuVernay ava
'Colors' rapper icet
'How charming!' neat
'I'd prefer anything else!' notthat
'That's it!' done
'The package that I ordered just arrived!' itshere
'Watchmen' author Moore alan
'You know ...' say
'___ a Pirate' (song from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' soundtrack) hes
Actress Christensen erika
Adrift while aboard, maybe asea
Apple containing chips? mac
Artist's digs loft
Baller's brand, maybe nike
Beersheba's nation israel
Blog poster's image avatar
BP station installations pumps
Brand of chips with a mustachioed man on its cans pringles
Cannabis ___ (marijuana species) sativa
Cause to blush abash
City of Angels anaheim
Clips found in the special features menu of a DVD ... and a description of the letters clipped from this puzzle's movies deletedscenes
Clog comforter insole
Cold-shoulder spurn
Come through deliver
Comedian Fogler dan
Conan's channel tbs
Connect with tieto
Cross-reference section heading in a Wikipedia article seealso
Davidson College athlete wildcat
De-creases? presses
Denver's genre folk
Diplomatic goal detente
Disruptive noise din
Domino's domino, e.g logo
Due-in guess, briefly eta
Echo iterate
Eggs in a lab ova
Emma Pillsbury's affliction on 'Glee' ocd
Emulate 22 Across aviate
Emulate Obama orate
Engine problem leakage
Enter abruptly bargein
Family guy? capo
Faucet attachment aerator
File menu selection save
File menu selection print
Film about a shrub grown by gorillas? plantoftheapes
Film about Copenhagen residents living among pack animals? daneswithwolves
Film about in-flight Japanese drinks? sakesonaplane
Film about Oct. 24, in whichever year? anygivenunday
Film about taverns where people share tales of woe? thebadnewsbars
First lady before Edith ida
Former Wizards owner Pollin abe
Fruity diner dessert peachpie
Frustrate stymie
Furtive sly
Get very excited gobananas
Gets warm, so to speak nears
Go after, as a fly swat
Go back into business reopen
Good thing to hit sweetspot
Guns, as on a racetrack revs
Her diary entries are compiled in the book 'Last Flight' earhart
Hoedown attendee gal
Home of Pennsylvania's Millcreek Mall erie
Ideal optimal
Idol's quality fame
In a pile heaped
Inc., e.g., briefly mag
Inedible wrap shawl
Informal rejection nah
Internet guide resembling a flowchart sitemap
Issa ___ (star of HBO's 'Insecure') rae
IV flow drip
Jalapeño and piña colada ingredients? tildes
Kotter of 1970s TV gabe
Letter in the Schrödinger equation psi
Letter writer? pen
Like piano notes soft
Lo-cal drinks dietsodas
Longtime Yankees catcher Jorge posada
Lose control, in a way skid
Low euchre card ten
Maddens big-time enrages
Major key of Debussy's 'La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin' gflat
Make euphoric elate
Microscopic messenger rna
Military band wind fife
Milliner's creations hats
National defense goal? out
Need meds, perhaps ail
Nest egg choice ira
Nobelist Morrison toni
Off target wide
Page problem tear
Paintball result, maybe welt
Pasta water additive salt
Peeves riles
Persian Gulf metropolis doha
Personal appearance mien
Pied-a-___ terre
Pitches on TV ads
Play thing? part
Point-click link and
Popular dish in Bangkok padthai
Prepared to react alert
Prior's 'prior to' ere
Push promote
Raven's relative crow
Reason to take a break stress
Regarding asto
Regularly often
Relax ease
Remove a letter, e.g erase
Riddle-solver's cry aha
Saxophonist Watts ernie
Screw up err
Sew up ensure
Some 1980s consoles ataris
Something you might break habit
Special ___ ops
Sportscaster Gold eli
Squash siton
Start of a question who
Stops waffling opts
Subtle summons psst
Target rival sears
They provide help around the House aides
Touch upon abut
Valencia conqueror elcid
Villainous queen's daughter in Disney's 'Descendants' evie
Vintage photo tone sepia
Washed away eroded
Weather Channel listings highs
What a bill covers law
Wine lover's concern age
With 'The,' film about a British conservative who goes on and on and on? neverendingtory
Word before 'pass' or 'throw' free
Works of veneration odes
Yield cede
Zoom up soar
___ theory set
___ tuna ahi
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