How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Nov 24 2015

'Regrettably ...' ALAS
'Ta-____ Boom-de-ay' RARA
'That's ___!' ALIE
'What's more ...,' in a text message BTW
Actor Estrada and author Larson ERIKS
Actress Fisher of 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' ISLA
Airline mentioned in 'Back in the U.S.S.R.' BOAC
Al Green's '___-La-La (Make Me Happy)' SHA
Arab bigwig SHEIK
Autobahn auto OPEL
Barbera d'___ (Italian wine) ASTI
Barbershop leavings HAIR
Be nuts about ADORE
Big pile HEAP
Big wave surfer ___ Hamilton featured in the 2004 documentary 'Riding Giants' LAIRD
Boot out OUST
Brain scan, for short EEG
Brainstorm IDEA
Call at a speed dating event, perhaps NEXT
Cattle breed ANGUS
Cheddar cheese sauce solution for leftover root vegetables? CARROTRAREBIT
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Deckhand SWAB
Demeaned ABASED
Deuce follower ADIN
Dickens baddie FAGIN
Dried solution for leftover drumsticks? TURKEYJERKY
Earthenware pot OLLA
Escargot SNAIL
Event that might spill out onto the driveway GARAGESALE
Fairy tale figures HAGS
False ___ ALARM
Fancy casserole solution for leftover legumes? BEANTERRINE
Female hip-hop dancer BGIRL
Festive celebration GALA
Fluffy wrap BOA
Forbidden-sounding fragrance TABU
Freshly ANEW
George Clooney, to Rosemary NEPHEW
Go separate ways PART
Hawaii's state bird NENE
Hebrew month ELUL
Hint at IMPLY
Hungarian-spiced stew solution for leftover fall veggies? SQUASHGOULASH
Hunky-dory AOKAY
Leveling wedge SHIM
Life-or-death DIRE
Loan figs APRS
May race, informally INDY
Memorable maxim ADAGE
Mexicali's peninsula BAJA
Norwegian king OLAV
Order back five yards, say PENALIZE
Pageant topper TIARA
Pizzazz ZING
Provable truths FACTS
Puts a stop to ENDS
Ratio indicator COLON
Restrain BATE
Sharer's word OUR
Sixth sense, for short ESP
Start of diversity? BIO
Sufferer for a cause MARTYR
Suitor BEAU
Supervised by UNDER
Tomei's costar in 'The Wrestler' ROURKE
Transmit SEND
Tweak some text EDIT
Uncool sort DWEEB
Unforeseen costs OVERRUNS
Walked up the gangplank from shore WENTABOARD
West African amulet JUJU
Wood splitter AXE
___-chic (hippie-influenced style) BOHO
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