How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Nov 18 2018

'Aladdin' image, e.g cel
'American ___' (Green Day album) idiot
'Like that matters at all to me' asificare
'Lord of the Rings' character orc
'Lord of the Rings' character? rune
'O.K.' singer DiFranco ani
'On the double!' now
'Say Anything' director Cameron crowe
'Sorry' singer Justin bieber
'That would be awful' ihopenot
'That's pretty cute' heh
'United Shades of America' broadcaster cnn
'Wait a minute!' hey
'___ is a sign that your dog doesn't know which elm that squirrel climbed' barkingupthewrongtree
'___ she blows!' thar
'___ to form ...' true
'___ unless you want to jab that grizzly' dontpokethebear
'___, and our tent won't be as secure' raisethestakes
'___, and you'll get to walk outdoors' takeahike
'___? Take some out and there will be fewer burning metal rods' toomanyironsinthefire
'___? Then we'll find Mr. Ruth at our campsite' babeinthewoods
'___? Then you can sharpen it for chopping logs' haveanaxtogrind
Accessory on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' wig
Actor Simpson of 'Westworld' jimmi
Appendage used in locomotion tail
Ball attendees belles
Basking result, for some tan
Becomes bad rots
Becomes really hot boils
Bit of horseplay involving a headlock noogie
Bolshevik's foe tsar
Bounce house filler air
Brain formation idea
Brand that makes Positively Radiant body lotion aveeno
Broaden widen
Campbell of 'Scream' neve
Canadian gas brand esso
Carry a balance owe
Cash in redeem
Catfish catcher net
Causing chills, say eerie
Causing greater loss costlier
Chelmsford's county essex
Chili ingredient, maybe onion
Chinese principle, or a grain in reverse tao
City where Van Gogh painted many orchards arles
Cleaning process step rinse
Code of tenets dogma
Collect, as a salary earn
College basketball analyst Greenberg seth
Conservationist Irwin terri
Cry before a battle toarms
Disturbs in a big way jolts
Dug into one's repast ate
Emulate a vagabond roam
Estate division acre
Expunge efface
Find revolting abhor
Flying worker bee
Folds in a music studio ben
French word for 'born' nee
Frequent soccer results ties
From the start anew
Game with disappearing rows tetris
God once worshiped with Aphrodite at a sanctuary on the north slope of the Acropolis eros
Grammy winner Bonnie raitt
Grazing beast ewe
Hitting sharply to the first baseman, say liningout
Hubble observation star
Hubbub ado
Injuries, in kidspeak owies
It may stick to your sole gum
Judge the value of assess
Krav maga striker elbow
Law professor Hill anita
Like paintings hung
Like strenuous exercise tiring
Low prime in Parma tre
Lundgren who played He-Man dolph
Mane areas napes
Many a reader of the 'Twilight' series tween
Muscle originating at the ribs, briefly pec
Mystical balls, maybe orbs
Name on a 2016 ticket kaine
Nevertheless yet
NFL legend Walter payton
Nocturnal youngster owlet
O's, in love letters hugs
Oscar winner who played Thatcher streep
Part of a Ranger's gear skate
Part of an officer's routine, at times patrol
PBS benefactor, e.g donor
Peak seen in Yerevan ararat
Peered at eyed
Piranhas' propellers fins
Post-exercising woe ache
Prior to, in verse ere
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Schiff stacy
Queen's term reign
Quote, as in an academic journal cite
Rankle irk
Rescued boxers, e.g adoptees
Retail figures revenues
Ridiculing, as a comedian roasting
Rye unit loaf
Salmon ___ plancha (fish dish cooked on a griddle) ala
Scottish cattle breed angus
See 82 Down aleck
Settling a score avenging
Shape of a soccer ball? hexagon
Skin lesions, e.g sores
Snooped (around) nosed
Solo who flew the Millennium Falcon han
Sort of, in slang ish
Spelling with scripts tori
Staff symbol rest
Staples of political ads smears
Stat for a goalie or pitcher save
Stout's detective wolfe
Subdued with threats cowed
Swindling individual crook
Tackle the slopes ski
The Ting Tings lead vocalist White katie
They're strong in a nor'easter winds
Three Stooges staple antic
Time to duel, perhaps noon
Topic of a Senate debate act
Travels, as an aroma wafts
Tropical root taro
TV reporter Roger, or fictional TV reporter April oneil
Type ilk
Unit of illuminance lux
Valued violin, briefly strad
Warmer, in a way nicer
Waxing business spa
Weird Al offering polka
Where Dangme is spoken ghana
Winger of 'Black Widow' debra
With 4 Down, sassy sort smart
With backstitches, say sewn
Work featuring Dido aeneid
You can't live without them needs
Zoe Kazan's grandpa elia
___ v. Wade roe
'10' co-star dudleymoore
'Aw, man!' yeesh
'Basket of Bread' painter dali
'Dude, you with me?' cmon
'Get my point?' see
'It's my turn!' imup
'Just joshing' ikid
'Miracle on Ice' setting lakeplacid
'What a shame' sosad
'What a surprise to run into you!' ohhi
1898 battle site guantanamobay
75-Across' docs vets
82-Across' powerful patients akitas
Actress Swenson inga
Apple variety imac
Apt name for a tuxedo cat oreo
Ballerina attire tutu
Barnyard mom ewe
Basilica section nave
Benchmark: Abbr std
Beverage made with 40-Down ipa
Big name in winter boots sorel
Birthplace of St. Francis assisi
Bit of sunshine ray
Bit of thrill-seeking equipment bungeecord
Body of soldiers unit
Bring to light digup
Brown of jazz les
Brutal reviews pans
Cantina hors d'oeuvres tapas
Carmex targets lips
Cease desist
City on the Loire tours
Color commentator's data stats
Corp. bigwig ceo
Corporate criminal's undoing papertrail
Corporate deal buyout
Darth's childhood nickname ani
Deceive dupe
Decline the invite, perhaps rsvp
Destine for failure doom
Didn't take well? stole
Double-curved arch ogee
Dried poblano chili ancho
Early sinning site eden
Elle Girl rival teenvogue
Equal peer
Eternally, in poetry eer
Ethereal glows auras
Facial hair, for short stache
Fail to include omit
Finish off doin
Fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres dory
Flower holder pot
Follower of a rising curtain acti
Food-inspection org usda
Football helmet part chinstrap
Fraternity letter kappa
Game show hosts mcs
Get out of a jam rescue
Get the news hear
Gets rid of abolishes
Glass work opera
Glorifying tribute ode
Guinness of 'Doctor Zhivago' alec
Heavy hammers sledges
High degree nth
Hogwarts librarian __ Pince irma
Hollywood role agent
Hot weather woe heatrash
Insects in hieroglyphic scarabs
Is pure perfection, scorewise ratesaten
Isla surrounder agua
Issuer of bulls pope
Jostling joint elbow
K.C. to New Orleans dir sse
Lacy place mat doily
Lay out spend
Like a super saver? heroic
Longest-serving Dodger coach Manny mota
Lucky roll in el casino siete
Make a call opt
Manipulative type user
Many an MIT alum engr
Mess up bungle
Mideast sultanate oman
Minor surgery targets cysts
Most faithful truest
Mouth features deltas
Nephew of Abel enos
Nixed vetoed
OfficeMax purchase quantities reams
Old cereal box no rda
Omega, in physics ohm
One writing birthday wishes, at times icer
Orbit, e.g chewinggum
Out of juice dead
Personal account memoir
Pint-size little
Place for slanted columns opedpage
Place to see fans stands
Plans often ignored around holidays diets
Playwright's worst nightmare flop
Plaza Hotel girl eloise
Priest of the East lama
Public row scene
Pueblo spirit being kachina
Puff, e.g magicdragon
Puts to the test, as patience tries
Quick looks peeks
RB's gains yds
Rival of Sparta athens
Rockies range tetons
Sargasso Sea spawner eel
Scandalous biographies tellalls
See 41-Down hops
Sign at a takeout window orderhere
Similar akin
Sound from a happy crowd roar
Sparty's school michiganstate
Sports drink brand powerade
Stack in a cabinet lids
Stack in a till ones
Starbucks size after Venti trenta
Steve's singing partner eydie
Straight from the mint shiny
Strange odd
Sundance flick indie
Support person aide
Sweet place? home
Tamiflu producer roche
Tavern sign abbr estab
They may be stationary bikes
They may make lakes dams
Thrash flail
Traditional Indian wedding garment sari
Trounce crush
Tune for two duet
Used at the table ateon
Venetian old master titian
Victor at Gettysburg meade
Wear haveon
Zoomed past racedby
[This is gonna be bad] gulp
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