How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Nov 07 2018

'Do __ others ... ' unto
'Gloria in Excelsis __' deo
'House,' in Inuit iglu
'In America' novelist Susan sontag
'Little Red Book' author mao
'Look no further than me' imit
'The Walking Dead' survivor Grimes carl
'Watch and learn' likeso
'We just said the same thing at the same time!' jinx
'__ whiz!' gee
1968 55-Across song bothsidesnow
1969 55-Across album whose last song is 20-Across clouds
1970 55-Across song bigyellowtaxi
1976 55-Across album hejira
A few some
Advertising lure comeon
Annoy getto
Ant-sy complex? colony
Auburn rival, familiarly bama
Axis foes allies
Barclays Center team nets
Baseball's Felipe or his son Moises alou
Basic drawing class arti
Bedazzle awe
Big D hoopster mav
Boatloads alot
Bronze or brass alloy
Business review site yelp
Car trip game ispy
Crowds around mobs
ESPN anchor __ Storm hannah
Explosive letters tnt
Far from swanky seedy
Female relative niece
Fish dish served with wasabi sushi
Forever and a day eon
Geologic time epoch
Harsh-smelling acrid
Hayloft bundle bale
In the neighborhood close
Included in an email, briefly ccd
Influential D.C. group pac
It may be tragic flaw
It's the truth fact
K follower mart
Like a noted piper pied
Lofty principles ideals
Metrosexual tote manbag
Miguel's 'I love you' teamo
Mined-over matter ore
Nabisco wafer brand nilla
Not feel well ail
Perfume holder bottle
Pet problems? peeves
Place in the woods den
Powder puff stuff talc
Prosperous welltodo
Quaint retail adjective olde
Repetitive refrain in the song 'Hot Hot Hot' oleole
Rogers Centre team, familiarly jays
San __, Puerto Rico juan
Serengeti feline lion
Sharp-edged keen
Singer/songwriter born 11/7/1943 jonimitchell
Small Chevy model aveo
Spot for an AirPod ear
Strung along ledon
Sundance's sweetie __ Place etta
Tach reading revs
Tight spot jam
Trivia night site bar
Uniform cloth khaki
Vacationing away
Whisper sweet nothings coo
Willing recruit enlistee
Wrinkle remover iron
__ at the wheel asleep
__ sentence: essay opener topic
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