How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Nov 05 2017

'Ain't happening' NOPE
'Hamlet' in progress? PLAYACTION
'Il Trovatore' heroine LEONORA
'Is that __?' ANO
'__ le roi!' VIVE
1-Down's sitcom employee FLO
1814-'15 exile site ELBA
2-Down's boss MEL
Actor Beatty NED
Actress Palmer LILLI
Adriatic port BARI
Ain't right? ARENT
Ashen PALE
Auditing pro CPA
Baby's first garment ONESIE
Basketball Hall of Fame coach Jerry SLOAN
Beer ingredient MALT
Belted tire synthetic RAYON
Bombard PELT
Brut alternative AFTA
California-based shoe company LAGEAR
Carl's director son ROB
Cavernous opening MAW
Chan portrayer OLAND
China's Zhou __ ENLAI
Command from a maj ORD
Conductor __-Pekka Salonen ESA
Connecticut senator Chris DODD
Considers DEEMS
Convince using flattery CAJOLE
Corp. big shots MGT
Costa __ Sol DEL
Court defendant: Abbr RESP
Courtroom figs ADAS
Cries over LAMENTS
Crosses off XESOUT
Crunch targets ABS
Crystalline rocks GEODES
Daybreak deity EOS
DEA activity RAIDS
Discontinued allergy brand ACTIFED
Discuss in detail HASHOVER
Duracell competitor RAYOVAC
Energetic mount STEED
Enthused AVID
Equally irate ASMAD
Eroded WORE
Fared reasonably well DIDOK
Feature of a no-holds-barred campaign SMEAR
Friday creator DEFOE
Ginger cookie factory statistic? SNAPCOUNT
Go down SINK
Goose's medical concern? LOSSOFDOWN
Hairstyling legend SASSOON
Hastings head LOO
Hasty departure LAM
Helped through a tough time, with 'over' TIDED
Hobbyist's knife XACTO
Hokkaido noodle UDON
Home security system at no cost? FREESAFETY
Hyphen relative ENDASH
Implored PRAYED
Included in the email loop, briefly CCED
Infamous fictional motel BATES
Invigorate Dry Spray maker ARRID
It's not a bad lie FIB
James and Jones of jazz ETTAS
Japanese chip maker NEC
JFK alternative LGA
Joe Namath, notably EXJET
Kenny Rogers quartet EXWIVES
Kitchen gadget CORER
La Floride et La Virginie ETATS
Leatherwork tool AWL
Legal thing RES
Lessen ABATE
Letter-shaped gaskets ORINGS
Like some bank services NOFEE
Loan figs APRS
Logical beginning? IDEO
Long-legged fisher EGRET
Longtime Priceline pitchman SHATNER
Loosening of govt. standards DEREG
Male escorts GIGOLOS
Manila envelope feature CLASP
Martini partner ROSSI
Melodious ARIOSE
Monastery title FRA
Museum curators' degs MFAS
Nitpick CAVIL
Norse war god TYR
North Carolina university ELON
Not leave as is ALTER
One of Jupiter's Galilean moons EUROPA
Ones with will power? HEIRS
Opposite of west, in Dortmund OST
Oregon port ASTORIA
Pacific salmon COHO
Pats on the table OLEO
Perp stopper TASER
Pesky biter GNAT
Private eye TEC
Prohibited courtroom procedure? ILLEGALMOTION
Proof of paternity, perhaps DNATEST
Puts into office ELECTS
Raising a ball, with 'up' TEEING
Rat Pack leader SINATRA
Routing org AAA
Santa __: dry winds ANAS
Sein, across the Rhine ETRE
Short albums, for short EPS
Simpson trial judge ITO
So-so haul in the fishing industry? FAIRCATCH
Socks HOSE
Soprano Fleming et al RENEES
Stale OLD
Stop before surgery PREOP
Subject for Archimedes LEVER
Sundae topping item WALNUT
Swiss capital BERN
Take in EAT
Tardy people, to some PETPEEVE
The Beatles' 'Day __' TRIPPER
Those, in Oaxaca ESOS
Tiger Woods has won a record 21 of them ESPYS
Toto hit that mentions Kilimanjaro AFRICA
Troubling spots ACNE
Turn over CEDE
Two-element tubes DIODES
Unpleasant singles bar come-on? OFFENSIVELINE
Utah range UINTA
Verdi title bandit ERNANI
Wee, in Dundee SMA
Whac-__ AMOLE
What 'L' may mean: Abbr LGE
What results from failure to stop at a deer crossing? DELAYOFGAME
Window sill item POT
Woody's son ARLO
Yellow Teletubby LAALAA
__ to go: eager RARIN
'Be right with you!' inasec
'Family Guy' politico mayorwest
'Fat chance' nope
'Howl's Moving Castle' genre anime
'Interstellar' org nasa
'Oh, super!' goody
'Persuasion' author janeausten
'Rising' musician ono
'Shaun of the Dead,' e.g pun
'Such rudeness!' thenerve
'That Don't Impress Me Much' singer Twain shania
'The Dancing Monkeys' writer aesop
'The time ___ come!' has
'ur so funny!' lol
'Wonder Woman' prop tiara
'You've gotta be kidding me' mygod
'___ I Do Is Win' (2010 DJ Khaled song) all
2-D measurement area
2007 Andrea Portes novel about a teenager who leaves her home in rural Nebraska hick
91, e.g., at a pump octanerating
Acquisition gain
Apples you can't eat imacs
Art class fixture kiln
As many as upto
Atlantic Avenue holding, e.g deed
Bach Ma Temple city hanoi
Best effort, in slang agame
Bigwig, briefly vip
Bit of negativity? electron
Break sharply snap
Breathes in and out respires
Casting need, often bait
Cause to become render
Challenging H.S. subj. where students might study glycolysis apbio
Code letters? rna
Collector's quest set
Combo instruments trumpets
Complaints beefs
Composer Zimmer hans
Condo division unit
Controversial craft drone
Copy, briefly repro
Corrupt taint
Crash landing sound thud
Didn't play sat
Disgorge spew
Distribute allot
Docket listings cases
Draws close nears
Emulate a rotten egg reek
Facebook notification, e.g alert
Familia member tia
Faux ___ (blunder) pas
Feature of an old photograph sepiatone
Festive occasions eves
Flashy gaudy
Fly fishing spots creeks
Forensic pathologist's workplace morgue
Gamma ___ ray
Garden implement hoe
Gardner on screen ava
Gaston's Disney foe beast
Gives a line to cues
Hair-covering garment hijab
Haitian language creole
Hanna-Barbera pooch with a rhyming name augiedoggie
Helena Bonham Carter's co-star in the 1985 adaptation of 'A Room With a View' juliansands
Helps out in a bad way abets
Hot stuff fire
It might lose an 11 Down ion
Kay's father of Arthurian legend ector
Kickboxing weapons knees
Lab ventilation device hood
Like a Corriedale ovine
Like a rainbow arced
Line dance conga
Liturgical vestment alb
Lube shop container oilcan
Ludicrous inane
Lurch portrayer Cassidy ted
Magical sitcom character of old jeannie
Metalworker's alloy solder
More vacant, as a stare glassier
Musical interlude entracte
Not out safe
Notable chunk of time era
Org. paying big Bucks nba
Overhead toy kite
Part of, as a plot inon
Pen plaint oink
Per apiece
Person offering major recommendations? advisor
Pharynx problem strep
Piece moving to c6 as part of the Caro-Kann Defense pawn
Piglet's pal roo
Pipeworks Brewing Co.'s Lizard King, e.g ale
Prepares, as clams steams
Primatologist Fossey dian
Procter & Gamble spray product that debuted in 2017 febrezeone
Prohibition operation raid
Pronounce hostilities declarewar
Really moved sped
Research involving flawed analysis junkscience
Resistance figure omega
Resistance figures ohms
Reverent composition ode
Riz ___ (first Muslim to win an Emmy Award for acting) ahmed
Rock's Sublime, e.g trio
Rods' attachments reels
Salad green, at times kale
Salty expanse sea
Sandwich spot england
See 56 Across cars
Senator's representative, perhaps aide
Shroud city turin
Sister or mother nun
Skirt things seams
Slalom course obstacle gate
Social activist Davis angela
Something worn while playing the Blues, say iceskate
Source of energy dynamo
Sources of orange fruit apricottrees
Sports ___ bra
Starr of soul music edwin
Start accepting customers again reopen
Strong heart? ace
Sydney's province novascotia
Tabloid tidbit rumor
Tackle's gear pads
Takes off splits
Teri of 'Tootsie' garr
Thereafter since
They involve revolting people mutinies
Thirst quencher in Quito agua
Tom of a 1939 novel joad
Toss about strew
Utah ski resort alta
Utopian edenic
Visa customer's buildup credit
Voluminous work tome
What Katy Perry plays in the music video for her song 'E.T.' alien
Winery installation vat
With 112 Down, Expeditions with thousands of miles on them, e.g used
___ code zip
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