How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Mar 29 2019

'I give up!' nouse
'Really? Me?' ami
'You don't need to tell me' iknow
'__ Tired': Beatles 'White Album' song imso
Airport info eta
Ball VIPs belles
Capital NNW of Albany ottawa
Cereal maker's storage building? branbarn
Charm enamor
Charmingly pastoral idyllic
Cheer glee
Cheer syllable rah
Coat holders pegs
Colorful tropical flower begonia
Comedy bit gag
Diamond concern flaw
Dispassionate bivalve? calmclam
Drive-in need auto
Electric guitar effect wawa
Energy pep
Enjoy an easy chair rest
Euphoria bliss
European relative of aloha ciao
Fairy tale sibling hansel
Favorite pet
Financial claim lien
Frantic activity at a clothing sale? garbgrab
Heroic poetry epos
Home of the Drillers of Class AA baseball tulsa
How some insults are veiled thinly
Ivan IV, from 1547 to 1584 tsar
Leb. neighbor isr
Like much of Oregon rural
Logician's adverb ergo
Long-gone time yore
Longtime NBC hit snl
Luster sheen
Make amends atone
Meh soso
Meh drab
Member of a Baroque consort viol
Memo heading inre
Middle management issues? waists
Minorca, por ejemplo isla
Monastic leaders priors
Mongol invader tatar
Narrow opening slit
NY airport named for a mayor lga
Open-handed blow slap
Opposite of embiggen pare
Passageway aisle
Plant with therapeutic sap aloe
Precious dear
Promote talkup
Put out emit
Recipe direction sift
Recreational walk stroll
Result of littering, maybe pup
Round paths orbits
Satchmo's birthplace, briefly nola
Scheming wife of Augustus livia
See 40-Across trading
Spa features baths
Spicy sauce tabasco
Survey range components ages
Takes badly? robs
Theater company troupe
These days lately
Threatened menaced
Tired sleepy
Traffic stopper, perhaps signal
Turner with numbers tina
Uncommon rare
Unconvincing, as an excuse lame
Wasatch Front state utah
Watch surreptitiously spyon
With 42-Across, white-collar crime ... and a hint to four Across answers insider
Wooden bird sculpture? sawnswan
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