How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Mar 10 2019

#MeToo ___ era
$2 million, in a 1996 film (or the film's title) ransom
'21 Across! 21 Across!,' e.g chant
'A Wild Hare' hunter elmer
'And there it is!' tada
'Do It' singer Morris rae
'Hello, Dolly!' Tony winner Midler bette
'Mars Attacks!' vessels ufos
'Mom's gonna hear about what you did!' illtell
'Oh, you think that's true about me, huh?!' ami
'Pokemon' protagonist ash
'Shifting' stuff sands
'Sweet revenge grows harsh' speaker othello
'Vette rival of the 1950s tbird
'We've got two winners!' itsatie
'Would ya be interested in comin'?' wannago
'___ Boot' das
16th-century ruling line tudors
1953 western directed by John Farrow hondo
20-sided D&D item die
2013 disaster film that spawned many sequels sharknado
Activity for centers hoops
Activity with a descent scuba
Aloo gobi ingredient potato
Apple platform seen in kiosks? ios
Array in a cockpit controls
Avian with calf muscles emu
Barker on TV, once bob
Beef bourguignon, e.g stew
Before the present ago
Birthday party request wish
Bucks at a diner, e.g tip
Car care brand armorall
Chalupa relative tostada
Chateau ___ Michelle (Wash. winery) ste
Cheri of 'Liar Liar' oteri
Chicken yakitori holders skewers
Claim on some cigarette filter boxes lesstar
Cling Plus wrap brand saran
Coated like steel sheets tinplated
Collected stories lore
Constant celebration in March? piday
Cries for help, say yells
Dark beer variety stout
Decorative vessel ewer
Digit on the ground toe
Eighth of 24 letters theta
Eileithyia's mother hera
Elle, in English she
Employ use
Evidence of a blaze ashes
Excitement ado
Falcon sneakers maker adidas
Fam figure sis
Filing helper, briefly cpa
Firewood site, at times shed
Fitted with footwear shoed
Flippant sassy
Free of a wool coat, say shorn
Future flowers buds
Giant great Mel, and an anagram of 46 Across ott
Gold digger? midas
Group's guiding beliefs ethos
Here-there connection nor
Hiatus gap
Hit musical film of 1958 gigi
Ice cream brand since 1928 edys
Infiniti imperfection dent
It's full of grooves tread
Item in a pizza oven pie
Like baseball throws in which the throwing limb isn't fully extended shortarm
Like knees on kneelers bent
Like laundered loads washed
Like much ACLU work probono
Lose solidity, in a way thaw
Mad character's surname neuman
Makes out, in a way? tags
Margo Lane's ability in 'The Shadow' esp
Mend, as a muffler sew
Metapuzzle solver's cry aha
Mixers at mixers sodas
Nakanoshima Park city osaka
Natural vibrations tremors
NBA legend targeted by 'Hack-a-Shaq' tactics oneal
Negate, as in Word undo
New NBA team in 1968 suns
Newcastle Brown ___ ale
Notices on a cell, e.g alerts
Nucleus constituent proton
Oblique division symbol slash
Oil additive brand stp
Omega, alphabetically end
On the waterfront, say ashore
One of Saturn's moons dione
One of seven major energy centers, in tantra yoga chakra
One who received a 2017 World Series ring astro
Org. hiring ecologists epa
Original WTO member usa
Outback offerings meats
Part of a uniform, maybe hat
Patty-cake participant tot
People of Red Rock, Okla otoe
Pilates class surface mat
Pitiful sad
Post-marathon distress ache
Pot contents tea
Quaint salutation howdo
Quarters on a farm sty
Recess in a house alcove
Retort to a boast socani
Ring master? frodo
Rockies' destination? home
Royal figure a player can become in the board game Tales of the Arabian Nights sultan
Sap-sucking pest aphid
Say when to say 'I do,' say setadate
Screenwriter Goldberg evan
Secure, as a sailboat moor
See 89 Down entry
Seed container pod
Senators' staffers aides
Should one apply ifany
Small amount of paint dab
Small quantity of liquid drop
Smash (into) ram
Smuggler hunted by Boba Fett hansolo
Some Old Norse tales sagas
Songwriter Butler artie
Soul singer Franklin erma
Sound before a blessing achoo
Spanish word for 'love' amor
Stir-fry cooker wok
Stumping event rally
Stylist's concern hairdo
Swinton of 'Snowpiercer' tilda
Takes responsibility for seesto
Temerity gall
They run on tablets apps
Those celebrating the nova godina on Jan. 1 serbs
Transcribing pro steno
Trope of horror stories curse
Ulla portrayer Thurman uma
Unlike any perfect number found thus far odd
Visual ___ arts
Warned, as with a horn tooted
Wayne and Garth, e.g duo
What a Listserv delivers email
With 112 Down, type of office support work data
Wore hadon
Wound seriously maim
Ye follower olde
___ canto bel
___ faire ren
___ Lumpur kuala
___ on real events based
___ Turkoglu, winner of the NBA's Most Improved Player award in 2008 hedo
___ vera aloe
___-cited oft
'Catch 21' airer, initially gsn
'Lobster Telephone' artist dali
'Point Break' plot, e.g caper
'So long' seeya
'Venerable' Eng. monk stbede
'__ Believer': '60s hit ima
'__ directed' useas
'__ du lieber!' ach
19th Greek letter tau
20-volume ref oed
348-seat Parisian body senat
African antelope gnu
Annoying type noodge
Approaching near
Arizona county or its seat yuma
Becoming an item, maybe dating
Berlin article ein
Big Apple mongrels? newyorkmutts
Big name in frozen treats icee
Big tops, e.g tents
Call for assistance helpme
Catfish habitat bayou
Chews (on) gnaws
Choosing to skip passingon
Classical beginning neo
Clear lucid
Complained railed
Completely intoto
Composer Bartók bela
Confusion about who really won an international competition? olympicgoldmuddle
Consumes without cooking eatsraw
Cry during an argument between siblings mom
DDE's domain eto
Dutch actress Verbeek of 'Outlander' lotte
Easy mark sap
End notes coda
Expanses of land tracts
Finished 50% (of) didhalf
Fished with pots eeled
Folded food tacos
Follow again retrack
Francine's 'For sure' oui
Frat guy bro
Freshwater bulrushes tules
Fungal plant coating mildew
Furious state ire
Gloomy Gus mope
Golf pro's instructive stroke? teachersputt
Good place for driving tee
Gophers and gardeners, say enemies
Greek portico stoa
Groans from a Russian egg producer? fabergeughs
Hard shoe sabot
Hinder oppose
Indian wraps saris
Inventory acronym fifo
Is unsuccessful in failsat
It's usually the hit sidea
Lab do-over retest
Language suffix ish
Level-headed sane
Like a delirious crowd aroar
Like Earth bipolar
Looking up rosier
Loser who finds a silver lining? gratefuldud
Low-tech weed whacker hoe
Lowered in dignity debased
Major Hindu deity rama
Many a CEO's credential mba
Many get snacks during them ads
Mark not to play rest
Marsh plant sedge
Marshmallow-filled snack moonpie
Med. lab letters ldl
Medium condition? trance
Menu general tso
Mor. neighbor alg
Move like a crab sidle
Mysteriously-appearing debris? rubblewithoutacause
Nebraska native oto
Old MacDonald surely had one barn
One coming out deb
One in a researcher's stack tome
One involved in a sweeping gesture? dustpan
Online marketplace etsy
OTC drug regulator fda
Parlor purchase malt
Part of CD-ROM read
Patriotic org dar
Pelé's first name edson
Pieces' partners bits
Playoff rankings seeds
Pong maker atari
Prefix with cardial myo
Prius producer toyota
Quick bread choice scone
Red Baron's conflict, briefly wwi
Red misplays? cincinnatibungles
Red or Black sea
Regular at Sam's bar norm
Ring features bouts
Saigon holiday tet
Salon offering perm
Scandinavian capital oslo
Scold, with 'down' dress
Score-tying shot evener
See 98-Down eyes
Sheepish? ovine
Short brew? ipa
Slaughter of old baseball enos
Small-truck company tonka
Snidely Whiplash look sneer
Some junior high students tweens
Some NCOs sgts
Something in your eye contact
Sommer of cinema elke
Sound of relief phew
Stack pile
Starts a pot antes
Starts over resets
Stay put until the storm ends waititout
Tahari of fashion elie
Takeoff times? diets
Talkative fighter ali
The littlest bit atad
Thieves' home? den
Three sheets to the wind lit
Title derived from 'Caesar' tsar
Type of eye layer uveal
Typographer's concern spacing
Untouchables leader ness
Upper crust elite
Vegan staple tofu
Virginia __ reel
What gamblers weigh odds
When required asdue
With 122-Down, Eagles classic lyin
Word before ball or after figure eight
Word from the French for 'clear the table' dessert
Worrisome engine sound sputter
__ drab olive
__ Paulo sao
__ Pérignon dom
__ price unit
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