How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Jul 15 2018

'Exactly right!' yes
'Hair' space, say stage
'I like this back rub!' aah
'It's unfortunate, but ...' sadly
'The Bone People' author Hulme keri
'The Simpsons' principal skinner
'Trinity' author uris
'___ said that?' who
0, at the World Cup nil
1940s first lady Perón eva
1940s first lady Truman bess
2007 AL MVP, to fans arod
79 Down and others moviestars
Activity such as the one hinted at by this puzzle's theme parlorgame
Actor who played Gomer Pyle (he was in 'Cannonball Run II' with Burt Reynolds, who was in 'Starting Over' with 79 Down) jimnabors
Actor whose name is spelled out by the letters between six degrees in this puzzle kevinbacon
Aerial mammal bat
Androids who interact with guests on 'Westworld' hosts
Apple jam product? itunes
Apt name for a wrestler nelson
Avaricious sorts misers
Banks making bank on TV tyra
Bat mitzvah party dance hora
Bedazzled feeling awe
Bill handled in Jordan dinar
Bit of graduation attire cap
Blundering blockheads oafs
Body spray brand axe
Box full of bills atm
Bucks' toppers antlers
Capital in 1975 news saigon
Carrier for an NFL team rusher
Cattle digs pen
Cause a crack in, e.g mar
Cell phone collection data
Champ Kind's portrayer in 'Anchorman' (he was in 'My One and Only' with 79 Down) davidkoechner
Chaser pursuer
Clinton and Carter were in his Cabinet obama
Cole of 'Black-ish' deon
Commanderette Zircon's portrayer in 'Spaceballs' (she was in 'The Lonely Guy' with Andy Garcia, who was in 'The Air I Breathe' with 79 Down) lesliebevis
Connecticut city on Long Island Sound norwalk
Couple of People? item
Denpasar's island bali
Deteriorate over time erode
Diagnostic aids, briefly mris
Do a Safari exploration? surf
Duelist's shout draw
East Lansing inst msu
Emollient ingredient aloe
Enjoys Spotify, say listens
Entertainer with the 2015 Christmas album 'Slay Belles' rupaul
Entomology subjects bugs
Exam taken by jrs psat
Film director Louis malle
Flings with force heaves
Former child actor on 'The Partridge Family' (he was in 'The Jerk Theory' with Tom Arnold, who was in 'We Married Margo' with 79 Down) dannybonaduce
Freeing for a high price ransoming
General Mills cereal kix
Gomez's hirsute cousin itt
Have a bawl sob
Have a bawl cry
Heart midst
Historical drama in which 79 Down played a post-presidential chief of staff frostnixon
History segment era
Honorary co-chair of the 2017 March for Science nye
Industry event, briefly expo
Insect forms of some ancient amulets scarabs
Islamic denomination sunni
Japan Golf Tour Organization chairman Aoki isao
Jazz singer Anderson whose name sounds like a climbing plant ivie
Jerry's business partner ben
Journal article summary abstract
Journalist Tarbell ida
Jumbo preceder mumbo
Kodiak Island's locale alaska
Lacking decoration bare
Lady Macbeth, for one scot
Large, curly do afro
Like red emeralds rare
Like wallflowers shy
Magritte of surrealism rene
Make an inquiry ask
March Madness org ncaa
Mark in 'I, Claudius'? comma
Migratory antelopes gnus
Minotaur's island crete
Muesli morsel oat
Neither companion nor
Notable mascara maker avon
O.J. trial judge ito
Office tools with 'teeth' staplers
One of 16 in Germany state
One scuttling sideways crab
Ordered (around) bossed
Org. in which Blazers wear jerseys nba
Oscar nominee for 'Passion Fish' (she was in 'Blue Chips' with Alfre Woodard, who was in 'Beauty Shop' with 79 Down) marymcdonnell
Oscar winner for 'L.A. Confidential' (she was in 'The Natural' with Robert Duvall, who was in 'Jayne Mansfield's Car' with 79 Down) kimbasinger
Palindromic DuVernay ava
Pare hair shave
Parthenon features columns
Perps' patterns mos
Pizzeria purchases pies
Plant's container sac
Pleasant-sounding melodic
Pop singer Carter aaron
Postnuptial title, maybe mrs
Pride Lands king simba
Prove useful to avail
Quaint contraction tis
Rachel's biblical sister leah
Rapper ___ Jon lil
Requires rest, maybe ails
Retreat in the mountains skilodge
River barrier levee
Scavenging arthropod millipede
Sculling object oar
Sets of 12 wine bottles cases
Show to the door seeout
Showed faith in trusted
Sibling of Chico harpo
Single player? radio
Sources of cold cuts delis
Supplements addsto
Tenor Pavarotti luciano
Test the concentration of, as a solution titrate
Tethered toy kite
They form by oogenesis ova
Through via
Timetable, informally sked
Tonga Room in the Fairmont San Francisco hotel, e.g tikibar
Tubular trattoria dish penne
Up to, for short til
Vague but large amount many
Variable in the ideal gas law equation pressure
Web connection letters dsl
What a retinal scanner scans eye
Whirlpool setting spa
White Sox great Frank Thomas's nickname, with 'the' bighurt
Wilson of 'The Rocker' rainn
Without stopping onend
Yankees shortstop Gregorius with a repetitive first name didi
___ Mahal taj
___ pickings slim
___ Torino gran
___ town (flee secretly) skip
___-choice pro
'... giant __ for mankind' leap
'Ahem' relative hey
'Count me in!' imthere
'Didn't wanna know that!' tmi
'Don't change anything!' iadoreit
'Masterpiece' airer pbs
'Two owls and __': Lear limerick line ahen
1840s Rhode Island rebellion leader Thomas dorr
24 minutes, in the NBA half
Accord treaty
Actor Chaney lon
Agric. labor group ufw
Arboretum feature shade
Arnold's Terminator, e.g cyborg
Bawdier Bavarian britches? lewderhosen
Beefcake's breakfast brawnflakes
Beginning outset
Ben Nevis, e.g scotch
Big brass container? pentagon
Big top, for one tent
Bit in a horse's mouth? oat
Bluebeard's last wife fatima
Bomb big-time layanegg
Brings honor to graces
Buttinskies priers
Bygone Persian title shah
Coastal raptor erne
Comics scream eek
Contradictory word wasnt
Crime boss don
Crowd around mob
Deficiencies shortfalls
Dessert for a large legal firm? triplelawyercake
Detroit labor org uaw
Director Wertmüller lina
Dispute decider arbiter
Distressed cry yowl
Disturbing bank msg nsf
Dorm VIPs ras
Drawback of the best place to watch the fight? ringsidesweat
Easily bent pliable
Easily riled types hotheads
En pointe, in ballet ontoe
Enjoy courses eat
Enlarging, as a hole reaming
Enola Gay manufacturer boeing
Exaggerate on stage hamup
Eye layer retina
Fannie __: securities maes
Favored one pet
Field in acting sally
Figurehead spot prow
Flood barrier dike
Formosa, now taiwan
Frodo pursuer orc
Fuel for a lorry petrol
Get emotional, with 'up' tear
Girl in the pasture ewe
Give an oath to swearin
Have credit from oweto
Heiress, perhaps widow
Humdinger wowser
Ilsa __: 'Casablanca' heroine lund
In a reasonable manner sanely
In reserve, with 'on' ice
In short order anon
Indian term of respect sri
Intellectual ideamonger
It tops a deuce trey
It's tossed into a pot ante
Judge's announcement recess
Karaoke performer's problem tinear
Kristen of 'Bridesmaids' wiig
Lack of influence nosay
Lambaste rip
Last down fourth
Leslie Caron title role lili
Like A/C in most cars std
Like Howdy Doody's face freckled
Like some closet doors bifold
Like top Michelin ratings threestar
Longhorn rivals sooners
Lowly short-order cook? fryingpawn
M.A. seeker's hurdle gre
Mag honchos eds
Maple extract sap
Marquis __ desade
Marshland fen
Mauna __ kea
Met regular operafan
More twisted wryer
Nasty storm noreaster
Norman on the links greg
Nullify negate
Number for the weight-conscious? lowcalanesthetic
Overflowing rife
PC hookup lan
PC key under Z alt
Picture book pachyderm babar
Polite online letters pls
Pope John Paul II's given name karol
Popeye's __'Pea swee
Pratt & Whitney helicopter engine with two power sections twinpac
Prefix meaning 'billionth' nano
QBs' stats ints
Radio host Shapiro ari
Return from a salamander farm? newtprofit
Road sign ruminant deer
Rooter for the Bulldogs eli
Sandburg's 'little cat feet' arrival fog
Scot's nots naes
Searches carefully scours
Shipping wts tns
Some Dadaist paintings ernsts
Some NFL linemen rgs
Some ski lodges aframes
Spoke orated
Stadium reaction roar
Storage compartments bays
Suffix for fabric ator
Thai currency bahts
Thornfield Hall governess eyre
Tommy's kid brother on 'Rugrats' dil
Toondom's Le Pew pepe
Track circuit onelap
Trembling ashake
Uncool one who lately is sort of cool nerd
Unsteady walk while using social media? tweetertotter
Vegas-to-Denver dir ene
Victorious shout iwon
Walk or trot gait
Warring son of Zeus ares
Went before led
What 'E' may mean empty
Wisconsin winter hrs cst
Word processing function tabset
Words with a gift foryou
Work unit: Abbr ftlb
X x XXX ccc
Yield as a return pay
__ Bo tae
__ Island coney
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