How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Jul 13 2018

'Die Lorelei' poet heine
'I got it!' aha
'Just joking!' not
'Logan' superheroes xmen
'Star Trek' lieutenant sulu
Actress Gabor eva
Adobe extension pdf
Amazement awe
Amount realized net
Anticipatory times eves
Base __ ten
Be very thrifty skimp
Beauty preceder? age
Bib, essentially napkin
Bizet's buddy ami
Booms in the poultry industry? chickenupswings
Calendar model's argument? pinupspoint
Cooking acronym pam
Cubicle fixtures pcs
Cup holder? bra
Custard base egg
David Caruso starred in the Miami version csi
Decided on a diamond umped
Demand insist
Extended tale saga
FedEx alternative dhl
Fictional miner dwarf
First word of The Beach Boys' 'Kokomo' aruba
Food eats
Formal affirmation itisso
Gas pump spec reg
Google's was in 2004, briefly ipo
He finished hosting 'The Tonight Show' 12 years before Fallon was born paar
In the know about onto
Isaac's eldest esau
It's all around you air
Jackie portrayer on 'Nurse Jackie' edie
Latin lover's word amo
Long past olden
Longest human bone femur
Main man bro
Moved furtively snuck
Narrow cut slit
Northern New York gallery, say? upstatemuseum
Not in the book unlisted
One in a pub lineup tap
One on a driveway auto
One who works with feet poet
Ones who curry favor in Cannes? frenchkissups
Open a satellite shop, say expand
Org. that abhors leaks nsa
Package on the porch ... or what's been brought to 18-, 24-, 41- and 51-Across upsdelivery
Parental words of finality isayso
Penultimate Greek letter psi
Picture at Cannes cine
Pudding starch sago
Road sign with a double-tailed arrow merge
Sat posed
School __ bus
Seller of spots adrep
Six-pack makeup beercans
Small stock purchase oddlot
Smartphone alternative tablet
Smurf with a red hat papa
Snicker teehee
Spike TV, once tnn
Start to cycle? tri
Tool points nibs
Trig functions sines
Unavoidable jerk spasm
Want ad abbr eeo
Wasp nest sites eaves
What might reveal the answer to 'Who's your daddy?' dna
Windsor, for one knot
Wrap label saran
__ day: school contingency snow
__ Dictionary urban
__ periculo: at my own risk meo
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