How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Jul 08 2018

'Daily Planet' byline name lane
'House' star Hugh laurie
'I kissed thee __ I killed thee': 'Othello' ere
'Love __ Battlefield': Pat Benatar hit isa
'Spamalot' name monty
'Stop fooling around!' beserious
'The cookies are done!' sound ding
'The Monster' rapper eminem
'Three and out' football play punt
1003, to Tiberius miii
AAA, for 79-Across bondcreditrating
AAA, for the 77-Across minorleaguelevel
AAA, to a 23-Across emergencyservice
AAA, to a 56-Across, usually batterysize
Adverb in the 'Star Trek' intro boldly
Are inclined tend
Baggy loose
Barely hit graze
Bear, in Barcelona oso
Behave cruelly towards illtreat
Big-time inspades
Black inky
Blood fluids sera
Bobby enshrined in a Toronto hall orr
Bread in a Hillel sandwich matzo
Bromide particle ion
Brontë sister emily
Cal Poly campus site, initially slo
Certain transplant need organdonor
Charlotte's Jane eyre
Chilly aloof
Classic fruity drinks nehis
Cleveland's lake erie
Common core? ems
Company with a duck in its logo aflac
Convoy member rig
Cooper work tale
Copy illegally pirate
Court decision ruling
Cry from Homer doh
Davis of 'Dr. Dolittle' ossie
Debtor's letters iou
Deep-fries cooksinoil
Derby town epsom
Dismal, poetically drear
Doolittle, to Higgins protegee
Dr.'s hours, e.g sked
European Parliament meeting city strasbourg
Even once ever
Faux __ pas
First name in sci-fi jules
Fist fight fists dukes
Flair style
Food processor? eater
Frehley of Kiss ace
Friend of Che fidel
Friend to Tarzan ape
Gangster's piece gat
Glen relative dale
Greek vowel eta
Home for a tulip bed
Inclined channels chutes
Indiana Jones' real first name henry
Inventor Whitney eli
Jay or A aler
Lacking feeling insensate
Learn hear
Like many a politician's answers evasive
Like many eBay products used
Like some ukes oval
Like the center of attention focal
Likewise, with 'the' same
Liver spread pate
Livestock identifier eartag
Living area in 'The Martian,' with 'the' hab
Major course entree
Member of Sauron's army, in Tolkien orc
Minn. winter hours cst
Missouri's __ Mountains ozark
MLBer with 696 home runs arod
Move easily sail
Mystical character rune
Nip at a bar dram
Nonsensical crazy
North Carolina baseball team durhambulls
Not in operation idle
Offering downloadable content podcasting
Office builder? microsoft
Old recording accessory vcrremote
One of 256 in a gal tbsp
One who has blown a gasket, perhaps strandedmotorist
One-time Jets home shea
Output from Rodin's thinker? idee
Pale tone ecru
Pop singer Brickell edie
Pope during the French Revolution piusvi
Pouty face moue
Pre-op test ekg
Prefix with skeleton endo
Prisoner's place, in an 1894 adventure novel zenda
Put on a mission send
Read the riot act to berate
Ready to pick ripe
Religious acts rites
Retreat lair
Rock with bands agate
Root for a luau taro
RSVP part sil
Rye blight ergot
School opening? pre
Sea battle weapon torpedo
Second person in Paris? vous
Sgt.'s underling pvt
Shakespearean cry of disgust fie
Shakespearean cry of woe alack
Shell propeller oar
Small servings bites
Snowblower brand toro
Soothing agent aloe
Soviet Union : Salyut :: USA : __ skylab
Split in two halve
Stills, say images
Streisand title role yentl
Sumac of Peru yma
Surf music feature reverb
Thus far asyet
Title for Kate Middleton, briefly hrh
Top-notch aone
Topped off filledup
Transit map dot stop
Trying to resist the rich dessert, say tempted
Venetian blind part slat
Verdi's '__ tu' eri
Video game brother luigi
Wanton want lust
Wavelength symbol lambda
Website suffix org
What's 'afoot,' to Holmes thegame
Where Herod reigned judea
Wind-knocked-out sound oof
Wrath ire
__ William Scott of 'American Pie' films seann
'Amour' Oscar nominee Emmanuelle riva
'Even ordinary people can do great things' notallheroeswearcapes
'Hang on, we should rethink this ...' ohwait
'Hey, bro!' yodude
'How ___ you?' could
'The Magic Mountain' setting alps
'The Water Engine' playwright David mamet
'We need to be realistic about this' letsnotgetcarriedaway
'Whatcha Say' singer jasonderulo
1996 No. 2 single by Donna Lewis iloveyoualwaysforever
2007 Mascot Hall of Fame inductee mrmet
Above 100, say hot
Actor in 'Before Sunrise,' 'Before Sunset' and 'Before Midnight' hawke
Aerosmith singer Tyler steven
American white ___ (long-billed bird) ibis
Android transmission email
Anticipatory occasions eves
Antiwar activist Tom hayden
Apple provider serpent
Arranged, as locks styled
Artist who created the 'Apocalypse' series of woodcuts durer
Astronomical spans eons
Becomes firm jells
Big brand of 7 Across levis
Black marks, perhaps blots
Blackens, as a T-bone chars
Blender button puree
Blocks thwarts
Bowlful at Joe's Crab Shack newenglandclamchowder
Ceased desisted
Change the handle of rename
City where Jules Verne was born nantes
Cochise's people apache
College board? meals
College program for potential majors, briefly rotc
Come to light emerge
Composer of the opera 'Orlando Furioso' vivaldi
Concession stand buys sodas
Conducted, as war waged
Connect (with) liaise
Connoisseur maven
Crew in the cast of 'Silicon Valley' amanda
Demonstrated frugality saved
Doesn't just show places
Entertain divert
Exact payment for avenge
Figures (out) susses
Flamboyant flair panache
For now protem
Foreman's combo onetwo
Garment with an 'acid wash' variety jeans
Genre for Jawbreaker emo
Get a Bug off a shoulder, say tow
Gibraltar's region iberia
Grammy-winning Mann aimee
Herbs in a cream sauce chives
Highlight for M___ Callas aria
Hopped atop mounted
Hospital section ward
Huascaran National Park nation peru
Jackpot numbers sevens
Judge on a baseball field aaron
Lacking in color pallid
Lapidarist's interest jewelry
Leprechaun on a cereal box lucky
Like neon, among periodic table elements tenth
Like P.G. Wodehouse's humor wry
Members of the Legion of Doom, to members of the Justice League enemies
New tech start-up? reboot
No longer working in the private sector? exarmy
Note written by a shy person? iou
Odd and then some outre
Omitting except
Part of a mime costume, perhaps beret
Per apiece
Person whose tenets include the Three Treasures taoist
Phrase from someone contributing pot money iraise
Presents a yellow card to, e.g warns
Puerto Rican port ponce
Put into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, say sorted
Reaction during a food coma, perhaps burp
Recurring element motif
Reid of 'Van Wilder' tara
Repeated musical passage vamp
Reproduces, in a way prints
Responded insolently to sassed
Revolutionary trained as a physician, familiarly che
Rides by the red carpet limos
Rock smash, say hit
Saab who serves as a judge on 'Project Runway Middle East' elie
Sapporo noodle variety ramen
Say yes consent
Sculpting material ice
See 105 Across lott
Senator Ron wyden
Serial numbers? ratings
Sin depicted in the second circle of Hell, in Dante's 'Inferno' lust
Sites for springs spas
Skateboarding injuries scrapes
Solo of space opera han
Sound of a natural explosion achoo
Sources of log cabin logs elms
Steamroll runover
Sterilant's targets germs
Subject of a teen conversation, perhaps crush
Subjects of Qaboos bin Said omanis
Substances dispensed by atomizers aerosols
They took some Hobbits to Isengard ents
Those in a certain long-distance relationship penpals
Tonsil ailment strep
Top of some tax forms linea
Tour listings stops
Treat with pecans praline
Tube top's lack straps
Tweetstorm, e.g rant
Unspecific descriptor suchandsuch
Verizon store phone number, e.g.? price
Violet relative mauve
Violet relative pansy
Waffle, so to speak waver
Waterfall-jumping fish salmon
We ___ Scientists (rock duo) are
Weekly banes for Garfield mondays
Welcome sights in the middle of nowhere oases
With 95 Down, former senator who wrote 'Herding Cats: A Life in Politics' trent
With fervency eagerly
Withdraws gradually weans
Writer who wrote, 'A written word is the choicest of relics' thoreau
___ Blonsky (alter ego of Marvel's Abomination) emil
___ pedal (guitarist's item) wahwah
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