How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Jan 27 2019

'By all means!' pleasedo
'Enough already!' stoprightnow
'Here will __ me till the break of day': Shak irest
'Methinks ... ' idaresay
'My bad' pardonme
'Pay attention' lookatme
'Queen Sugar' co-producer oprah
'Seriously!' noreally
'The Mod Squad' hairdo afro
'The Waste Land' monogram tse
'To sum up ... ' inaword
'__ fault is that?!' whose
1836 battle site alamo
1983 Michael Keaton role-reversal movie mrmom
According to script oncue
Acquired, with 'by' came
Act the blowhard brag
Almost-ready software products betas
Amtrak service highspeedrail
Animal house barn
Approx. 5.88 trillion miles ltyr
Arm-leg connector anda
Author Zora __ Hurston neale
Backup military org usar
Bit of racket sport equipment squashball
Blood system letters abo
Burger King beverage option icee
Business end of a cutting tool axhead
Caffeine-rich nuts kolas
Calendario starter enero
Can't do without needs
Carpentry files rasps
Common practice law
Copycat aper
Covert __ ops
Dance track, often remix
DDE's wartime command eto
Delivery process labor
Delta rival: Abbr ual
Desktop image icon
Dinner order? eat
Discover learn
Doctor's order dose
Done, in Dijon fini
Draw forth educe
Dress like goas
Due cubed otto
Eggs, to a biologist ova
Elegant carousel rider? deluxeluggage
Empty storefront sign forlease
Exam monitor proctor
Falling apart decrepit
Far from talkative terse
Fed. agents gmen
Fight with seconds duel
Flower in la Seine eau
Four years, in some cases term
Germany-based shipper dhl
Get everything you want seeitall
Get more points than outscore
Goofs errs
Got up awoke
Green Day drummer __ Cool tre
Heroic Schindler oskar
In unison asone
It merged with Coors in 2005 molson
Jenna, to Barbara twinsister
Large wine cask tun
Lawn problem mole
Lexicographer's concern usage
Like goals not attained unmet
Like nail polish being blown on wet
Lily variety sego
Lingerie top with spaghetti straps chemise
Main points gists
Many a character in 'The Americans' sleeperagent
Martini go-with? rossi
Most likely aptest
Movie clip scene
N.Y. tech school rpi
Navajo relative apache
Neeson of 'Silence' liam
Norse prankster loki
Not get everything you want settle
November birthstone topaz
One-liner quip
Online forum VIP mod
Opponent anti
Original 'Nashville Now' airer tnn
Out of the sack risen
Part of ADA: Abbr asst
Pec neighbor delt
Pewter metal tin
Photo sources negs
Pin cushion? mat
Place to keep things storageroom
Play the piccolo tootle
Playing hooky, say absent
PlayStation 4, for one gameconsole
Plot device? hoe
Premium beef angus
Punished, as a teen grounded
Rapa __: Easter Island nui
Real puzzle enigma
Really peeve rile
Resided dwelt
Rise dramatically soar
Ritz-Carlton alternative hyatt
Robust hale
Roles for young women ingenues
Sellout sign sro
Shame dishonor
Skin flick nudie
Sleek, in car talk aero
Snap cinch
Snowboarder White shaun
Some USAF NCOs tsgts
Soothing ointment balm
Sour cream blob dollop
Stalagmite sites caves
Stud location ear
Tablet download applet
Tank-emptying gadget siphon
Teen heartthrob idol
The NBA's Hawks atl
They're thrown in anger fits
Tidy sum pile
Today's fortysomethings, e.g xers
Tombstone lawman earp
Travels rides
Triple-jump element hop
Tune sung alone solo
Turkish dignitary aga
University of Wisconsin city madison
Untruth lie
Vacation twosome, perhaps weeks
Venn diagram regions sets
West Asian capital damascus
Western natives utes
When repeated, rock group named for the villain in 'Barbarella' duran
Woolly mamas ewes
World __ series
Wound cover gauzepad
__ mater alma
'1A' broadcaster npr
'Doogie Howser, M.D.' co-creator Steven bochco
'Lux' musician Brian eno
'My Name Is ___ Lev' asher
'Save it!' spareme
'Starpeace' singer Yoko ono
'Still asleep?' reply imup
'True' yes
'___ said it before ...' ive
*'No ___' (words of refusal) deal
*Angler's acquisition cod
*Certain spiritual practice voodoo
*Crew member oar
*Hoops org nba
*It's built for computers code
*Letters associated with watching films amc
*Monopoly token cat
*Necessity for a stage actor, often prop
*Result of two people with incompatible values exchanging numbers, perhaps baddata
*Something in the end of a shoe hoe
*Sound of laughter har
*Strike belt
*Take ___ ten
*Where Marco Polo went asia
1945 conference city yalta
Affectionate way of saying goodbye loveyou
And others, to Claudius etalia
Apt rhyme of 'meet' greet
Arrange beforehand preset
Author Zora ___ Hurston neale
Auto fill gas
Avian murmur coo
Ban target? armpit
Behavioral quirk tic
Believer in a deity theist
Bestowed, as a prize awarded
Biting, as wit acerbic
Black ___ ops
Cain and Abel's brother seth
Cantaloupe relative casaba
Ceiling supports joists
Chicago landing site ohare
City near Iowa's border omaha
Classic auto reo
Coin in Cancun peso
Comedian Margaret cho
Copier load ream
Cup-___ (attendant) bearer
Currently traveling intransit
Cuthbert of cinema elisha
Declares confidently avers
Delayed for now onhold
Diamond settings? decks
Dog-walking site, often park
Drained sapped
Edit menu option redo
Edmonton athlete oiler
Emmy-winning Delany dana
Evidence of payment stub
Ex-Dodger Hershiser orel
Exemplar paragon
Express approval (for) clap
Far from experienced naive
Formal accessory necktie
Francis's jurisdiction papacy
Frasier's sitcom ex lilith
G7 and G20 nation canada
Go without eschew
Guiding doctrines tenets
Hairy sitcom character alf
Harsh vocal quality rasp
High point of a house attic
Horror legend Craven wes
Immeasurable stretch eon
Is meaningful counts
It may be taken in victory formation or in protest knee
Jemison once in space mae
Joust chargers horses
Kaplan on '70s TV gabe
Knight, e.g piece
Laughing nonstop, so to speak dying
Left in a haste ran
Like lite cuisine lean
Like Mozart, on Jan. 27, 1756 born
Like show dogs groomed
Like some MLB gems nohit
Magical Weasley ron
Makes mad irks
Many characters on 'Jane the Virgin' latinos
Masses at Masses chorales
Maximally inflexible strictest
Monarch's period reign
More blue sadder
Naval garb peacoat
Not too much abit
Noted twins' surname olsen
Notorious interrupter of the 1974 Oscars streaker
Novelist André gide
Obtained another doctor's diagnosis gotasecondopinion
One of Hera's sons ares
One who's adorbs cutie
Ones who are 'out' oddmen
Opera program, say webapp
Opposite of basic acidic
Out of bed arisen
Pacifistic sect amish
Pax ___ romana
Pen not used for writing sty
Periodic zoo event feeding
Phrase about feeling a strong connection to a particular place, and a hint for substituting letters in this puzzle's circled squares homeiswheretheheartis
Play areas? arcades
Playwright Geraldine, or writer Ephron in reverse aron
Poem describing loss elegy
Poison Ivy of the Batman universe, e.g villainess
Porridge ingredient oat
Ports' places coasts
Provide an address orate
Push forward impel
Put in some chips, say anted
Rank below marquess earl
Red ___ (tree) alder
Scoreboard abbr. for the Mariners sea
Series star, for short mvp
Short albums, briefly eps
Show lamentation cry
Simian Halloween garb apesuit
Sought buried gold, say dug
Spell check? captcha
Spiced beverage chai
Split into parts cleave
Steers clear of shuns
Supply, as with capital invest
That gent's his
They guard skins in a pickup game shirts
Thunder and Lightning, e.g franchises
Traveler's info, briefly eta
Tribulation woe
TV show that inspired the idiom 'jumping the shark' when a main character literally jumped over a shark happydays
Untidy types slobs
Vatican City sculpture pieta
Virtual voice siri
Volcanologist's subject lava
Ward off deter
Wisecrack jape
Woman's name that becomes another woman's name if you cut the first and last letters eloise
[I was just punched!] oof
___ bono pro
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