How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Jan 13 2019

$$$ holder till
'... and if you don't, there will be consequences!' orelse
'A Streetcar Named Desire' Oscar winner Karl malden
'Amelie' actress Audrey tautou
'Coolio, daddy-o!' neato
'Fantastic' creatures in a J.K. Rowling title beasts
'Gotta Man' rapper eve
'Lemon Tree' musician Lopez trini
'My country, ___ ...' tis
'Show me your cards' icall
'Superman III' actor reeve
'We avoided disaster!' phew
'You win this round' ilose
... a camera operator? taperecorder
... a computer user? qwertykeyboard
... a Congressperson? houseorgan
... a fan of 'My Little Pony'? unicornhorn
... a member of the American Kennel Club? dogwhistle
... a scuba specialist? divingbell
... a suitor? lovetriangle
... a toaster? champagneflute
1 Across dish omelet
1 Across source hen
1803 Union admission ohio
19th Greek letter tau
24th Greek letter omega
Appear (to be) seem
Archer of Greek myth eros
Arroz con ___ pollo
Balladeer Burl ives
Band's performance set
Bangkok currency baht
Basketball Hall of Fame coach Jackson phil
Becomes wiser, so to speak evolves
Believing that babies are delivered by storks, say naive
Birthstone for many a Leo peridot
Bit of cheese, at times cube
Book before Leviticus exodus
Captain Ahab, for one whaler
Carry a balance owe
Carton unit egg
Cartoon defender of Castle Grayskull heman
Certain believer theist
Certain regrowth option rogaine
Check the fit of tryon
City that's the center of industriousness? rio
Code-cracking org nsa
Components in smoke detectors sensors
Cry before a duel engarde
Cuts in a salon snips
Dark period, in promos nite
Disney princess cursed by Maleficent aurora
Distort, as speech garble
Doesn't just ask pleads
Donkey's animated pal shrek
Editorial miscues errata
Emerged arose
Emulate Tom Waits rasp
Eponymous casino founder harrah
Fed. govt. postal service usmail
Forelimb bone ulna
Former GM cars geos
Four-lap specialist miler
Gave someone an A, say? sang
Genre for Say Anything emo
Glad and then some elated
Home of Iowa State ames
If all goes right atbest
Item in some Jewish cuisine latke
Joints affected by playing tennis elbows
Jolly Roger personnel crew
Lagoon boundary atoll
Lamentation plaint
Last word of Berlioz's 'Requiem' amen
Legal citation phrase seealso
Legendary, in slang epic
Like 2019 odd
Like one finishing an ultramarathon sore
Like the spiciness of cherry peppers mild
Limerick folks irish
Long-term convict lifer
Malty brews ales
Many an Oman woman arab
Measurement of a brand's appeal qscore
Motionless inert
Musical instrument played by a buddy of Fred Flintstone? barneyfife
Neptune on Earth, e.g seagod
Nine Inch Nails rocker Reznor trent
Non-venomous snake boa
Norwegian real estate mogul ___ Thon olav
One with a net income? goalie
Ones giving shots to boxers vets
Pact signed by prime minister Brian Mulroney nafta
Parks in the National Women's Hall of Fame rosa
Passes on, as stories retells
Piece piece? lyric
Places, as a bet lays
Platform for the podcast app Overcast ios
Political pundit Myers with a repetitive name deedee
Prez No. 36 lbj
Pushes forward prods
Refraining from having sweets, say onadiet
Resembling a beanpole thin
Richard of 'Chicago' gere
River formations deltas
Rochester's employee, at first eyre
Rural quarters sty
Saints' city, briefly nola
Seafood-based topping for chips and bread clamdip
Second Greek letter beta
Seek a miracle, maybe pray
Send out, as beams radiate
Sites for RNs ers
Skin-puncturing diagnostic, for short tbtest
Slice of history era
Small amount tad
Some IHOP beverages ojs
Sound from a pointer arf
Stuff of the earth dirt
Stuff of the volcano magma
Subject-___ agreement verb
Tail movement wag
Talk Like a Pirate Day sound arr
Target of a homeowner's trap pest
Téa of 'Deep Impact' leoni
Texas politico O'Rourke beto
They can be bent rules
They may be just what the doctor ordered exams
They may get crunched during exercise abs
Those making a mess? cooks
Totally absurd inane
Tours of duty stints
Trailer park units rvs
Trope of 'Fast and Furious' films chase
Tubes at an Italian restaurant penne
Two-word principle for expanding on a scene in improv comedy yesand
Went off, in a way rang
Where to order rounds bar
Wild ___ (equine) ass
Word in the opening of the Gettysburg Address ago
Work in progress? career
___ Field (major league stadium until 1957) ebbets
___ iron scrap
___ tide neap
'Because I __!' saidso
'Dragonwyck' novelist Seton anya
'Enough already!' ivehadit
'Enough already!' quitit
'The Communist Manifesto' co-author engels
'The Gift of the Magi' gift fob
'The Grapes of Wrath' character okie
'We can't hear you!' louder
'__ woman wishes to be no one's enemy (and) ... refuses to be anyone's victim': Angelou awise
101 course intro
1982 Toto hit rosanna
1:1, for one ratio
41-Across, often son
98, but not 98.6 integer
Achieve success arrive
Actress Peeples nia
Actress Sommer elke
Against a thing, at law inrem
Alley Oop's love ooola
Amer. fliers usaf
Apply, as butter spreadon
Astronomer's aid starmap
Ax to grind agenda
Bat head? acro
Beach in a classic bossa nova hit ipanema
Best-liked, in texts fav
Big name in ATMs ncr
Bird hunted to extinction by the Maori moa
Bird on LSU's seal pelican
Bury inter
California roll ingredient nori
Cardiff's country wales
Carpet made from corn husks? earskinrug
Cause of temporary weight loss? zerog
Celebrate wildly revel
Cell dead spot indicator nobars
Comic-Con attendee nerd
Con __: musical tempo moto
Conks out dies
Consequence of only getting close? nocigar
Coup target etat
Critical ticker valve aorta
Criticize to death pileiton
Cutlery causing boo-boos? owieknife
Defeat decisively in an annual Nathan's contest? eatthepantsoff
Defib settings ers
Dentist's directive openwide
Designer Klein anne
Dies in this puzzle? onedown
Dig deeply delve
Diplomacy tact
Director Lee ang
Eager kids' plea canwe
Easygoing sort typeb
Einstein genius
Elvis' middle name aron
Ends goals
European capital rome
Explore à la an aging Captain Kirk? oldlygo
Farm workers' coffee setup near a fence post? urnsatthestake
First presidential swinger, golf-wise taft
Flabbergast awe
For instance say
Galileo's birthplace pisa
Get all misty fogup
GI no-show awol
Give __ adarn
Govt. securities tnotes
Greening up inleaf
Halved intwo
Handle change adapt
Hardly modest brassy
Hardly quick slow
Heady quaff ale
Heat-sensitive patch ironon
If all else fails inapinch
Into shenanigans elfish
Is for all are
It's played secretly under the table footsie
It's usually spotted in a game domino
Japanese 7-Down noh
Kentucky __, event before the Derby oaks
Kind of tea herbal
Lab __ coat
Last-__: desperate gasp
Like some memes viral
Many misses girls
Many retirees: Abbr srs
Misjudgment error
Moon goddess luna
More than irk enrage
Mumbai wrap sari
NASCAR's Yarborough cale
Not suitable unfit
OB/GYN test amnio
Oft-mispunctuated word its
One in line for what's left heir
One who sniffs out good investments? assethound
Org. with minors mlb
Outspoken vocal
Pablo's putting-off word manana
Painfully off-pitch Jewish diva? oysoprano
Palindromic celeb ono
Photoshop fodder image
Pilot feeder gasmain
Pitchers Darling and Guidry rons
Place to stay when you're out, ironically inn
Plane angle symbol theta
Pollen-packing petal pusher bee
Power eponym watt
Prolong painfully dragout
Quick-witted astute
Radiation source sun
Rents lets
Revival prefix neo
Ripped torn
Ripped off robbed
Roleo official? umponalog
Sampling from Quaid's vineyard? randywine
Secretly ontheqt
See 5-Down drama
Set off began
Sign off on agreeto
Sleeping bag site tent
Smartphone options rings
Some reddish deer roes
Steamed dumplings, e.g dimsum
Super primo
Support wear bra
Surreal ending? ism
The boy well-known in meteorology? elnino
Tree house nest
Tribute with bent elbows toast
Trim, as a pic crop
TripAdvisor rival yelp
Twist counterclockwise, as a nut loosen
Utah national park zion
Vague opening? vee
Verbal oral
Verdi opera based on a Shakespeare tragedy otello
War zone excavation trench
Whale-tale captain ahab
Where even termites were welcome, presumably noahsark
__ fu kung
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