How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Jan 06 2019

'A Confederacy of Dunces' author toole
'Cool' singer Stefani gwen
'Don't miss out on this great bargain!' itsasteal
'Happy ___ year!' new
'I've ___ just begun!' only
'Nevertheless, ___ persisted' she
'No argument from me' iagree
'Okey-___!' doke
'Point Break' star reeves
'Volcano' singer Brickell edie
'Wanna play with the laser pointer?' meow
'We ___ to talk' need
'Well, ___ you full of surprises!' arent
'___ Gospel' (song by Tupac Shakur) ghetto
0, on a soccer pitch nil
2009 horror TV film to watch while having an edible ear childrenofthecorn
74 Across supply ore
A pealing sound chime
Actor Alan whose last name is a homophone of a synonym of 'dense' thicke
And others, to Cicero etalia
Animals with hoofs asses
Animated kids' show to watch while having dinner rolls breadwinners
Animated sitcom to watch while having sliders bobsburgers
Applaud clapfor
Appreciative words ode
Arctic, avian creature tern
Back of a barge stern
Bagpipes emanation drone
Baton Rouge inst lsu
Beach party site isle
Beer store purchases ales
Below beneath
Big savanna hunter lion
Big thing on a trip? ego
Bill of 'Ghostbusters' murray
Booby trap, e.g peril
Brand of gas in compressors? esso
Brownish songbird wren
Castor and Pollux's ship argo
Certain car deal lease
Channel that does not broadcast this puzzle's programs, surprisingly foodnetwork
City north of Pittsburgh erie
Colorful body part iris
Compress, informally smush
Computer-animated kids' show to watch while having lettuce and carrots veggietales
Connotation overtone
Copy editor's marking stet
Country star McEntire reba
Couple on an ice cream date, perhaps? scoops
Cry at a counter next
Currency in Finland euros
Custard ingredient egg
D&D item weapon
Demo cassette promotape
Despicable sort cur
Drug in crystal form meth
Emulates the sirens attracts
Emulates the sirens entices
Enclosure with hogs pen
Ernie with irons els
Expanse under the icy crust of Saturn's moon Enceladus ocean
Fabric flaw rip
Facebook wall feature status
Factory ___ (restore option for a smartphone) reset
Fall back, water-wise ebb
Fall ___ line into
Familial rival, for short sib
First nation in the Western Hemisphere to abolish slavery haiti
Flicker of light gleam
Following faithfully trueto
Font embellishment serif
Freshwater catch carp
Gives a tip to advises
Goat with mohair angora
Gomez Addams's cousin itt
Graduation time, often may
Had a TV dinner, say ate
Hailed vehicles cabs
Have on the payroll employ
Hollow-fanged snake viper
Internet access letters dsl
IT takes all sorts of people to fix them systems
It's complicated morass
Kissing on a kiss cam, e.g., for short pda
Left ventricle outlet aorta
License granter, briefly dmv
Lightened (up) eased
Like a tasty cake yummy
Like freshly made fries crisp
Like lutefisk, for many smelly
Like one undergoing surgery (hopefully) numb
Lutz-landing Midori ito
Luxurious posh
Maiden name intro nee
Many OR VIPs mds
Measure of resistance ohm
Midrange jumper's point total two
Minor protest peep
Muay Thai move kick
NFC South pro buc
NPR's URL ender org
Occupied a throne, say sat
On top of the facts aware
Owned by that dude his
Panelist, often expert
Peeling implement parer
Perón of Argentina eva
Physically weak frail
Plaudits kudos
Play the sax really well wail
Pops, informally oldman
Potential answer to 'Where's the beef?' deli
Proceeds clumsily bumbles
Protagonist of a vampire video game franchise rayne
Pyramid, to a pharaoh tomb
Quick and energetic brisk
Quite often alot
Reality TV series to watch while having canard a l'orange duckdynasty
Rejection in Dundee nae
Salivate, like a puppy drool
Santa ___ winds ana
Scraped (out) eked
See 95 Across chanceofmeatballs
Select while online click
Semisoft Dutch cheese gouda
Shake and bake, e.g verbs
Shankar performance raga
Show that isn't part of this puzzle's theme (but you can watch it while having a late dinner) snl
Sketchy sort, in slang creepo
Some bank claims liens
Some clan members lasses
Source of maple syrup sap
Stick used for driving tee
Stop-motion sketch comedy series to watch while having poultry robotchicken
Surreptitious utterance psst
They have little lambs ewes
Three-sided sword epee
Took the A train, say rode
TV schedule abbr tba
Uses needles, in a way knits
War or Diplomacy, e.g game
Weasel family member stoat
When connected to 103 Across, animated kids' show to watch while having beef spheres cloudywitha
Workplace known for its prospects mine
'Last four' ID verifiers ssns
'Law & Order: SVU' actor icet
'Lord, is __?': Matthew iti
'My mom's gonna kill me!' iamsodead
'Splish Splash' singer darin
'War of the Worlds' target earth
'Wedding Bell Blues' soloist Marilyn mccoo
'__ so you!' its
1950s tennis great Lew hoad
400 million of them are produced daily mandms
Agnus __ dei
Air traffic mgmt. group faa
Altar constellation ara
Applies, as pressure exerts
Arts section regular critic
Balkan capital athens
Barely open ajar
Bass-baritone Simon estes
Beauty goddesses graces
Big Apple restaurateur sardi
Bit of defiance, in slang tude
Black Sea country romania
Boise's st ida
Bring out elicit
Buddy, in slang brah
Call from the curb hail
Calrissian of 'Star Wars' films lando
Chain with syrup choices ihop
Chef's amts tbsps
Circus security safetynet
City east of El Paso odessa
Con artist, often charmer
Cooking show title word kitchen
Country name that includes its own abbreviation eire
Creepy looks leers
Crunchy snack frito
Daiquiri liquor rum
DDE opponent aes
Dexterity sleight
Dior creations alines
Draw in entice
Dressy pasta? bowties
Droops sags
Either of two hearth borders? aitch
Elec., e.g util
Email afterthoughts pss
End of the quip museums
Eng. ship title hms
Entered stealthily, perhaps easedin
European carrier sas
Evil Luthor lex
Expected results norms
Fast sailing ships cutters
Former ACC Cavalier rival terp
Frayed tatty
Free gratis
Geographical measure area
Giant in nonstick pans tfal
Glee club member tenor
Gulf States prince emir
Heads of the Sorbonne tetes
Hosp. 'room' emer
How uncut grass goes toseed
Hybrid tableware spork
Indian garment sari
Indian titles sris
Insignificant point nit
Jeers taunts
Judge of the Yankees aaron
Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge denizen nene
Köln cooler eis
Laker or Raptor, briefly nbaer
Lethargy cause anemia
Letters-to-the-editor writers readers
Little sucker? vac
Loch with a legend ness
Lowest points nadirs
Maestro Ozawa seiji
Many a political party fete
Mariner's home seattle
Matchless one's question gotalight
Monotony metaphor rut
Mount Olympus VIP hera
No. 2 asst
NYC line that stops at Yankee Stadium, familiarly irt
Ohm reciprocal siemens
Oil-rich fed uae
Old-fashioned editing tool eraser
One in a sailor's repertoire knot
One may be left in a copier: Abbr orig
Org. with an Acid Rain Program epa
Out of shape bent
Outcast pariah
Pain reliever anodyne
Permanent mark scar
Play areas arenas
Poke holes in, as a lawn aerate
Príncipe's island partner saotome
Putting out issuing
Quip, part 2 amuseumwheretheyhave
Quip, part 3 alltheheadsand
Quip, part 4 arms
Quip, part 5 fromthestatues
Quip, part 6 thatareinalltheother
Refuse to bargain insist
Rhyming boxer ali
Safari beast gnu
Sandwich side slaw
Sea-Tac abbr arr
See 8-Across wright
Seine summer ete
Separate detach
Shakespearean title city verona
Short alias? aka
Shortest mo feb
Shrek creator William steig
Six-sided state utah
Start of a quip iwentto
State admitted to the Union after Texas iowa
Sticker thorn
Street shader awning
Subjects of many online videos petcats
Think (over) mull
Three before kappa eta
Town line sign abbr estd
Trolley sound clang
Truce ceasefire
Whse. unit ctn
With 123-Across, speaker of the quip steven
Work on, as a bone gnaw
Work with thread sew
__ IRA roth
__ tie twist
__-fi sci
__City: computer game sim
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