How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Feb 16 2016

'Kill the ump!' BOO
'Look what we just did!' TADA
'___ the ramparts we watched ...' OER
African antelope ELAND
Alpine refrains YODELS
Attractive offer from a car dealership NOMONEYDOWN
Be proactive PLAN
Big burden ONUS
Brass band instrument TROMBONE
Business sign abbr ESTAB
Captures SNARES
Citation shortener ETAL
Coiled shape HELIX
Country singer McEntire REBA
Debonair neckwear ASCOT
Delta House attire TOGA
Detective novelist Grafton SUE
Dunham of 'Girls' LENA
Ed of 'Lou Grant' ASNER
Exchanging words ATIT
Exercise regimen YOGA
Fetches GETS
First-stringers ATEAM
Foul mood SNIT
Fraternity letter ETA
Haggard DRAWN
Half of Mork's sign-off NANU
High-end fashion magazine VOGUE
It might be docked TAIL
Jai ___ ALAI
Jason Bourne, for Matt Damon ROLE
King or queen SIZE
Knock off WHACK
Knuckles under ACCEDES
Leaves speechless AWES
Like many bootees KNITTED
Lone Star State moniker TEX
Longtime Balkan leader TITO
McGregor of 'Velvet Goldmine' EWAN
Memory unit BYTE
Mexican munchie NACHO
MP's quarry AWOL
Mumbo jumbo JIVE
Mushroom cloud maker ABOMB
Paternity suit evidence DNA
Perched on ATOP
Period after Shrove Tuesday LENT
Pinza of 'South Pacific' EZIO
Place LIEU
Pocket rockets, in poker ACES
Pop-up list MENU
Pro ___ RATA
Purges RIDS
Put on board LADE
Reads the riot act to BAWLSOUT
Sabermetrics datum STAT
Satellite transmission FEED
Saw logs SNORE
Senate affirmative YEA
Small salamander NEWT
Spanish tennis player nicknamed Rafa NADAL
Sparkling Italian export ASTI
Stagger REEL
They can be fragile and need to be stroked EGOS
Tribute that might seem more like a trial ROAST
Trinity's interest in 'The Matrix' NEO
Trumpeter from New Orleans ALHIRT
Turns gray, perhaps AGES
Unpretentious DOWNTOEARTH
Venerate ESTEEM
Widely known NOTED
Wimple wearer NUN
Words of reassurance IWONTLETYOUDOWN
___ Cruz, California SANTA
___ Island, New York CONEY
___ Z (hip-hop entrepreneur) JAY
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