How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Feb 12 2016

$50 payment in Monopoly BAIL
'Take off, tabby!' SCAT
'The Hunger Games' missile ARROW
'The Well-Tempered Clavier' composer BACH
'Transformers' star LaBeouf SHIA
'Way to go, torero!' OLE
'___ Song' (2007 Taylor Swift hit) OUR
Advocating FOR
Alloy ingredients METALS
Annette seen on 'Smallville' OTOOLE
Appeases through indulgence SATES
Arch-bladed woodworking tool ADZE
Awesome, slangily DABOMB
Being observant, to a hipster DIGGINGTHESCENE
Belieber or Deadhead FAN
Between tasks IDLE
Big klutz LUG
Blow the mind of AMAZE
Bottleful on a rib joint table SAUCE
Calcutta cover-up SARI
Clarifying, as a subject SHEDDINGLIGHTON
Clip or pop follower ART
Common word on California maps SAN
Corsage fastener PIN
Dam that created Lake Nasser ASWAN
Defeat all competitors in SWEEP
DeLuise of the 'Cannonball Run' films DOM
Dishwasher cycle RINSE
Drought-ravaged ARID
Engine or warrant preceder SEARCH
First word of 'Scarborough Fair' ARE
Fixed charge SETRATE
Forms a head FOAMS
French valley famed for ch√Ęteaus LOIRE
Gagarin whose orbiter was Vostok I YURI
Geographically based ins. plan HMO
Grief-filled SAD
Gyroscope component AXIS
High-volume annoyances DINS
Historic Peacock Throne occupants SHAHS
Holly berry's hue RED
Instinctual energy in psychoanalysis LIBIDO
It may be ignited by lightning WILDFIRE
Joe Friday, self-descriptively COP
Joined by stitching SEAMED
Kind ILK
Look quickly toward GLANCEAT
Made like Lady Godiva RODE
Many college newsletter addressees ALUMNI
Many have skyboxes ARENAS
Melanie's portrayer in 'Gone With the Wind' OLIVIA
Mollycoddling type DOTER
Namby-pamby fellow MILKSOP
Neat drink's lack ICE
Norse god who traded an eye for wisdom ODIN
Not distant NEARBY
Pennsylvania's fourth-largest city ERIE
Pep rally yell RAH
Pituitary gland's shape OVAL
Pump part SOLE
Quaint outburst EGAD
Rathskeller order ALE
Resignedly choosing to tackle a difficult situation BITINGTHEBULLET
Scratch resistance scale MOHS
Separator of states BORDER
Shortly, to Shakespeare ANON
Signs of engine trouble PINGS
Smoking or stress, some say AGER
Stephen King teen with telekinetic powers CARRIE
Synagogue singer CANTOR
Team on Nebraska's state quarter OXEN
Test that takes over seven hrs GED
Trawler's trapper NET
Trimmed along a path, say EDGED
URL ender for nonprofits ORG
Writer's block breakthrough IDEA
___-relief BAS
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