How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Feb 12 2012

'Ariadne auf ___' (Richard Strauss opera) NAXOS
'Attack of the Crab Monsters' director CORMAN
'Being John Malkovich' actor ORSONBEAN
'Drums Between the Bells' musician ENO
'Hold on a minute' NOTSOFAST
'This Boy's Life' author WOLFF
'Watch me and learn' DOASIDO
'When We Dead Awaken' playwright IBSEN
'___ Sixteen' (No. 1 hit for Ringo Starr) YOURE
6 to 13 games, typically ONESET
Accumulated RACKEDUP
Amelia Earhart, for one KANSAN
Bad way to fall FACEFIRST
Battery variety NICAD
Big stock holder MEGASTORE
Bit of a score NOTE
Bursitis sites, sometimes KNEES
Capital city that replaced Lewiston BOISE
Cheers for, perhaps URGESON
Company in a 1998 merger AMOCO
Composer Salieri ANTONIO
Conjunction junction? ANDOR
Crosman Ratcatchers, e.g AIRRIFLES
Deputy prime minister under Eshkol EBAN
Ecuadorean herd makeup ALPACAS
Evocative writing, say IMAGERY
Fiji competitor EVIAN
Fire fighter SPRINKLER
Former football head coach Willingham of Stanford, Notre Dame and Washington TYRONE
Gaza Strip controller HAMAS
Genre of 'The Damask Drum' NOH
Get through the year? AGE
Go together well AGREE
Gp. with a complicated code IRS
Having the fewest reservations EAGEREST
He lost to Minghella for Best Director of 1996 COEN
Heavyweight TITAN
Homes for beaked sedge FENS
It's higher for B than for Be ATWT
Items that didn't make it EXES
Its premiere episode was 'The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub' ILOVELUCY
Language with a verb-subject-object word order TAGALOG
Maker of the Villager wagon EDSEL
Malodorous, maybe NASTY
Most densely populated city in the world MANILA
Muse of history CLIO
Nature ILK
One of the German states? EINS
Potsie portrayer ANSON
Quechua speaker INCAN
Quite thin GAUNT
Ready for plating DONE
Ring worn around the neck LEI
Series featuring brothers Larry, Darryl and Darryl NEWHART
Set back? SCENERY
Signs of brightness? NEONS
Singer/songwriter Oberst CONOR
Skin-removing tools PEELERS
Some stockings FISHNETS
Statesiders, to Brits YANKS
Takes back REVOKES
Tetracycline treats it ACNE
The primary industry of Seychelles TOURISM
They mount horses GYMNASTS
Undulated WAVED
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