How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Feb 10 2019

'Aladdin' monkey abu
'I never give anything without expecting something in return' speaker rhett
'The Canterbury Tales' pilgrim reeve
'Xena' actress O'Connor renee
113-Down's last words adamn
2017 Best Director Oscar winner Guillermo __ Toro del
Abash embarrass
Actress Maples marla
Actress Staunton of Harry Potter movies imelda
Airing ontv
Andrea __: ill-fated ship doria
Answers the call stepsup
AOL alternative msn
Banded metamorphic rock gneiss
Bar in TV's 'M*A*S*H' rosies
Bar quaff, briefly ipa
Barely make, with 'out' eke
Benjamin of 'Law & Order' bratt
Big chamber group octet
Big Sur institute esalen
Bisected intwo
Blast cause tnt
Blog updates posts
Bloody Civil War battle site antietam
Bobs and buns dos
Bring into harmony attune
Broadway's Hagen uta
Calendario square dia
Cambodians' neighbors thais
Candidate's aim seat
Chance for Obi-Wan to play? turnofthejedi
Chef's directives involving sieves? strainingorders
City, informally urb
Climbing greenery ivy
Club component bacon
Collecting Soc. Sec ret
Complexion enhancement rouge
Compress, as a file zip
Cooperstown charter member tycobb
Crossed (out) xed
Currier's partner ives
CXL x XV mmc
Dental image xray
Dionysus devotee satyr
Dusting goal? motecontrol
Email subject abbr fwd
Enlighten teach
Enterprise counselor troi
Erie Canal city utica
Euro forerunners lire
Fill to the max sate
Film frames stills
Fjord kin ria
Fragrant compounds esters
From square one anew
Game div qtr
Get to smile amuse
Govt. org. with a Media Bureau fcc
Gretzky's NHL record 1,963 assists
Hirsute Himalayan humanoid of myth yeti
Historic nautical trio member pinta
Hush-hush maritime org oni
Inuit boats umiaks
Involve with reluctantly, as a tough situation draginto
Iron pumper's pride pec
It may be held in a deli mayo
It's misleading when it's red herring
Jane Rochester, née __ eyre
Java holder urn
John, Paul, George and Ringo names
John, to Paul, George and Ringo loo
Kia HQ city seoul
Kicks out ejects
Knack ability
Knighted British actor Hawthorne nigel
Latin art ars
Lemony, say citric
License to search for the Holy Grail? questpermission
Little fight spat
Little trickster imp
Magoo's malady myopia
Miffed ired
Mil. roadside danger ied
Ming most look up to yao
MLK's title rev
NBA legend Thomas isiah
Nikkei index currency yen
Northern Calif. airport sfo
Old pool people stenos
One splitting firewood? cordbreaker
One who has class? pupil
Parisian 37-Down eleve
Patient's ID bracelet
PC bailout key esc
Peevish state snit
Pen pals? cons
Placed laid
Play grounds? stages
Pollen carrier bee
Pop duo __ & Him she
Pop of punk iggy
Portfolio part asset
Programmer's 'endless' problem loop
Project for Poirot case
Prov. at one end of the Ambassador Bridge ont
Put in add
Put up erected
Quaint oath egad
Red or White sox
Resist defy
Role for Liam oskar
Roller in Vegas die
Rooster's last word? doo
Sensitive issues for directors egos
Shakespearean cries ays
Signs of shock gasps
Snoopy's nemesis redbaron
Social event for British tavern keepers? publicanparty
Southern Calif. airport lax
Spot at the prom? zit
Steam up enrage
Student of Seneca nero
Supreme Egyptian deity amenra
Take in or let out alter
Tennis' Goolagong evonne
Therapist's technique using poetry? versepsychology
Tot's rebuttal isnot
Travis of country tritt
Triangle product area
TV dinner brand swanson
Uncouth types churls
Versatile utensil spork
Violin stroke upbow
Virgo/Libra mo sept
Voice artist Blanc mel
Volleyball position setter
Washington city yakima
Wells title foes worlds
Western treaty gp oas
Widen dilate
Witty bit gag
Yearbook sect srs
Yellowish tone ochre
YOLO, in ancient Rome carpediem
__ bene nota
__-de-lis fleur
'Don Quixote' setting spain
'Family Guy' character with red hair lois
'Fresh ___' (longtime NPR program) air
'Go ___' ahead
'It's about ___ big' yea
'Last Week Tonight' host John oliver
'Levon' singer John elton
'M' star lorre
'My Lord,' in Hebrew adonai
'No ifs, ___ or buts!' ands
'Peer Gynt' playwright Ibsen henrik
'That's exactly right!' yes
'We need to stop this!' nomore
'Well, now!' to a bloke isay
49ers great Ronnie lott
Absolute ruler's rule fiat
Academically banish expel
Annual athletic awards espys
Apply badly misuse
Ask for sensitive info pry
Asp holes snakepits
Backs out of a deal? folds
Bacon or facon pieces strips
Blazers worn while ringing church bells? pealjackets
Broncos, e.g equines
Business attire worn while making a sudden leap for cured salmon? loxlungesuit
Canine pal of 78 Across otis
Carrier that's grounded on the Sabbath elal
Category ilk
CBS NFL analyst Tony romo
Certain recluse's home web
Cheerleader's quality pep
Choice for Hamlet tobe
Clairvoyants' decks tarots
Conflict that involved the British capture of Johannesburg in 1900 boerwar
Coral reef predators morays
Cry before 'Go!' set
Cry while looking through binoculars iseeit
Denim garment worn by author Judy? blumejeans
Digitizer of documents scanner
Domains for carriers and cruisers seas
Don of a TV advertising agency draper
Dress bottom worn by an editor of a men's magazine? maximskirt
Egg-shaped ovoid
Extremely impressed awed
Facilities with Jacuzzis spas
Farrow of 'Dark Horse' mia
Feline pal of 53 Across milo
Figure skating mishap slip
First name in fashion oleg
Fishing need, often license
Flirt with, verbally chatup
Florida setting of 'Moonlight' miami
Footwear worn by an amoeba? blobbysocks
Foreboding occurrence omen
Former prime minister Barak or Olmert ehud
Free from liability exempt
Fringe-___ lizard toed
Get the facts mixed up err
Goes (for) opts
Goes kaput, as an engine dies
Goya's nude subject maja
Grandma, in kid-speak nana
Grp. concerned with Common Core standards pta
He has antlers stag
Heels of a loaf ends
Heroine of 1990s TV xena
Household spray brand lysol
Image of a flexed arm or a thumbs-up sign, e.g emoji
Is defeated by losesto
It features works adapted for the screen nook
It may detect motion sensor
IT titan ibm
It's mined in RuneScape tinore
Like a full-moon viewing? obscene
Like some lab solutions basic
Locks in a den? manes
Make embarrassed abash
Marge's father-in-law abe
Mega Stuf cookie brand oreo
Militant movement opposed to far-right-wing ideology antifa
Mint products dimes
Name on Irish euros eire
NBA star who starred in 'Kazaam,' familiarly shaq
Negate, as in writing erase
Neglect to mention omit
Netflix star Kemper ellie
NFC participant in Super Bowl LIII laram
Noise from a kennel yap
On point apt
Opposite of a flop smash
Originated (from) arose
Outdoor garments worn while checking the inventory at Madame Tussauds? waxlistcoats
Part of a belief system tenet
Petty criticisms nits
Pickle or jam fix
Place for inedible spam email
Police station? arena
Pops, affectionately oldman
Porcine quarters sty
Prepares, as potatoes mashes
Publicly criticize callout
Quadruple double? octet
Quality of being simple easiness
Release, as energy emit
Restaurant collection tips
Safety ___ pin
Sage or cilantro, e.g herb
Sandwich sign-off tata
Screenwriter May elaine
See 67 Across clothing
See 8 Down usual
Semisolid dessert jello
Shade of many cookies tan
She has no antlers doe
Six-legged worker ant
Slacker Radio offering tune
Slinky shape helix
Some sci-fi rebels jedi
Sonata specification tempo
Source of Pew data poll
South African kingdom subjects of the 1800s zulus
Standing Rock people lakota
Statement with a meter reading gasbill
Suffering eternal torment, so to speak inhell
Summer wear worn by one who reeked? stanktops
Take care of tendto
Think the world of esteem
Trousers worn while having a nip of vodka? shotpants
Turquoise and others gemstones
Type of blood clot thrombus
U.K. highway measures kms
Uber or Lyft alternatives cabs
Very poor, as chances slim
Weisshorn's range alps
Window frame sash
With 107 Across, regular order the
With 76 Across, attire worn by some models, and an alternate title for this puzzle plussize
Woolly creature lamb
Word from a toddler mama
___ blond (hair color) ash
___ League arab
___ over (consider) mull
___ song theme
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