How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Feb 03 2019

'60s antiwar gp sds
'A Study in Scarlet' detective holmes
'Arabian Nights' character alibaba
'The Untouchables' studio (1959-'63) desilu
'__ shall live your epitaph to make': Shak ori
--- murphy
--- twin
--- single
--- camp
--- king
AAA part: Abbr assoc
Abbr. on some business cards ste
Aden Young's 'Rectify' role daniel
Agenda, e.g list
Amphibious assault troop carrier amtrac
Baroque music family name bach
Beatty and Kelly neds
Belgian diamond center antwerp
Besides Jan., only month with two federal holidays nov
Big do bash
Big-eyed baby owlet
Bit of broth sip
Brandy bottle letters vsop
Brush fire op evac
Busy months for CPAs aprils
Busy, as decor ornate
Cartoon frame cel
Casual Friday surprise suit
Class with angles trig
Come out emerge
Common Market letters eec
Competent able
Composed sedate
Contempt disdain
Contraction with two apostrophes idve
Corn holders cobs
Croaked rasped
Crop unit acre
Dark side Darth vader
Defunct carrier twa
Denim purchase lees
DJ's collection discs
Do some carpentry saw
Do some craftwork knit
Email folder sent
Eye care brand renu
First hit, perhaps debuts
First-ranked competitor topseed
Floor support? aye
Flow blocker dam
Forensic detectives, briefly csis
Fred or George Weasley identicalt
Friend of Pooh roo
Garr on screen teri
Gather dust lieidle
Give one's address, maybe orate
Gorsuch predecessor scalia
Hard rain metaphor sheets
Head huggers beanies
Heckler's input jeer
Hill staffer aide
It's fixed by a bank cdrate
It's usually easy to see through pane
Item on the housekeeping checklist, or a hint to completing five puzzle answers turndownthebed
John in court doe
Juin preceder mai
Kids' summer fun spot sleepawayc
Kinda-sorta cousin ish
Lays into assails
Longfellow's bell town atri
Lord in a Christmas song, e.g leaper
Maple-syrup-to-be sap
Menu listing option
Milk sources dairies
Minimally adjusts tweaks
Minor league baseball level classa
Mountain dew source still
Mythical voyager sinbad
NBA scoring stat ppg
Obeyed a triangular sign yielded
One-time filler ata
Open, in a way uncap
Opposite of fast eat
Org. concerned with brownfields epa
Pack animal ass
Packaging abbr netwt
Painful sequence ows
Pampering spot spa
Parasite in the dust mite
Peak in France mont
Perfect spot utopia
Photo tint sepia
Poet's palindrome ere
Pole emblems totems
Polyester fabric dacron
Pool toy noodle
Porridge veggies, old-style pease
Propellant developed to replace gunpowder cordite
Racing series including the '500' indycar
Reaches via plane landsat
Red wine choice claret
Restrain bate
Rolls into a ball wadsup
Royal title hismajestythek
Saint-__: Riviera resort tropez
Salad greens endives
Seat of the Bishop of London stpauls
See 21-Down era
Senior __ year
Shapely leader? ess
Sign of alertness openeye
Slanted column oped
Specks in a river aits
Spot-on soright
Spumante source asti
Start of the fire? wheres
Steep slopes escarps
Step down resign
Suffix with ball oon
Sweater's comment itshot
Symbolic uncle sam
Tabloid material sleaze
Thames campus eton
That, in Tijuana eso
The Hague's home: Abbr neth
The Mustangs of Dallas coll. football smu
Took the deal settled
Topples (over) keels
Toyland notables babes
Transcript no gpa
Two-nation peninsula iberia
Union setting altar
Upright swimmer seahorse
Vital vessels arteries
War hero/actor who played himself in 'To Hell and Back' audiem
Was in front led
Went off on Twitter ranted
Western Wyoming county teton
When doubled, a hip-hop dance nae
Winter glider sled
With 67-Down, controversial MLB period steroid
Words with bow or scarf tiea
Wreck reminder dent
__ bar tiki
'Boys' star Winona ryder
'Fiddlesticks!' dangit
'Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn' swordsman ike
'If anyone ___ ...' asks
'If nothing ___ ...' else
'Just Because' singer Baker anita
'La ___ Vita' (1960 film) dolce
'So, this means ...?' and
'What a tasty entree!' delish
'___ made a terrible mistake' ive
'___ of Tomorrow' (2014 sci-fi thriller) edge
Acupuncturist's item needle
Add append
Arrangement with a mobile phone carrier regarding messages textingplan
Arthur with Emmys bea
Bearded antelope gnu
Beaut doozy
Big skin care brand avon
Blade stuck in water oar
Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1979 to 1987 paulvolcker
Chive relative leek
Clearly demonstrate evince
Clinton's running mate kaine
Cold cuts option salami
Collectively inall
Colorful nickname on 'Orange Is the New Black' red
Combine unite
Construction worker of the 19th century railroadbuilder
Covellite, e.g ore
Currency in Ankara lira
Cut covered by a SpongeBob Band-Aid, e.g owie
D.C. college athlete hoya
Daisy-like perennial aster
Derby-sporting character of 1960s TV itt
Did as requested obliged
Dismissive sound snort
Drawing locale of old? wildwest
Early 2010s foreign policy controversy often cited by Clinton detractors benghaziscandal
Elia or Zoe of Hollywood kazan
Elicit laughter from amuse
Employing the secret service? eloping
End piece? encore
Fake sickness to shirk work malinger
Fallopian tube cells ova
First U.S. college to admit women oberlin
Five-time figure skating world champ Michelle kwan
Flue powder ash
Form 4506-T issuer irs
Got weepy, with 'up' teared
Grp. opposed by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence nra
Gun, as a motor rev
Has regrets over rues
Having a distinct scent odorous
Having control over owning
Heat ___ index
Heavy metal fan? smith
Hummus or salsa, e.g dip
Image quality tint
Important compound in protein synthesis glutamine
Indy 500 unit lap
It published an article in 1999 titled 'Archaeological Dig Uncovers Ancient Race Of Skeleton People' theonion
Join a course enroll
Like Arctic regions arid
Like bikes that have long been abandoned rusted
Like one identifying with their sex assigned at birth, briefly cis
Like some opposites polar
Like Tajiks asian
Luxury hotel company omni
Made sobbing noises boohooed
Main hazard berg
Major commotion ado
Mario Party party luigi
Meeting matters agenda
Memorable party bash
Mendes of 'The Women' eva
Meta solver's cry aha
Metallic, ringing noise clang
Missile repository silo
Most Bahraini citizens arabs
Most in need of ice sorest
Mustang's easy pace trot
Mustang's feed hay
Nary a soul none
Navel varieties innies
Nina Simone, e.g alto
One visiting many sites user
Opposite of plentiful scant
Order superior abbess
Org. that prohibits cross-checking nhl
Parks born in Alabama rosa
Pattern of tire ridges tread
Perform really well bringthehousedown
Perplex addle
Pertaining to syndromes that affect both the heart and kidneys cardiorenal
Place for a cap head
Political agency kingpin czar
Powerful fighter? rebel
Proper apt
Quiet periods lulls
R&B singer once known as 'tha Kyd' syd
Reach an agreement settle
Reasons why some people have no class snowdays
Reject disdainfully spurn
Result of bartering swap
Roof part over a soffit eave
Rough guess stab
Salamanca shawls serapes
Soap actress Hall deidre
Soft gentle
Stop abruptly cometoahalt
Straight, at a bar neat
Style of 30 Rockefeller Plaza deco
Summer grilling spot patio
Suppressed, as coughs heldin
Swamp stuff reeds
They have sharp teeth saws
Tomb painting symbol ankh
Toothpaste form gel
Transmits sends
Traveled with a school swam
Trucking unit ton
TSA checkpoint requests ids
Tuning woodwind oboe
Turned green, e.g dyed
Type of oil linseed
Unit discussed in Biology 101 gene
Vanderbilt in fashion gloria
Verbally skips over elides
Versatile thermoplastic nylon
Very peculiar screwy
Voice of Barney Rubble melblanc
Weapon in 1 Samuel sling
Weasel out of evade
Where a certain curtain hangs showerrod
Where to see the Lincoln Memorial penny
Where yoga originated india
Winwood in Traffic steve
Woolly mammal ewe
Word before battery or power solar
___ mix trail
___ out (apportion) mete
___ square town
___ welcome heros
___-Hulk (Avenger) she
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