How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Dec 31 2017

'By Jove!' isay
'Can I have a __ of your drink?' sip
'Crocodile Hunter' Steve __ irwin
'Dr.' with MVP awards erving
'Gone With the Wind' family name ohara
'Immediately, if not sooner!' asap
'In that case ... ' ifso
'Keep going!' dontstop
'Ooh! I know this! Gimme __' ahint
'So long, José' adios
'That was close!' phew
'The Tonight Show' character with a turban carnac
'__ Got a Secret': old game show ive
*Deluge heavyrain
*Flu symptoms achesandpains
*Hobby shop purchase modelplane
*Menace to society publicenemy
*Neckwear for which Mr. T was once famous (but no longer wears) goldchain
*Old-school letters snailmail
*Soap, often daytimeserial
*Tropical cocktail mangotango
19th Greek letter tau
A or Angel aler
Actress Thurman uma
Aid in planning a trip atlas
Austen classic emma
Body shop application primer
Brahms creation score
Brest friend ami
Bring out elicit
Broad valleys dales
BWI posting eta
Canine protection enamel
Channel for film buffs tcm
Choral composition motet
Church gatherings socials
Close by near
Coll. term sem
Collecting Soc. Sec ret
Common FM radio fare hitsong
Comparable akin
Coolly dispassionate clinical
Debate team, for example side
Diamond slip-up balk
Dip providing potassium, for short guac
Divvy up allot
Doc's orders meds
Doomed biblical city sodom
Drink with an umbrella maitai
Drop off nod
Earnest request plea
Extremely dry arid
Factions sects
Factory with frozen assets iceplant
Fancy wheels mags
Fess up admit
Fit together meshed
Follow tail
Former Laker star Lamar odom
French star etoile
Friend of Jerry, George and Cosmo elaine
Gymnast Korbut olga
Hands over cedes
Hardly gung-ho tepid
HBO competitor tmc
Hemsworth of 'The Hunger Games' liam
Hot streak roll
Houses with layers coops
Hydrocodone, e.g opiate
Idaho nickname gemstate
Issue opener? non
Italian Riviera resort sanremo
Jeweler's assortment rings
Just merely
Justice replaced by Gorsuch scalia
Kind of milk or sauce soy
Kitchen cloth teatowel
Leg up edge
Legal document deed
Loads aton
Lobster eater's accessory bib
Look forward to await
Macho guys hemen
Major artery aorta
Man cave setting den
Manhattan suffix ite
Mauna __ loa
Mine, in Metz amoi
MLB stat era
Monopoly piece hotel
Music to a bluffer's ears ifold
Navel type innie
Not insist on payment of, as a debt forgive
Nothing to write home about soso
O'Neill's 'Desire Under the __' elms
One percent of a D.C. group--or the group itself sen
Part of Q and A: Abbr ans
Partner mate
Party animals? stags
PC file suffix exe
Pine __ tar
Pirate's ship corsair
Playground game tag
Pledged, in a way tithed
Pour out forcefully spew
Power-increasing gadget amp
Prefix with polis acro
Promised swore
Remote region ... and what literally ends each answer to a starred clue wildcountry
Rigatoni alternative penne
Ryan in a 1998 film, e.g.: Abbr pvt
Sailing asea
Scat legend, familiarly ella
SEC powerhouse ala
Short shy
Sign off on agreeto
Silent __: White House nickname cal
Singer Newton-John olivia
Six-pack set abs
Solo in 'Star Wars' han
Some smartphones lgs
Spot on a horse dapple
Square measurement area
Storybook sister gretel
Succumbs to pressure caves
They're sold as is usedcars
Three-star mil. officer ltgen
Tradesperson plier
Tree with long beanlike pods catalpa
Trial version demo
Turn in the box atbat
Type type agate
Vague unease malaise
Weasel-like animal also called a honey badger ratel
What birthday candles represent: Abbr yrs
What Jack Sprat's wife couldn't eat lean
Wheel connector axle
Wine choice carafe
Winning by a mile wayahead
Word from the Greek for 'not a place' utopia
Word on a wanted poster alias
Words a pinball wizard hates to see gameover
Yours and mine ours
Zilch nil
'Antigone' character? tau
'Argonautica' milieu sea
'Hangover' rapper psy
'Happy new ___!' year
'I have something to say!' listenup
'It's curtains for me!' imtoast
'Itch' singer DiFranco ani
'Stay the Night' singer Benjamin orr
'The Bad Child's Book of Beasts' writer Belloc hilaire
'What a tiring week I've had' tgif
'What's the meaning of ___?' this
'___ ideas?' any
'___ is life!' such
'___ show 'em!' thatll
19 Down, en español esta
Abandon the band gosolo
Abstainer's amount none
Agatha Christie's 'The ___ in the Library' body
Annoyingly inquisitive nosy
Apocalypse's enemies xmen
Apt rhyme of 'bills' tills
Artistic creation that may have a biomechanical design tattoo
At C when one should be at C, say onkey
Audio receiver ear
Baroque, e.g style
Birthplace of Ghanaian president Nana Akufo-Addo accra
Bread boxes? ovens
Breakfast cereal option from General Mills (board game) ricechex
British comedian Jimmy carr
Buddy of Big Bird elmo
Cast member, maybe? arm
Coats of painters smocks
Common sites for Christmas lights eaves
Concur goalong
Consultation cost fee
Cordoba compadres amigos
Core group? abs
Dallas sch smu
Dearie hon
Didn't have a date (playground game) wentstag
Dramatic descent plunge
Each apop
Embroidery, e.g craft
Exotic cockroaches from Madagascar, so named for the sound they produce hissers
Exultant exclamation hurrah
Fails to save spends
Fashion designer Phoebe whose last name means 'loving' philo
Federer's forte tennis
Field of cinema sally
Filling and then some sating
Finalize sewup
Forbidding grim
Former amateur pro
Former Dodge sedan that was one of three 'cloud cars' stratus
Fortified castle tower keep
Fuel efficiency letters mpg
Gallup of Gallup polls alec
German connector und
Glass piece sheet
Glass pieces shards
Greatly interested in keenon
Harbored held
Hard to scale steep
Have a cow? calve
Horse racing VIPs owners
In a vehement way heatedly
Inquires asks
It's in the low 90s aminus
It's its own square root one
Klinger player Jamie farr
Kroon's replacement euro
Lady at a barn dance gal
Lady in a barnyard ewe
Lament in Leipzig ach
Land above, in Mexico elnorte
Like some KFC orders (guessing game) extracrispy
Like the play 'Lend Me a Tenor' twoact
Locale of Pakistan's Mahabat Khan Mosque (card game) peshawar
Loses moisture driesout
Lover of Psyche eros
Lover's dozen roses
Maggie Smith's title dame
Maker of Predator laptops acer
Military alert system with five levels defcon
Milo of 'The Verdict' oshea
Mr. X and others anonyms
Observation remark
Oddly titled first book in Michael Scott's fantasy series about Nicholas Flamel (computer game) thealchemyst
Old legal drama whose last episode was titled 'Finish Line' lalaw
Olympic swimming brand speedo
One experimenting with new drugs, say rat
Part of a dragon roll eel
Parts of hearts hands tricks
Party people, for short? pols
Patronize, food-wise dineat
Peachy dandy
Person you'll find in the first letters of this puzzle's circled words suspect
Pint-size, as puppies runtish
Pirates may steal it home
Place for storing fine plates (card game) chinacloset
Place you'll find in one of this puzzle's clues room
Places where people may catch cold fish iceholes
Publishing mistakes errata
Pushed a little nudged
Rembrandt who painted Washington peale
Revival experts, briefly emts
San ___ (Riviera city) remo
Sanction endorse
Seals, to polar bears prey
See 52 Down stop
See 67 Across weapon
Serengeti critter gnu
Series of lecture events focusing on local communities tedx
Shoddy cheapo
Short film producer? cam
Shower fixtures drains
Site of a 2014 revolution ukraine
Skating gold medalist Lysacek evan
Snickers tidbit nut
Social equal peer
Social reformer Baker ella
Some ornate vessels urns
Source of some shade elm
Star of some sports records (board game) asterisk
Subtitle of the T. Rex song 'Bang a Gong' getiton
Teleprompter's prompt cue
Tiny venomous pest fireant
Title apiarist played by Peter Fonda ulee
Tony Award-winning actress Finneran katie
Trance music relative techno
Trap, as in a net enmesh
Turn bad deprave
TV executive who created '20/20' (app game) roonearledge
Vending machine drink cola
Vending machine drink soda
Viking missions raids
Where books are often set shelves
With 68 Down, 1977 Fleetwood Mac classic dont
With 71 Across, something you'll find in this puzzle's corners murder
Work of celebration ode
Wouldn't stand for it? sat
Xiangkhoang's land laos
Yonder yacht she
___ school grad
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