How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Dec 30 2018

'As Time Goes By' pianist sam
'Juno and the Paycock' playwright ocasey
'The Crucible' setting salem
2002 'Friends' Emmy winner aniston
32-card game skat
Abandon desert
Abandon at the altar jilt
Actress Plummer amanda
Aha moment sensation? thinkingfeeling
Andean wool source llama
Apple variety rome
Appliance maker since 1934 amana
Ashton's spouse mila
Asian celebration tet
Aslan's land narnia
Atmosphere ambience
Author Bombeck erma
Back-to-school time for many: Abbr sept
Bangers partner mash
Bank contents money
Barbarian ogre
Batty daft
Be a bundle of nerves fret
Beat out oneup
Because of, with 'to' owing
Before long, quaintly anon
Biblical prophet amos
Broom-__: comics witch hilda
Capital south of Vienna zagreb
Cara of 'Fame' irene
Caribbean getaway stthomas
Cartridge holder pen
Chewed persistently gnawedon
Cinderella's coach? mythcarriage
Close to closed ajar
Colorful blocks legos
Combat zones arenas
Common sense smell
Con artists fleecers
Confirmation, e.g rite
Contents of el mar agua
Copenhagen native dane
Cubes for cooking dices
Cyst of no concern wen
Defrost in the microwave? powerthaw
Dollhouse Christmas decoration? peeweewreath
Done, in Verdun fini
Drink suffix ade
Dudley Do-Right's org rcmp
Duds, old-style raiments
Early American home wigwam
Early Indo-European aryan
Elevator innovator otis
English critic Kenneth tynan
Evade shun
Filthy quarters rathole
Flexor muscle, informally bicep
Folks people
Former #1 LPGA golfer Lorena ochoa
Former name of Myanmar's most populous city rangoon
French monarch roi
Friend of Pythias damon
Frozen summer coolers icees
Garlicky sauce aioli
Geek chic? mathappeal
German title herr
Goes after seeks
Grab a bite eat
Grandparent, often doter
Gremlins and Pacers amcs
Gym site ymca
Ham, to Noah son
Heaps alot
Hot stolen
Hurting achy
Its 'M' stands for 'Motoren' bmw
Jam ingredients autos
Jared of 'Suicide Squad' leto
Jazz pianist Blake eubie
John in London loo
Kia SUV sorento
Kournikova of tennis anna
Letters after I? hop
Links prop tee
Longtime Dolphins coach shula
Lucrative, contractually fat
Minor player cog
More cunning slier
Most letters, nowadays email
Mushroom stems stipes
NATO alphabet letter after Romeo sierra
Nave seat pew
No longer working: Abbr ret
Norse god associated with storms thor
Novel ending? ist
Obscure bedim
Off-season at a nudist camp? clothingtime
One at a family reunion niece
One of the Baldwins alec
Optimist hoper
Phelps broke his gold-medal record spitz
Pipe material brier
Pops dad
Propel, in a way oar
Put in a position hire
Quarters digs
Radio host John tesh
Rainbowlike arced
Ready to serve done
Reggae's __ Kamoze ini
Reveal, poetically ope
Salad veggie radish
Sale limitation word per
Scout group den
See 94-Across nation
Separately apiece
Silver and gold metals
Skater Harding tonya
Skier's aid tbar
Society page word nee
Soft drink brand since 1924 nehi
Some tides neaps
Stock female roles ingenues
Strapped-on accessory watch
Suffering from stress-related weight gain? worriedthick
Sympathetic sounds aws
The 'E' in E. & J. Gallo ernest
They may empty in a brawl benches
Tiny insect egg nit
Two, for most folks? thumbtotal
Type of plane astral
Underwear catalog? thongbook
Victim of a fabled upset hare
VW hatchback gti
Welcome greet
Went deep at the park homered
Where Cork is eire
With 130-Across, weekly U.S. magazine with a cryptic crossword the
Words to live by mottos
Worker in a garden bee
Wyoming's __ Range teton
__ One: vodka brand ketel
__ show art
__ tissue scar
'Anyone ___?' else
'Crucify' singer Tori amos
'Dilate' singer DiFranco ani
'Feed me Whiskas!' meow
'Forget about it' nah
'Interesting' isee
'Last Battle' publisher sega
'Love and Basketball' star Epps omar
'Me too' sohavei
'My word!' isay
'Tell me the truth' dontlie
'What's the ___?' idea
*'Pride or Prejudice' author Austen j{ua}ne
*'___ no Ted' dul{ly}
*Be a seeker, in a kids' game {ah}ide
*Bern perfume, as at church ce{na}se
*Browse bestbuy.gov, say sho{dp}
*Canine foaming at the mouth with rubies maddo{gw}
*Dec. 30 et al {ye}ves
*Eschews food {er}ats
*Feels healthy {na}ils
*Groups calling stripes {ua}nions
*Highest temperature projections lo{gw}s
*Knitting tread {ye}arn
*Landlocked European country cha{dp}
*Longest word in RSVP si{lp}
*Modern form of 'you' the{ne}
*Prominent feature of one with six-pack abs {lp}aunch
*Repair, as shocks dar{ne}
*Robert's wife on 'Downtown Abbey' cor{an}
*Scrooge McDuck, to Donald Duck {ah}unt
*Southpaw right{sy}
*Spreads out, as a flag fu{er}ls
*Tares into shreds re{an}ds
*Toothless tool {sy}aw
*Unbundled, as hay ba{ly}ed
1962 title film villain drno
4 or 5, for a certain H.S. student apscore
Address in a window url
Adobe field, briefly tech
Adulterated tainted
Arboretum specimen shrub
Arrange for Uber transportation, say getaride
Barrier on a waterway dam
Bit of a joule erg
Bit split at a plant atom
Bordered (on) verged
Broker's employer firm
Care USA CEO Michelle nunn
Caspian X's realm narnia
Cautionary leader? pre
Changes a D to a C, say regrades
Cinematic ex-Green Beret John rambo
CNN anchor Burnett erin
Coke-seizing org dea
Competitor on an oval racer
Computer lab array screens
Condition treated by AZT hiv
Connects with tiesto
Cries of epiphany ahas
Cylinder's pair edges
DCA or LAX projection eta
DDT banner of 1972 epa
Deep spaces oceans
Deer friend of Flower bambi
Defended one's king, in a way castled
Dish with chopped, hard-boiled ingredients eggsalad
Dishonor from false charges badrap
District area
Early retirement place? crib
Elroy's canine buddy astro
Embroidery material lace
Evidence of dropping the ball, as found in the starred clues and in 12 crossings in this puzzle errors
Exerted much effort strove
Explorer of other worlds rover
Faculty figure dean
Figure calculated from an income statement taxrate
Film with a distinctive alternating two-note sequence in its score jaws
Flowing water source opentap
Former Geo models metros
Fulfill to excess sate
Great Basin people utes
Hank with 755 homers aaron
Helping at Thanksgiving turkeyleg
Heroic spirit derringdo
Hill top crest
Hired henchman goon
How some stock is sold atpar
In a self-absorbed way vainly
Inspects rudely ogles
Ivy appendage tendril
James who played Harry on 'Dexter' remar
John, for short lav
Jumper lines seams
Kyzylkum Desert site asia
Lengthy sentences runons
Like much medication oral
Like much sushi raw
Linguistically coarser saltier
Maintenance upkeep
Make big changes to revamp
Malcolm X's birth city omaha
Miscellaneous assorted
More miffed sorer
Mystery writer Earl ___ Biggers derr
New Kingdom king tut
Oft-quoted pugilist ali
Oregon Trail vehicles wagons
Org. responding to wildfires fema
Parked oneself sat
Part of a cell ironbar
PBS benefactor nea
Person who makes a good impression? mimic
President who served as solicitor general taft
Put on notice warn
Remove, as a king oust
Repairs, as socks sews
Ring master? sumo
See 36 Down mao
Sets straight orients
Shakespearean stir ado
Short time, informally jiff
Show stopper, briefly? tvad
Side-to-side distance breadth
Snow ___ (dessert) cone
Source of destruction bane
Stages, as old battles reenacts
Subj. of ESPNU shows ncaa
Summer Games sword epee
Tangles ensnarls
Territory of north India delhi
The Times Square ball, with respect to changing times, e.g symbol
They might tweet users
Those who can help raise people's spirits? mediums
Those who whistle while they work refs
Thrash metal band with the album 'Spreading the Disease' anthrax
Tireless transport sled
Toy box? petcrate
Trekkies, for one fanbase
University of Alaska Southeast locale juneau
Vermilion's lake erie
With 51 Across, leader whose portrait hangs at Tiananmen Square chairman
Zilch nil
___ blanket wet
___ degree nth
___ Relaxo ('The Simpsons' spa with a Spanglish name) rancho
___ Valley, Calif simi
___-weekly alt
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