How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Dec 27 2016

'Barefoot Contessa' host Garten INA
'Make yourself scarce!' SCRAM
'Tell me something I don't know' WHATELSEISNEW
'The Hundred Secret Senses' author AMYTAN
'___ That Jazz' ALL
Abel's dad ADAM
Agt. after tax evaders TMAN
As well TOO
Be mad about ADORE
Began participating JOINEDIN
Cabinet wood PINE
Cap material? ICE
Capri, for example ISLE
Caribbean vacation spot ARUBA
Cherished DEAR
Clickable address URL
Coin that ordinarily features a caribou on its tails side CANADIANQUARTER
Cradle of early civilization FERTILECRESCENT
Direction on a door PUSH
Diving bird with an eerie call LOON
Dragon's den LAIR
Dynamite AONE
Fantasy novel spell caster MAGE
Flop's opposite HIT
Follower of Babe or Baby RUTH
General Mills breakfast brand CHEX
Green Monopoly piece HOUSE
Group of witches COVEN
Hoped-for response to 'You hurt?' IMOK
Impudence SASS
It may be required to close an account PAYMENTINFULL
Kids around JIVES
Like Sly and the Family Stone's music FUNKY
Like Thor and Loki NORSE
Lost fish of filmdom NEMO
Magritte's street RUE
Meal eaten on a blanket PICNIC
Member of a pre-Columbian empire INCA
Merry escapade LARK
Newswoman Hill ERICA
Pakistani language URDU
Pathway for a sinner, ideally REPENTANCE
Person who accepts a bet TAKER
Piece of flatware FORK
Places with spinning classes GYMS
Play ___ keeps FOR
Pokémon that can eventually evolve into an Alakazam ABRA
Put a whammy on HEX
Radiator protector GRILLE
Right-angled bend ELL
Santa Fe Trail town TAOS
Shakespearean manipulator IAGO
Sharers' pronoun OURS
Shown the door USHEREDOUT
Slimming surgery, briefly LIPO
Somewhat stimulating coffee order HALFCAF
Sound like a frog CROAK
Spaceship personnel CREW
Spigoted vessel URN
Subtle bit of help HINT
They may be crumbled over a sundae OREOS
Too inquisitive NOSY
Tropical rum cocktails MAITAIS
Trunk fluid SAP
Type of acid found in asparagus FOLIC
Unconventional QUIRKY
Unwelcome giveaways, often SPOILERS
Use a scythe REAP
Vitally important KEY
Votes of approval YEAS
Whole bunch SLEW
___ dish (lab container) PETRI
___ number on (psych out) DOA
___ Titans (DC Comics superhero group) TEEN
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