How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Dec 16 2018

'A powerful current that carries a man to a haven,' per van Gogh art
'Ambush' actress Dahl arlene
'Before moving on ...' also
'Beyond' singer Bridges leon
'Gonna pass on that' nah
'House' party? laurie
'I ___ dead people' ('The Sixth Sense' line) see
'Oiche Chiuin' singer enya
'Pass the ball to me!' imopen
'Scrubs' people: Abbr drs
'Ships of the desert' camels
'Shop ___ you drop' til
'Sister Carrie' novelist Theodore dreiser
'That's a good thought' neatidea
'What fun you'll have!' itsablast
'Wise Up' singer Mann aimee
1961 Patsy Cline song whose lyrics reference the Alamo and 'Lips so sweet and tender like petals falling apart' sanantoniorose
1978 No. 1 hit for the Commodores, and an alternate title for this puzzle threetimesalady
1986 memoir whose fifth chapter is titled 'A Fool in Love' itina
50 shades of gray, e.g.? tints
Absorbs, as info learns
AC/DC member? slash
Accumulate amass
Actor Auberjonois of 'Benson' rene
Aggressively audacious brash
Anti-apartheid playwright Fugard athol
AP Bio class letters rna
Arctic swimmer seal
Assists illicitly abets
Auto from Ingolstadt audi
Balance sheet listing asset
Berkeley university's athletic team californiagoldenbears
Best effort, informally agame
Blockbuster format imax
Bombing comic's feeling shame
Businesses 'rescued' by Jon Taffer on Paramount Network bars
Carb-rich dish pasta
Ceiling installation fan
Charges costs
Cheri of 'Scary Movie' oteri
Citation abbr etal
Close, as a winter coat zip
Closest to nothing least
Coffee ___ (brewing appliance) maker
Console with a CX40 joystick atari
Consumed voraciously ateup
Contented utterance aah
Contest on horseback joust
Cook-books filling? the
Cookie containers tins
Coors drink introduced in the 1990s zima
Curie who coined the word 'radioactivity' marie
Decisive victory rout
Device used to map the surface of other planets radar
Discontinued iPod nano
Disorganized mound heap
Dress nattily, with 'out' tog
Dunder Mifflin receptionist pam
Electric blue relative cyan
Ernie putting on a front nine els
ESPN basketball analyst Brown hubie
Exit egress
Famous stargazer sagan
Fantastic beast ogre
Football star for Santos in the 1960s pele
Formally yield cede
Former name of the carrier now known as Envoy americaneagleairlines
Foul temper ire
From square one afresh
G-strings, e.g thongs
Got gussied up preened
Gulf Coast city that's home to Ca' d'Zan (winter home of John Ringling) sarasotaflorida
Guys, in surfer-speak dudes
Having left port asea
Hilty who played Glinda in 'Wicked' on Broadway megan
Hostile territory enemyturf
Illusionist's offering trick
In a scanty way slimly
In the style of, on menus ala
Insensitive sort brute
Issa who plays Issa Dee on HBO's 'Insecure' rae
Jazz great Laine cleo
Jump on the ice axel
Keeps all for oneself, in drug slang bogarts
Kristoff's reindeer companion in 'Frozen' sven
Like fugitives atlarge
Like liquid nitrogen cold
Look after tend
Minor minder nanny
Mummies' homes tombs
Musical groups? casts
Narc's operation raid
Neckwear holder tierack
Not proscribed legal
Note passed around in Amman jordaniandinar
Offenbach offering operetta
Orange sushi topper roe
Pertaining to hearing aural
Plants or animals using secret passages moles
Postwar ___ era
Presently occupied inuse
Products with big Black Friday discounts tvs
Psychologist who wrote 'Beyond Freedom & Dignity' bfskinner
Public bathroom array sinks
Red-haired kid of kid lit pippi
Remove, as a rind peel
Require an erasure, say err
Residue from a blaze ash
Result of a sac fly rbi
Rhyme or reason, e.g noun
Right of way? east
Rock music player stereo
Scanned feet iambs
See somebody? pope
Self-grooming creature cat
Size of a lot, maybe acre
Special talent forte
Successor to the Nissan Stanza altima
Support aid
Tested the weight of hefted
Top spot? stain
Trim blades with blades mow
Unreliable informant liar
Using more subterfuge slyer
West in films mae
What a burglar may trip alarm
What a retinoid treats acne
What's the deal? pokerhand
Without a ___ trace
Woman's name that often starts with 'An' drea
Woolly mammal llama
Word reference that can list material in non-alphabetical order reversedictionary
Worked on one's image? drew
Would-be stars' CDs demos
Ye ___ towne shoppe olde
Yonder fellow him
Youngster in a pouch roo
___ diagram venn
___ Expressway (part of Interstate 94 north of Chicago) edens
___ Killam, alum of both 'MADtv' and 'Saturday Night Live' taran
'30 Rock' creator fey
'E' in a classic equation energy
'Horsefeathers!' baloney
'In Search of...' host nimoy
'Inferno' poet dante
'It __ my fault' isnt
'Mad Men' actor Jon hamm
'Snowy' sight in Florida egret
'Strange __ may seem ... ' asit
'Why don't we?' lets
'__ we go' here
A trusted friend oneofus
Abbr. on a bounced check nsf
AIDE crazyidea
AMOUNT oddmanout
Asian island capital taipei
At some former time once
Aviation-related prefix aero
B-flats in an F major scale fas
Backyard party centerpiece pool
Bar assn. member atty
Belief system credo
Between-courses serving sorbet
Bloke lad
Bookstore adjuncts cafes
Boot part instep
Carried on waged
Cause to turn red, maybe enrage
City on the Ruhr essen
Clothing dept. size lge
Code-breaking org nsa
Collins ingredient gin
Conceit egoism
Concern for a tailor size
Couture giant dior
Crack try
CRANED exoticdancer
Deft agile
Do wedding work cater
Early sci-fi captain nemo
EARTH heartbroken
Eastern path tao
Edible pockets pitas
El Pollo __: southwestern restaurant chain loco
Enzyme suffix ase
Extended time out? coma
Fail big-time layanegg
FIENDISH finishedoff
Fixed looks gazes
Forbes rival inc
Fwys., e.g rtes
Galley need oar
Get all sudsy soapup
Gives a hoot cares
Goof-ups snafus
Grizzled seafarers oldsalts
Harmless cyst wen
Hawthorne cover image reda
Heckles boos
Hens and heifers shes
Hindu titles of respect sris
Hosp. personnel drs
Hospital reminder, perhaps shh
House of Dana fragrance tabu
Impediment rub
In the way of ala
Inscription on a spine title
Iraqi city on the Tigris mosul
Keats and Shelley odists
Kwik-E-Mart owner apu
La-la lead-in tra
La., once terr
Lab dish eponym petri
Leave slack-jawed stun
Less than hardly nary
Like an increase from six to sixty tenfold
Like drive-thru orders togo
Like many an injured arm inasling
Like much FM radio instereo
Like positive outlooks rosy
Lively movement rondo
Made a scene? acted
Mark's replacement euro
Metric weight tonne
MISO imsoconfused
Moonwalker Shepard alan
More fetching cuter
Mosque leader imam
Move like molasses ooze
Muss up, as hair tousle
Name in a footnote cite
New Rochelle college iona
No longer fastened undone
Nursery rhyme girl bopeep
Old toon feline with an alley gang topcat
Oz. and lb qtys
Pad starter heli
Party or movie ending goer
Patience, they say virtue
Pickled veggies cukes
Pole, e.g slav
Press agent's goal ink
Pretentious sort snob
Pro Football Hall of Fame state ohio
Protected side lee
Region area
RESIST twistedsister
Rink star and a 'Catch-22' pilot orrs
Rocky outcropping crag
Scrap for Rover ort
Security guard's duty patrol
Senate wear togas
Shrub with a purple fruit sloe
Silver, for one steed
Simple type of question yesno
SMITE troubledtimes
Software pro, in want ads engr
Solidarity leader Lech walesa
Some court pleas, for short nolos
Some entrance requirements ids
Soothing suffix for a hot day ade
Sounds at pounds yaps
Soup kitchen service freemeal
Stab guess
Stack again repile
Starts over redoes
Stir up arouse
Sugar portions cubes
Take the main part star
Tech-heavy exchange nasdaq
Tennis wear skorts
They aren't pros antis
They may be lame excuses
Tickled pink pleased
Tijuana toast salud
Travels randomly gads
Troll's cousin ogre
Vague discomfort malaise
Weekly talk with a msg ser
Without thinking rashly
Word said with a sigh alas
Workout aftermath, often soreness
You take them at your own risk tips
__ volente deo
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