How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Dec 11 2018

'An egg's way of making another egg': Samuel Butler hen
'Arthur' TV station pbs
'For heaven's __!' sake
'Perhaps I'm wrong' maybenot
'Say that's true ... ' ifso
'We are gathered __ today ... ' here
'__ busy?' you
1998 Sarah McLachlan hit adia
A tops
Airbus product jet
All snuggled in cozy
Anglo-__ saxon
Anti-cruelty org peta
Big Apple team mets
Big Aussie birds emus
Black-and-white cookie oreo
Boo-boo kisser mom
Buddhist sect zen
Chocolate dog labrador
Clickable link url
Climbs, as a cliff scales
Courtroom cry oyez
Cut into four-inch pieces, as a footlong sub trisect
Depend (on) rely
Dict. entry syn
Down or blue sad
Dr. Seuss' Sam-__ iam
Emory email ender edu
Entertainment award quartets, for short egots
Failed firecracker dud
French buddy ami
Gaza Strip gp plo
Gives (out) sparingly doles
Green gemstone jade
Gritty film genre noir
Impatient after-school text to a parent comegetme
Invasive computer program spyware
Lodge opening? econo
Meaty spaghetti sauce bolognese
Microscope glass lens
Nevada casino city reno
New Zealand native maori
Notable time era
Ocean motion tide
Pass rusher's team defense
Passé TV accessory vcr
Pops, to tots dadas
Prepare for a boxing day? spar
React to dust sneeze
Restaurant handout menu
Rx quantity dosage
Rx writers drs
Salem is its cap ore
Scratching-post attachment catstoy
Script for TV teleplay
Sediment layer dregs
Sideless train unit flatcar
Speedway event race
Staggered teetered
Support piece brace
Swiss skiing spot alp
Taj Mahal city agra
Takes effect setsin
Tehran residents iranis
Wall recesses niches
Warms up, as leftovers reheats
Weak end? ness
What six people in this puzzle might be said to possess twofirstnames
With 1-Across, one of the Twelve Apostles simon
With 18-Across, R.E.M. guitarist peter
With 35-Across, 10-time 'SNL' host who was Belushi's straight man in samurai routines buck
With 44-Across, hitter of 755 home runs henry
With 57-Across, 'Breaking Bad' actor aaron
With 68-Across, Garfunkel's partner paul
With no breaks, as a tennis set onserve
Withholding __ tax
Worker, briefly prole
Zest oomph
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