How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Dec 02 2018

'... but I could be wrong' ornot
'Chain of Fools' name aretha
'Exodus' protagonist ari
'Foucault's Pendulum' author eco
'Gotcha!' idig
'Once __ a time ... ' upon
'Slippery' trees elms
'The Simpsons' retailer apu
'The Situation Room' airer cnn
'The wisdom of many and the wit of one': Russell proverb
'Up' star asner
'__ it!' youre
2012 Ben Affleck film argo
86-Across variety pekoe
Agave plant yucca
Algonquian language cree
Antelope playmates deer
Astros catcher McCann brian
Attention care
Avian mimic myna
Baited insect collector anttrap
Basilica recess apse
Beans or greens side
Bigelow product tea
Bite playfully nip
Bonnie Blue's dad rhett
Buds, possibly beers
Cabinet department energy
Caroline Islands components atolls
Casino game requirement, often ante
Category genre
Celestial ovine aries
China's Zhou __ enlai
City from which Vasco da Gama sailed lisbon
Climbed rose
Colorist's supply dyes
Comedy __ act
Consider carefully, with 'over' chew
Cut with a small knife pare
Departed gone
Diagonal sail extender sprit
Doctor's order xray
Doing nothing idle
Don't hold your breath exhale
Dread fear
Driver's license info gender
Drops omits
Eastwood's 'Bronco Billy' co-star Sondra locke
Eerie fliers ufos
Electric wheels tesla
Enhancing word very
Fictional hunter in a floppy hat elmer
Fictional plantation tara
Formal split divorce
Former LeBron team, on sport tickers cle
Former LeBron team, on sports tickers mia
French __ horn
Gemini docking target agena
German river, to locals rhein
German state hesse
GM subsidiary onstar
Gold medal winners at the Renaissance fair? triumphalarchers
Guy's girlfriend amie
Gym employees for those getting in shape fast? expresstrainers
Handy useful
Hardly favored hated
Have high hopes aspire
Hindu 'Destroyer' siva
Inform tell
It's game tag
Kind of column ionic
Kings' org nhl
Lead in a movie, say role
Legally off base onleave
Less risky safer
Like many crosswords themed
Longtime Eur. realm hre
Lost on purpose tanked
Lumps for Miss Muffet curds
Make widely known air
Menial work mcjob
Mercedes line eclass
Minute wee
Musical handicap noear
Musical Mel torme
Musical muscle car gto
Name in a Tolstoy title anna
NBA part assn
Nickname for José pepe
Now today
Obliterate, in Oxford rase
Often painful crack chap
Often tickled bone? rib
Old anesthetic ether
Omar of 'In Too Deep' epps
One may be dull ache
Orange discard peel
Out in the yacht asea
Passed quickly, as time flew
Picked up heard
Pigeon calls coos
Pindar piece ode
Price enders, often nines
QB's stat att
Rant harangue
Rescue squad initials ems
Run-of-the-mill ordinary
Samples tastes
Sandwich shop order onrye
Scalia's successor gorsuch
Second-tallest living bird emu
Selling point? store
Shaft between wheels axle
Shocked text letters omg
Shuts down ends
Signs of garden neglect weeds
Skin-related dermal
Sorority letter eta
Stadium staples franks
Standard norm
Stands at lectures podia
Start of an adage about humanity toerr
Subject of Huáscar inca
Symphonic disc cymbal
Takes a breather rests
Thesaurus wd syn
Touch abut
Trek pack animal llama
Trivial little
Trojan War god ares
TruTV show for board game enthusiasts? realitycheckers
Vacation destination beach
Vivacious pert
Volta's birthplace italy
Weasel cousin stoat
Wedding chapel's main form of advertising? hitchingposters
What the acrobatic landlady liked to do? jumpoverboarders
When a pro might practice at Augusta National? beforethemasters
Where bills should be put after an audit? backinthefolders
Wile E. Coyote supplier acme
Words near an 'F,' maybe seeme
WWII prison camp stalag
Yon yacht she
__ plume nomde
'But every so ___ ...' often
'Chiquitita' band abba
'Elf' co-star James caan
'Have anything ___ to share?' else
'Hick' actor Baldwin alec
'If ___ I'd known!' only
'In other words ...' i{me}an
'Light of the heavens and the earth,' per the Koran allah
'Lost' place isle
'New Fool at an Old Game' singer McEntire reba
'Oh, what a surprise!' by{jo}ve
'Once and Again' actress Ward sela
'The Bonesetter's Daughter' author am{yt}an
'The Piano' actress Anna paqu{in}
'You take care of yourself out there' besa{fe}
Acrobatic agile
Activate beg{in}
Actor Max Jr baer
Adventurous one's quality {me}ttle
After the hour past
Aisle walker us{he}r
Angler's item reel
Aquarium growth algae
Article of cutlery kni{fe}
Attendance call reply here
Aviator Earhart a{me}lia
Burst of electricity jolt
Danish coast feature fjord
Deadly 'Impaler' vlad
Derulo of pop and R&B ja{so}n
Designer's choice style
Detonation sites, once a{to}lls
Display array
Dolphins uniform color aqua
Domain area
Drunk, in slang blo{tt}o
Dull discomfort ache
Dynamite stuff, briefly nitro
Ease soo{th}e
Easier said ___ done than
Eckhart of 'Sully' aaron
Eensy small
Eggs, on Halloween ammo
Emerald Bay's lake tahoe
Employ a dagger stab
Emulate a moth flit
Engages in litigation sues
Enlightened about onto
Entertaining Del Rey lana
Erogenous zone named for Ernst Gräfenberg {gs}pot
Eschew hard work loaf
Establishments that offer belts dojos
Ethiopian's neighbor soma{li}
Evade detection, in a way lurk
Exaggerated account tale
Exemplar ideal
Extremes ends
Flour ___ (tiny pest that feeds on grain) mite
Gel ingredient, maybe aloe
Gluttons pigs
Go without omit
Greek fabulist aesop
Hammer wielder thor
Hard-shell food, maybe {ta}cos
He-Man's asset might
Hebrew Bible kingdom judah
Hells Canyon state, in part idaho
Henri's 'ta-ta' adieu
Hint of Limburger cheese? odor
Hit on the noggin conk
Honey-glazed items hams
Hop into the tub ba{th}e
Hotel keycard opening slot
Huck's conveyance raft
Hue of a clear sky azure
Identify name
Imaginary line through Earth axis
Implements in shop class saws
Imposing naval force fleet
In existence real
Indian wood sources teaks
Inoculation amount dose
Intentional loss, in boxing slang dive
Internet access method cable
Intimidating brute ogre
Inviting door sign enter
Iron Man's alter ego Tony ___ stark
It gets set by a judge bail
It may be free ride
It'll take you for a spin eddy
It's paired with 'wine' dine
Jersey team until 2012 nets
Kent's love of comics lane
Lager containers ste{in}s
Landing strip {ta}rmac
Laptop memory units b{yt}es
Latest fashion trend
Leans toward, as with an age group s{ke}ws
Legal excuse alibi
Legal order writ
Like candles or crayons waxen
Like some pool balls so{li}d
Looked upon be{he}ld
Looks (around) noses
Loop at a rodeo lasso
Nameless hero's portrayer in the martial arts film 'Hero' jet{li}
Necessities for many with broken shoulders slin{gs}
Needs for clarinetists reeds
Never to be repeated once
New drivers, usually teens
New York City's ___ Avenue fifth
Newsweek alternative time
Nickel sources ores
Nightingale's pad nest
Nissan NX options {tt}ops
No-no for a child sass
Not at all competent inept
Not dirty c{le}an
Novelist Amado {jo}rge
October Revolution leader lenin
Ointment applicator swab
One in a swarm midge
One-eyed deity odin
Ones ignoring a called strike? scabs
Ooze out leak
Openly displayed bared
Order at Texas Roadhouse steak
Oscar winner for 'Brokeback Mountain' ang{le}e
Outbuilding shed
Overdo, as a privilege abuse
Play things? l{in}es
Reads, as vibes s{en}ses
Red baseball feature s{ti}tch
Regards eyes
Relative of a grapefruit ugli
Revise, as an essay edit
Ribisi's director in 'The Gift' raimi
Rosemary and thyme, e.g herbs
Rust, e.g oxide
Seed of wheat {ke}rnel
Show up come
Striped shirt wearer of children's books waldo
Take a military recruiter up on their offer en{li}st
Target of thrombolysis clot
Taxi meter reading fare
Tea party figure alice
Teased stuff in a salon hair
Tenth of a bowling game fra{me}
Terminal on a network node
The person reading this, for one {so}lver
Tightly clenched hand fist
Top dog head
Topper at a pageant {ti}ara
Traffic problems jams
Trapshooting skeet
Traveler from afar? ali{en}
Trireme propellers oars
Trumpet with praise ex{to}l
Trusty mount steed
Tweak, as text amend
Type types fonts
Underhanded stratagems wiles
Unoccupied idle
Untimely, in a way early
Used curse words swore
Using as a source, with 'on' based
Utterance of dismissal scram
View from Luxor nile
Waistcoat edges hems
Wanted poster word alias
War of words spat
Wednesday, to Fester niece
What a lab rat may navigate maze
Yasser Arafat's birth city cairo
Yearly college football opponent of Harvard yale
Yogi or Smokey, e.g bear
Yokohama's nation japan
Yorkshire terrier, e.g pooch
Young lover of theater romeo
Yummy food's asset aroma
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