How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Aug 27 2017

#1 rodeo competitor? THELORDOFTHEROPINGS
'Forbidden' perfume TABU
'Good one, matador!' OLE
'Lou Grant' production co MTM
'Make it quick!' ASAP
'No __!': 'Easy-peasy!' PROB
'The rules __ the rules' ARE
'__ dreaming?' AMI
1995 Cecil B. DeMille Award-winning actress LOREN
74-Across season ETE
Absorb, as with toweling BLOTUP
Accomplishments DEEDS
Acorn, essentially SEED
Act with passion EMOTE
Appears suddenly SPRINGSUP
Article in rap titles THA
Astaire/Rogers 1935 boast? IMADETOPHAT
Auction unit LOT
Ballerinas' supply ROSIN
Band performance GIG
Bermuda's ocean: Abbr ATL
Bond adventure with Honey Ryder DRNO
Boxer's brand? ALPO
Brief outline APERCU
Caber toss garb KILTS
Capital SW of Brussels PARIS
Carrier renamed in 1997 USAIR
Church greeter's target NEWFACE
Clock readout abbr LCD
Collector's item CURIO
Common conifer PINE
Compassion HEART
Compassionate, creative, submissive sort, it's said PISCES
Courtesy to parents of a child flying alone GATEPASS
Craving ITCH
Crisscross pattern GRID
Current TIDE
Dangerous African biter MAMBA
Dangerous African biter ASP
Decline DIP
Den, for one ROOM
Development areas UTERI
Draft providers BEERTAPS
Emulated a street performer MIMED
Engine regulator THROTTLE
Estonia neighbor LATVIA
Fire __ ESCAPE
Flew into __ ARAGE
For two, in music ADUE
Freetown currency LEONE
Geometry function SINE
Get rid of SCRAP
Golf shoe feature CLEAT
Gp. that includes Venezuela OPEC
Grint who plays Ron in Harry Potter films RUPERT
Guiding principles TENETS
Half of bowling's worst split TENPIN
Harley, e.g HOG
High-tech worker ROBOT
Home furnishing purchase DININGSET
Ideal places EDENS
Industry VIP TITAN
Investment acronym IRA
It might be tapped MAPLETREE
It won't fly on the Sabbath ELAL
Kosher LEGIT
Laryngitis docs ENTS
Like small star fruit TART
Like some construction sight markers CONIC
Like some strays MANGY
Like soup cans to Andy Warhol? PERFECTFORTHEPOPART
Makeover REDO
Many a South Pacific isle ATOLL
Marilyn's birth name NORMA
Mexican dirección ESTE
Mid sixth-century date DLI
Military unit TROOP
Montana's __ Falls OUSEL
More extensive WIDER
New York natives ERIES
News story sources LEAKS
Novelist Bellow SAUL
Of immediate concern URGENT
Ones pressed for drinks GRAPES
Overwhelm with noise DEAFEN
Pace of a runaway horse? UNMITIGATEDGALLOP
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Paul Anka's '__ Beso' ESO
Portugal's region IBERIA
Position STANCE
Prepare to store, as a blueprint ROLLUP
Produce chapter and verse? WRITE
Refuses WONT
Religion that may involve a moon goddess WICCA
Require meds, maybe AIL
Ruckus DIN
Saltpeter NITER
Sault __ Marie STE
Savvy shopper's cry IGOTADEAL
Scrooge's opposite WASTREL
Sculptors' degs BFAS
See 14-Down ONCE
Shortly, casually INAFEW
Show appreciation, in a way CLAP
Silent affirmation NOD
Since Jan. 1, in P&L reports YTD
Slim swimmer EEL
Slope apparel SKIHATS
Small change CENTS
Songlike MELODIC
Sticks figure RUBE
Successor to Claudius NERO
Swabby's need PAIL
Swear AVOW
Taunt GIBE
The musical '1776' reworked with arias? COLONIALOPERA
Their areas are arias DIVAS
Ticket word ROW
Tolerate ABIDE
Traditional meal SEDER
Traffic stopper, perhaps SIREN
Two-balled weapon BOLA
Under-the-hood type GEARHEAD
Undercut ERODE
Verizon subsidiary AOL
Vespa newbies? MOPEDSTUDENTS
Was in the red OWED
What manuscripts may be submitted on SPEC
Whole alternative SKIM
Why the kennel closed? NOPETPROFIT
With 113-Down, precipitously ALLAT
Wonder on stage STEVIE
[It disappeared!] PFFT
__ in the Pod: maternity brand APEA
#, in chess notation mate
'Get me out of here' key on a PC keyboard esc
'Hollow' singer Kelly tori
'It's a deal!' sold
'Many years ago ...' once
'We'd better avoid it' letsnot
'West Side Story' role maria
'Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?' author Silverstein shel
'Yeah ... you can just forget about it' uhno
'___ my money ...' for
20-20, for example tiescore
Address Congress, e.g orate
Alter, perhaps sew
Analyze syntactically parse
Article in Der Spiegel eine
Battleship target destroyer
Begin to bare all strip
Best Buy array tvs
Big Batman villain bane
Bill promoting science nye
Bottom ___ line
Bring to life again recreate
Burn slightly sear
Bush's 2005 nominee alito
Byrnes of 'Grease' edd
Cecily Strong's sketch show, briefly snl
Circuit components fuses
Clippers' targets nails
Collectible frame cel
Combo instrument sax
Come forward stepup
Company with drivers uber
Completes ends
Composer Ferruccio busoni
Comprehended got
Concept of causality, in Hinduism karma
Concrete real
Cosmos star of the '70s pele
Decides to withdraw optsout
Deli staple ham
Did a con job, maybe? rebutted
Do some cryptography encode
E. Lansing school msu
Ejected tossed
Eliminated the excess from, as topiarists do pruned
Euphoria joy
Exits, as from a 737 deplanes
Extensive campaign ('Smooth Operator') crusade
Extolling work ode
Feeling the pressure onedge
Figure receiving much acclaim idol
Flames' sites wicks
Flanders of Springfield ned
Former energy giant enron
Fruit from a palm tree acai
Game one? player
Gas-X alternative beano
Gift shop purchase tshirt
Goes bad turns
Guardian, usually adult
Had some down time? slept
Happy co-worker? doc
Hard-to-resist feeling urge
Hit 1987 song by Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam ('Africa') headtotoe
Ibsen Museum city oslo
Improve one's pitch, in a way autotune
John Belushi's reads 'I may be gone, but Rock and Roll lives on' epitaph
Lawn-care implement weeder
Letters of desperation sos
Libyan expanse ('Take On Me') sahara
Like mercury dense
Like rice, maybe fried
List conclusion: Abbr etc
Literature Nobelist Octavio paz
Lock up secure
Long-snouted swimmer gar
Longest month, in a way september
Longtime CBS drama csi
Loudly lament sob
Magnetic ___ tape
Make it arrive
Match unit set
Maximally mammoth hugest
Medieval domain fief
Milano of 'Charmed' alyssa
Milne's little hopper roo
Minor problem, often acne
Muscleman's title mruniverse
Observes Ramadan, in a way fasts
Ones with bigger puppy siblings, say runts
Pastoral place lea
People person, perhaps? actress
Peyton's sibling eli
Phrase to an old chap isay
Pink cat in the comics arlene
Psychedelic stuff lsd
Purple-colored coleslaw ingredient, despite its name ('Dancing Queen') redcabbage
Radioactive ___ (atomic process) decay
Rats ('Schism') stoolpigeons
Refinery input ore
Rejects disdainfully scorns
Relaxation ease
Resistor units ohms
Restaurant critic, e.g foodie
Rich Musk elon
Ristorante selection ravioli
Robbie ___, alter ego of Ghost Rider ('Roundabout') reyes
Ruthless rulers despots
School near Windsor eton
Sci-fi phenomena ufos
Seething mad
Shared knowledge lore
Sheet music symbol clef
Shower sign raindrop
Site of a witch hunt salem
Site of the National Library of India kolkata
Smash hit by Wings, or a feature found six times in this puzzle bandontherun
South-of-the-border wrap serape
Spanish number that is its own square root uno
Still yet
Stumped ataloss
Subject for Euripides and Sophocles electra
Swell sort niceguy
Tabloid nickname for the King of Pop jacko
They're for the birds aviaries
Try to contact after tanking up? drunkdial
Tuna roll garnish roe
Two or three, say afew
Unhurriedly move (along) trundle
Unlike G-rated films smutty
Unresolved inlimbo
Unusual ordinal dozenth
Venomous Nile menace asp
Victoria's Secret products bras
Volleyballer Gabrielle reece
What hurricanes and tornadoes may wreak havoc
Where many people sit, ironically stands
Whoopi Goldberg's role on 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' guinan
Yankees' home, informally theusofa
Yankton people's tribe sioux
Yonder entity that
___ Corbin, former Utah Jazz coach tyrone
___ machine fog
___ Music Festival (annual event held in Miami's Bayfront Park) ultra
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