How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Apr 30 2019

'Certainement!' oui
'Close call!' phew
'Family Ties' mom elyse
'For goodness __!' sakes
'Law & Order: __' svu
'The Beverly Hillbillies' daughter __ May elly
Actor's nickname heard in the song 'Key Largo' bogie
Airline that doesn't fly on Shabbat elal
Alaskan native inuit
Answer the invite, initially rsvp
Apart from this else
Art community NNE of Santa Fe taos
Ballet title bird swan
Be in sync (with) jibe
Beach shade tan
Began, as a hobby tookup
Bilingual subj esl
Bouquet __: herb bundle garni
Camaro __-Z iroc
Campaign donation orgs pacs
Catty utterance? meow
Crock-Pot dinner stew
Dallas hoopster, briefly mav
Dance that 'takes two' tango
Declare all debts resolved calliteven
Devious sly
Diarist Nin anais
Digging tool spade
Disturbances todos
E-cigarette's lack ashes
Either 'J' in J&J johnson
Grammy winner Corinne Bailey __ rae
Herding dog name shep
Jacob's twin esau
Jubilation highspirits
Kilt wearer's 'no' nae
Lack of continuity gap
Le frère d'un père oncle
Like an extremely well-pitched game nohit
Like many a successful poker player deadpan
Like thrift shop items used
Like wool, for many itchy
Massage reactions ahs
McJob worker peon
Nodding off zonkingout
Nods off snoozes
Novelist Victor hugo
Performances by Chippendales dancers stripshows
Phil Collins' longtime band genesis
Pinup's leg gam
Pitchfork target hay
Quran deity allah
Right now atthispoint
Rustler-chasing group posse
Sea disasters, and a hint to what's literally hidden in 18-, 23-, 38- and 50-Across shipwrecks
Seer's 'gift' esp
Serious fwy. violation dui
Shameful symbol in a Hawthorne novel reda
Short, moneywise shy
Sidekick pal
Slam-dancing area moshpit
Snack nosh
Sound from a nest peep
Spoken oral
Square root of IX iii
Squash underfoot stepon
Store securely stow
Subdue with a zap tase
The Baltics, once: Abbr ssrs
Too sure of oneself smug
Top-drawer aone
Turn on the waterworks bawl
Verdi opera aida
Window framework sash
Winning ontop
Wrigley Field corners bases
__ Penh phnom
__ speak soto
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