How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Apr 28 2019

'Aladdin' carrier carpet
'Bodacious, bro!' rad
'In that case ...' ifso
'Let me hear you!' sayit
'MMMBop' band, 1997 hanson
'Peter Pan' character's always going to be the minimum drinking age? wendysforever21
'Same' asdoi
'Shrek' princess fiona
'Snowy' creature owl
'So I made a mistake ... big deal!' sueme
'The Shawshank Redemption' protagonist Dufresne andy
'This ___ helping' isnt
'Van Helsing' weapon stake
'Watermark' artist enya
'___ Fatale' (2002 Brian De Palma film) femme
'___ paid my dues' (opening lyric of 'We Are the Champions') ive
'___ the Kid' (NHL star Crosby's nickname) sid
120 Down, e.g year
ACT, e.g exam
Actor Rob's farm building that he uses for making ceramics? lowespotterybarn
Actress Teegarden of 'Friday Night Lights' aimee
Alan of 37 Across alda
Altogether intoto
Annoy greatly eatat
Apple consumer eve
Arizona desert sight mesa
Back muscles, briefly lats
Battery poles anodes
Be of use avail
Beast with hoofs ass
Beginning of the common era 1ad
Besmirch vilify
Biblical verb shalt
Big West Coast sch ucla
Bit of on-screen eroticism? sext
Blackens, in a way tars
Bland news headline about how Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Aquaman rescue tons of people? fiveguyssavealot
Blue state? sorrow
Bone-dry arid
Boor lout
Boredom, with 'the' blahs
Carol refrain falala
Cedar Rapids denizen iowan
Cedric's ward in 'Ivanhoe' rowena
Chihuahua shade, maybe tan
Choose, or choice select
Clinical study group cohort
Colorful rings irises
Common D.C. position aide
Copper's neighbor on a table zinc
Cosmologist Hubble edwin
Director Kazan elia
Discreet summons psst
Display of disrespect sass
Doily fabric lace
Emulate a beaver gnaw
Enveloped by amid
Famous ___ amos
Fasten, as at a harbor moor
Flightless bird not seen in centuries dodo
Forged item blade
Forging item anvil
Former sketch show inspired by a humor magazine madtv
Fort full of bullion knox
Foxx who influenced Richard Pryor redd
From Bhutan, say asian
Garden slowpoke snail
Gave up, as a lead blew
Grp. based in Brussels nato
Grp. for an OB-GYN ama
Hidden evidence that a 19th-century British monarch was actually part turtle? victoriassecretshell
Hidden homes lairs
Hostile icy
Hot air space sauna
How one may start anew
Iberian wine center with a wine center? oporto
Identification clarification aka
Kick oneself over rue
Land in the sea isle
Latex-producing plant aloe
Least ordinary oddest
Lei Day salutation aloha
Level at an opera house tier
Like a regular pentagon's angles obtuse
Like Chicago winters harsh
Like data, initially raw
Like many Ba'ath Party politicians syrian
Like some arrivals late
Loch ___ ('bonnie banks' site, in song) lomond
Lost one's footing slid
Low extremity toe
Make content satisfy
Makeup of Medusa's victims stone
Marvel character based on a Herman Melville character ahab
Me, overseas moi
Mineral found on Mars opal
Mixer at a bar shaker
Modern reading option nook
Mood rings, e.g fad
Moody Blues co-founder Laine's real importance? dennystruevalue
Muddies, as waters roils
Nabisco cracker brand ritz
Narwhal tusk material ivory
Not for against
NPR journalist Shapiro ari
Palindromic musician ono
Performs excellently, in slang slays
Phrase of realization isee
Place setdown
Prefix with natal neo
Quadrennial tally, perhaps vote
R&B singer McCloud lillie
Remark following a trip imokay
Restrooms, informally lavs
Reunion attendee inlaw
Rhone metropolis lyon
Rose of Guns N' Roses axl
Routine strength? wit
Seek a miracle from prayto
Seized vehicle, briefly repo
Series-ending letters etc
Silver medalist's place 2nd
Singer-songwriter Fats's tiny clones of a Roman emperor? dominoslittlecaesars
Sized up eyed
Skillfully deceptive sly
So far asyet
Solution that some use for going green? hairdye
Some co. leaders veeps
Some punches lefts
Some waterways creeks
Son of a king, perhaps heir
Spur impel
Subject of many essays by Ta-Nehisi Coates race
Tangential comment aside
Tater spud
The ___ State (Oklahoma) sooner
Thrift store proviso asis
Thus hence
U-boat, e.g.? oldnavytarget
War zone series mash
___ Fein sinn
___ mater alma
___ out (just make) eke
___ Vegas Aces (WNBA team) las
'Ghosts' playwright ibsen
'God __ refuge and strength': Psalm 46 isour
'Let's not do that' skipit
'Nasty' Nastase of tennis ilie
'There you __!' are
'Trainwreck' director Judd apatow
'Yuck!' eew
'__ la Douce' irma
101 class involving Freud: Abbr psy
18-Down? fatherofthebrood
2000 Richard Gere title role drt
Actress Delta burke
Actress Issa rae
Ado stir
Airhead dunce
Airport near D.C bwi
Alit landed
Alone, in Arles seul
Amphibian College curriculum? newtcourses
Aquatic predators orcas
Arena roarer crowd
Arp's art dada
Astute keen
Back again fro
Basic electrical component circuit
Beetle relatives jettas
Belong fitin
Bering, e.g strait
Bilks corporate bigwigs? takesinthesuits
Billiards slab slate
Bit of trickery gag
Braying beast ass
Brownstone-front hangout stoop
Bygone depilatory brand neet
Cal. locale of the Latino Walk of Fame eastla
Canadian gas esso
Chanel competitor dior
Charlottesville sch uva
Choose opt
Chris of 'American Pie' films owen
Coat of arms element crest
Coll. students' access codes netids
College domain edu
College dorm figs ras
Columbus campus: Abbr osu
Connects logically tiesin
D.C. VIPs reps
Dawn goddess aurora
Delay, with 'off' put
Dusters rags
Editing app on Google Play estory
Egyptian deity isis
Employs so that one may usesto
Endearing quality of puns silliness
Exceptional wind? firstclassflute
Expiate, with 'for' atone
Filled with rage ireful
Foundation of a civil society law
Friend of Eeyore roo
Good, to Giovanni buono
Goosebump-inducing spooky
Grinch victim in the Wasatch Range? rockymountainwho
Gucci of fashion aldo
Hard work travail
High point peak
Hockey legend orr
Homer's 'rosy-fingered' time dawn
Hot under the collar sore
Improve enhance
In cahoots asone
Indiana Jones' hat fedora
Inexpensive, as housing lowrent
Inspiration for 'The Hulk'? bruteidea
It doesn't go off dud
Just mere
Kitten handles? scruffs
Large wardrobe armoire
Legal memo phrase inre
Like Hogwarts lore occult
Like honey gooey
Like perjured testimony untrue
Many college donors alumni
Meal with a crust potpie
Mild angst unease
Minister's house manse
Modigliani subject nude
Motel 6 visits stays
Musical success hit
Nickname for a seafaring Smurf? captainblue
NW Penn. airport eri
Often pointy-eared figure elf
On the other hand but
One looking badly? ogler
Orbiter for 15 years mir
Pass over ignore
Pasty food poi
Philosopher Descartes rene
Play lists casts
Prepare for bodybuilding photos oilup
Pro Football Hall of Famer Merlin __ olsen
Puff's ailment? dragonflu
Rank of Brit. TV sleuth Morse dci
Rather ohso
Ready to play again rested
Real-estate holding account escrow
Rest repose
Runs in the wash bleeds
Sailing competition regatta
Say casually remark
Set (on) bent
Shoulders, e.g joints
Sister of Venus serena
Small ammo bbs
Some old Eur. republics ssrs
Staple __ gun
Stress-relief tool spongeball
Sturdy tree oak
Succeed despite obstacles winout
Surprise with a visit dropin
Swahili honorific bwana
Takes, as a bus rideson
Tedious situation rut
Tokyo electronics giant sony
Tony's cousin obie
Traded (in) dealt
Two-time Pulitzer Prize for Fiction awardee updike
Uncertain query before a query shouldiask
UPS unit ctn
Urn turner, perhaps potter
Wake-up call provider rooster
Walked over trodon
Warning about overexuberance downboy
Way back when, once erst
Whence some garters? snakeeggs
Whole effort all
Wishes one hadn't done rues
Wordsworth works odes
__ Paulo sao
__-B: hygiene brand oral
__-Locka, Fla opa
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