How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Apr 21 2019

'MASH' setting: Abbr kor
'Napoleon Dynamite' sidekick Sánchez pedro
'Parsley, __, rosemary ... ' sage
'Scream' star Campbell neve
'The Raven' writer poe
'This Is India' novelist Santha Rama __ rau
1929 title words following 'Now he's gone, and we're through' amiblue
2006 Supreme Court appointee alito
Actor Davis ossie
Adds and adds heapson
Advanced loaned
Ain't right? arent
Anderson of 'WKRP in Cincinnati' loni
Anger ire
Angry sore
Aretha's queendom soul
Asian nurse amah
Author Dinesen isak
Backs, anatomically dorsa
Backup copy
Bar order ale
Beach wear trunks
Benefit sake
Binges sprees
Body shop fig est
Borders edges
Cal Poly city pomona
City near Düsseldorf essen
Climber's tool iceaxe
Colors again, as hair redyes
Covert agents spies
Crime film genre noir
Designer's concern decor
Deteriorates worsens
Devout pious
Drink sampling sip
E Street Band guitarist Lofgren nils
Enlarge augment
Everyday article the
Expressed a view opined
Fed. power dept ener
Female surfer wahine
Fifth in NYC, e.g ave
Flavor sapor
Flexible pronoun substitute heorshe
Flight named for its effect on fliers redeye
Flower-watering amounts canfuls
For the woman hers
Ford flop edsel
Furrow maker hoe
Gladiator's venue arena
Golf hole measure yardage
Gone out with seen
Hardly bold timid
Harry Potter's forte magic
Has too much, for short ods
Hit the road leave
Honorary law deg lld
Hyphen cousin endash
In the same place, in footnotes ibidem
Instrument with movable frets sitar
Itchy red area rash
Itinerary abbr rte
Junkyard dogs curs
Kebab holder skewer
Kitchenware brand oxo
Kitten's cry mew
Lazy __ susan
Lennon's love ono
Level between kingdom and class phylum
Lydia's sugar substitute on 'Breaking Bad' stevia
Maiden name preceder nee
Material for drainage lines pvcpipe
Melt thaw
Mil. roadside hazard ied
Minneapolis suburb edina
More reliable surer
Moving brand uhaul
Musical pitch tone
Neighbor of Syr isr
New Jersey NHL team devils
NFL ball carriers rbs
O.T. book after Amos obad
One and only fish? sole
Opie portrayer Howard ronny
Opposite of COD ppd
Org. funded by FICA ssa
Original D&D co tsr
Outback automaker subaru
Pixar clownfish nemo
Plant pores stomas
Poker pros, say cardsharps
Prof's security tenure
Put out, as a magazine issued
Quick snack nosh
Raggedy dolls anns
Rapper Nicki minaj
Refer (to) allude
Roll of dough wad
Run off to wed elope
Sayings like 'Haste makes waste' adages
Scoreboard count outs
Slalom segment ess
Smooths in woodshop sands
Snap course easya
Spike TV, once tnn
State as fact aver
Stein's confidante toklas
Stereotypical shipwreck site desertisle
Still in the game alive
Suffix with cannon ade
Suffix with Pleisto- cene
Suspects' stories alibis
Take care of handle
Take effect, as meds act
Talent skill
Teaser promo
The Red Baron, e.g warace
They may be vacant lots
Till bills ones
To and __ fro
Turmoil unrest
Unraveled frayed
Ward on TV sela
Wards off averts
Well-liked popular
What you used to be? thee
What's expected norm
Work on galleys typeset
Wray of 'King Kong' fay
Zig partner zag
['Star Trek' villain + mailed + light beam + take pains to avoid] khansentrayshun
[Bee home + Venus + heron kin] hivegoddessegret
[Cutlet meat + statute + quartet + goatee site] veallawfourchin
[Legume + yank + pound sound + bee product] peapullarfhoney
[Sass, in slang + inferno + turkey + Babe with a bat] tudehelldudruth
[Utter + cherish + old laundry detergent + harm] sayloveduzinjury
__ stick pogo
__-op pre
||, on a remote pause
$100 per hour, e.g rate
'Close the dialogue' key esc
'Ex Machina' actress Vikander alicia
'Fast Food Nation' writer Schlosser eric
'Frozen' asset, to Elsa ice
'Great' beasts, maybe apes
'How about ...' whatsay
'Let me clear ___ air' the
'Nature's sole mistake,' per the libretto to 'Princess Ida' man
'Star Wars' character from the underwater city Otoh Gunga (reused food container) jarjarbinks
'Such a pity' sad
'Super Trouper' band abba
'The Oath' writer Wiesel elie
Accept eagerly leapat
Actress Yvonne in 'The Ten Commandments' decarlo
Adjective for some jobs odd
Alan of 'Tower Heist' alda
Amass with difficulty, as money (reduced waste) {scrap}etogether
Amount donated at a particular drive pint
Anatomical feature of Leela on 'Futurama' oneeye
Angels owner Moreno arte
Antiquated preposition unto
Assent on the bridge aye
Balkan group slavs
Baryshnikov's jump jete
Boy in Aberdeen laddie
Campaign race
Capital subject, briefly econ
Catalogue issuer, once sears
Certain muscle, briefly delt
Chafe abrade
Clinch lockup
Closing acquisition deed
Common destination entered in a GPS unit home
Complete utter
Composer's masterwork opus
Consumption plan diet
Contract component clause
Cream-filled pastry eclair
Deleted, as data erased
Delivered, as a blow landed
Dell disaster crash
Detected seen
Discipline practiced in some monasteries zen
Dog put in a basket toto
Drink that serves as the title of a Beyoncé album lemonade
Edward VII, to Victoria son
Experience the initial thrill of a potential victory, idiomatically (recycled SODA BOTTLE) tasteblood
Famous Amos or Laffy Taffy, e.g brand
Feature of many back-cover quotations praise
Features of obits bios
Filthy accumulation crud
Forestall preempt
Frozen foods giant named after two state abbreviations oreida
Game specification rule
Garbage disposal unit member (reduced waste) {trash}collector
Generate discussion (recycled D BATTERIES) stirdebate
Great Jazz or Blues player, say allstar
Grilling fuel propane
Grp. providing coverage hmo
Heptathlete's septet events
High-kicking performers (reused food container) cancandancers
Highlights stresses
House of the lord? castle
Initiates the betting opens
Inventor who doesn't receive patents? liar
It may accept cards slot
It may be inspired by a lack of inspiration boredom
It may be spilled secret
It's featured in two Shostakovich concertos cello
Journal reviewer editor
Key of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin'' emajor
Knicks legend Monroe earl
Knights' face masks visors
Like horses and trains ridden
Like many trenches deep
Literary Jane eyre
Load of colors, perhaps wash
Loch studied by cryptozoologists ness
Look seem
Major concern? morale
Many snow globes orbs
Mass quantity, briefly kilo
Metal rod used as an auto safety device rollbar
Micro ___ (weapons fired in 'The Matrix') uzis
Miss. place usa
Natural to a creature inbred
Officials' trips (Hint: The first syllable rhymes with 54 Down) {junk}ets
Opposite of fresh trite
Org. concerned with risk and management osha
Over/under number? par
Paid to play pro
Pair in some families dads
Parts of many DIY kits screws
Passenger's info, briefly eta
Period of note epoch
Person on a journey with Journey roadie
Person selling discarded objects (reduced waste) {junk}dealer
Personal bearing mien
Pointy Vulcan feature ear
Polyurethane, e.g sealant
Pop ingredient, often sugar
Pork mush dish that rhymes with a fruit {scrap}ple
Pork ___ rinds
Precincts areas
Recipient of counsel client
Related to the sound of ringing bells (reused food container) tintinnabular
Rise (and fall) of the sea level tide
Salad item cress
Saves, as data stores
See 20 Across otis
See 54 Down beds
Sheds in a forest, say molts
Sign of a big rock hit? crater
Sitarist's melody raga
Socially awkward type dweeb
Some characters in the film 'Real Genius' nerds
Source of tunes stereo
Spanish cry of elation arriba
Stopover spot inn
Summers on the Food Network marc
Summertime skin woe hea{trash}
Tax levy
The C of the CMYK color model cyan
Think tank generation ideas
Tiny bit (recycled COUPONS) soupcon
Trigonometry symbols thetas
Twins' trio outs
Underground resource ore
Unlike Norman Bates sane
Vehicles summoned by an app ubers
Vigorous clash tussle
Volume unit liter
Volume unit? page
Wake up rouse
Whole intact
With 110 Down, pioneer in elevator safety elisha
With 55 Down, private places to sleep? bunk
Word heard before a shot is fired set
___ Cakesters (Nabisco treats) oreo
___ in (aware) clued
___ off (annoyed) teed
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