How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Apr 14 2019

'Hawaii Five-0' actor Garcia jorge
'Hidden Figures' star Octavia spencer
'I'll show you ___' how
'I'm with you' ditto
'It ___ at Night' (2017 horror film) comes
'Notes on a Cowardly Lion' biographer John lahr
'Pieces of ___' (2018 Karin Slaughter novel) her
'Problem Child' band acdc
'Wheel' players, e.g trio
1964 NBA MVP Oscar robertson
2019 superhero film about Carol Danvers captainmarvel
Aired on more than one channel simulcast
All-America City Award winner of 1972 erie
Appaloosa feature spot
Approach to governance based on pragmatism rather than idealism realpolitik
Attach, in a way strapon
Auto label bumpersticker
Automated process for creating a batch of personalized letters mailmerge
Available resources means
Avoid being a hypocrite practicewhatyoupreach
Badger harass
Big petroleum exporter oman
Bike storage site, maybe shed
Bologna craving? amore
Bowler, e.g hat
Branch location tree
Breed nicknamed the 'American Gentleman' bostonterrier
Brief timetable sked
British nobles whose coronets feature eight silver balls and eight strawberry leaves earls
Canonized nun who wrote 'The Interior Castle' stteresa
Cause of a distraction decoy
Chess action denoted by 'x' capture
Company with the tag line 'Pest control down to a science' orkin
Console for playing 'The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword' wii
Contained, with 'up' pent
Counterparts of control groups? mobs
Creatures featured in 'Best in Show' dogs
Critical situation on the court setpoint
Curly hair, e.g trait
Daily Planet journalists' source? dccomics
Displays symptoms of apnea, perhaps snores
Drill instructor? shopteacher
Electric potential unit volt
Fastening devices hasps
Fire sign aries
Flip upend
Floor layout that minimizes the use of enclosed spaces openplan
Form of poetry / Presented as in this clue / But not the others haiku
Fundamentally altered revamped
Galaxy Tab alternative ipad
Glass top brim
Go for, with 'for' opt
GoGreen! publisher epa
Green stuff dumped on celebrities at the Kids' Choice Awards slime
Group of base courses mess
Growing in influence ascendant
Hardened patches of skin on one's feet corns
He's 'tough on dirt and grime,' per an ad jingle mrclean
Headliners mainacts
Herald with a loud voice stentor
Hot and bubbling ataboil
Hurl invective, say rant
Improved, as skills honed
Impudent brat snot
Individually each
Interstate posts milemarkers
It follows and precedes 'rules' are
It goes through the grinder meat
It will slow you down brakepedal
Jeannette who was the first woman elected to Congress rankin
Lacking in substance thin
Local greenery flora
Looks like a creep ogles
Maker of Preludes and Concertos honda
Maude portrayer on TV bea
Medicine ball locales gyms
Mini machine? engine
Minor squabble spat
Mort on the cover of 'Seriously Funny: The Rebel Comedians of the 1950s and 1960s' sahl
Much of the audience for Raffi's music tots
Nice way of expressing approval? oohlala
Nickname in a rhyming 1950s slogan ike
Noise heard on a farm oink
Noise heard on a farm neigh
Not in any pain unhurt
Ones represented by three digits, at times agents
Ones shown playing on the Hallmark Channel on Super Bowl Sunday kittens
Pair of kings (except one of them)? eyes
Part of a Yahtzee quintet die
Patriot League's org ncaa
Perfect instant rightmoment
Perform in pairs, say skate
Philharmonic member oboist
Picker-upper? taxi
Pilot's projection, briefly eta
Priceline listing rate
Projecting layer of rock shelf
Publisher of the game 'Space Harrier' sega
Put forth exert
Put up, as an oil hang
Puts down, in slang burns
Request at Ruth's Chris rare
Restrictive regimen diet
Returns reviewer, briefly cpa
Rupture burst
Sarkeesian who founded the website Feminist Frequency anita
See 1 Across than
Setting of the first and last scenes of 'Pulp Fiction' diner
Showed fear, maybe shook
Singer in a movie studio lori
Slip border hem
Small work unit erg
Smooth over, in a way pave
Some are pardoned by the president turkeys
Stain remover janitor
Surface statistic area
Take on assume
Teenagers in love highschoolsweethearts
Things found by a den beartracks
Threaten, as a 62 Across would barkat
Tiny thing on a slide amoeba
View from Chamonix alps
Vowel-rich fruit acai
What Edward Nygma poses to Batman riddle
Where an otter hunts river
Wings it? aviates
With 111 Across, < less
Wound, as on a reel spooled
___ Bittys (Hallmark line of plush toys) itty
___ dictator tinpot
___ strain (common injury for an athlete) groin
___ tone sepia
'Just watch me!' hereigo
'No need to shout' ivegotears
'Party of Five' actress Campbell neve
'See you later!' ciao
'The Godfather' actor caan
'The __ that men do lives after them': Antony evil
'Too little payment __ great a debt': Shak forso
'__ take a while' itll
2010 health law: Abbr aca
Airport serving Washington dulles
Arrive with a flourish sweepin
Artist Monet claude
Artistic dynasty ming
At no time, poetically neer
Banking org. since 1933 fdic
Biblical mount zion
Big name in razors atra
Blunt, as reality stark
Boop frame cel
Brush brand oralb
Bunk array cots
Cad louse
Carpentry shop gadgets vises
Casual beer order tallone
Charge for using leaseto
Choir group alti
Cinque e uno sei
City near Mount Rainier yakima
Clandestine org nsa
Clears (of) rids
Cleric's residence manse
Copied, old-style dittoed
Crystal-bearing rock geode
Cut lop
Don of talk radio imus
Editor's mark stet
Europe's longest river volga
Evening, in ads nite
Exemplar of corporate malfeasance enron
February forecaster from Punxsutawney phil
Fish-and-chips fish cod
Footballer's tool, in France tete
Frozen treats icepops
Genesis grandson enos
Get away from elude
Get going leave
Gooey treat smore
GPS datum rte
Haydn's 'The Creation,' for one oratorio
Hit in the 7-Down loft
Homeric epic iliad
How to talk to the hand?: Abbr asl
Immature insects larvae
In the area of about
In-flight drink option tea
Its capital is Kigali rwanda
Kale unit leaf
Kitchen sponge brand ocelo
Lazy ones idlers
Leaves the office for a bit stepsout
Less than right? acute
Like most of Denmark's flag red
Literally, 'folding paper' origami
Little ones tots
Locally organized event with rides and games? fairfromhome
Look too closely? ogle
Low-level laborer peon
Make woolens, say knit
Many a late '90s startup dotcom
Mature insect imago
Medical lab liquids sera
Memorial __ Kettering: NYC hospital sloan
Metaphorical scrutiny, in modern lingo deepdive
MLB info stats
More clement nicer
Moved relocated
Moved with effort trudged
Neighbor of Chad niger
Nursery staple soil
Occultist symbol pentagram
Okinawa okay hai
Old-school 'cool' hep
Old-time actor Lew ayres
One holding a derby? hathook
One might run an errand aide
Only bucket you'll ever need? lifelongpail
Open org usta
Othello deceiver iago
Overworked employee at a desert diner? hotrunningwaiter
Part of MIT: Abbr inst
Pass enact
Periodical for some Downton Abbey employees? maidmagazine
Photogenic expanse vista
Place for a rocker porch
Plaza Hotel imp eloise
Pre-hurricane emergency op evac
Ram banginto
Redding of blues otis
Relax between games restup
Rhyme scheme in Frost's 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening' aaba
Rock bass supplier? amp
Ryder Cup two-man team? pairforthecourse
Saigon soup pho
See 5-Down air
Sewing cases etuis
Signpost signaling farmland? plainsahead
Ski resort helpers tbars
Sleep stage rem
Some appliances ges
Some beer orders, initially pbrs
Sound measure sone
Source of Capitol Hill water? congressmain
Spider-Man films director raimi
Sports shoe brand avia
Sri Lankan people tamil
Star trek figures? magi
Stare open-mouthed gawp
Stationery item with printed margin lines legalpad
Suzette's gal pal amie
The king of France? leroi
They know the ropes pros
They work on books treasurers
They're woolly ewes
Times to remember eras
Took stock of assessed
Track pace gait
Transmogrify, e.g alter
Travel pillow spot nape
Union title? mrs
Unthreatening tame
Virus' protein shell capsid
Visiting the Griffith Observatory, say inla
Vulcano of 'Impractical Jokers' sal
Wang of fashion vera
Wells people eloi
Wilder's '__ Town' our
Words of desperation, perhaps ineedit
WWII females wacs
Zagreb native croat
__ favor por
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